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  1. Kempe trade has worked out very nicely. Can't say we did too well with Yamamoto but Backstrom has had a nice surge in production.
  2. Updated for truth Although I honestly thought J-23 was TWTBW this game.
  3. @milk and honey time to rise from the ashes you phoenix you. @Lewitelli come too @thejazz97 redeem yourself my friend @falcon45ca your services are needed
  4. KJ
  5. 2003 reincarnate.
  6. Last words: If there is a DPS PM, I'd like an invite. But other than that, best of luck to the TP and please see my R3 claims for guidance (if needed)
  7. With a tied vote count (1 for MR, 1 for me, and 1 for Mau5) and just a few more hours, I must say this. I won't be around for the late hours but some things to consider please. 1. If I'm mafia, I don't really see a point to even bringing up Rocksterh8's status. I advocated for him being replaced or lynched rather than just GK'd. That alone is pro-town. 2. If I'm mafia, I don't know why I would push for a DC lynch last night when suspicion on him wasn't even overly serious at the point I voted for him. DC, JJ, and I could have easily swung the vote onto somebody else. We didn't because I am not apart of their team. Please consider my thoughts on MR. I have an awful feeling he is their teammate and got the ball rolling on DC because it would look towny if/when he flipped. If JJ isn't killed, he would have also looked towny for calling DC out coming into this round. MR is correct that there is more to go on in this round because of the events of last round but I still feel his activity spiked because of the loss of teammates and because I called him out straight away to start R3. Zfetch, if you're the doc, please save me. Vig, you should target Armbar. Good night and good luck.
  8. So, you going to leave me hanging or am I getting that PM invite
  9. Bolded is why I didn't PM him myself. I'm not the vig and I didn't see a reason to playing pseudo-vig because I was under the impression he was lying so I figured there was no point in making myself an easy target for him to blame as scum for messaging him. --- Now why didn't I ask to join the PM after the fact? I don't really want to reveal why my suspicion stopped of Zfetch. But there is a post on Page 11 that I came across earlier yesterday when sifting through which I interpreted to be truthful of Zfetch's claim. I'll leave that to the remaining players to go through and see what I mean as to why I backed off Z.
  10. Marchand highly available. He hasn't worked out as expected.
  11. Yo this man just took DC back to 2011 Hell in a Cell NHL 12 CDC SL with this comment.