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  1. BREAKING: #pens announced today that Kevin "like if u luv NHL, ignore if u want fmaliy to die" Connauton will be bought out on regular waivers. He will become a UFA immediately.
  2. DPS
  3. Kaz...your target for tonight?
  4. Unvote, Vote BJ
  5. CFD on Duce. Unvote, vote Duce
  6. Moving Connauton for a 4th line RW.
  7. Ozil
  8. Stamkos to the Rangers was clearly an April Fool's joke lol
  9. I'm inclined to believe that MR is TP but let's say for a moment he is KP, the 112 MK makes a bit of sense. Not that she wouldn't have been taken out eventually but she literally tunnelled him from round 1.
  10. I think a significant reason for that is due to his timezone + rl (although I'm sure we're all busy too). Fair enough though.
  11. Yeah but by that very logic, I could be the KP.
  12. I like this post but I'm not really talking about the vote on Kaz. If you recall, I was also for that plan to lynch him as well. I'm more so talking about your scum reads and defending fwy. I think a lot of us would have been on board with taking out Falcon or Dral, maybe even JL, yet I didn't really see a huge effort from you to sway us in that direction. You kind of put it out there and left it like that. And I see what you're saying with being more confident going into this round because of what's happened but I think now that I've brought it up, you probably see why I thought what you said was scummy.
  13. Mertesacker out 3-5 months Mustafi available for 21 million Valencia want Joel Campbell I don't see why this can't get done.
  14. I also didn't really like this. You've suddenly built up confidence in your reads, despite huge uncertainty over the sheriff/vig and two more TP off the board. Where was this confidence last round when we had no idea who to vote on? Especially since I remember you saying you had multiple people you'd rather lynch before fwy. I'm just struggling to find reason as to why or how you feel this way in this round.
  15. I've participated in 3 mislynches on people who I've felt have been scummy. I'm working in reverse and voting for somebody I haven't thought has been overly scummy, if scummy at all. Although I can't remember if I ever linked you as scum in this game. If I did, I may have to reconsider my vote.