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  1. Fairly good chance I'll get MK'd tonight. My last remaining TP, please look at this. Mafia probability highest to lowest: BJ, GFY, Jazz/J-23 Lover probability highest to lowest: GFY/J-23, Jazz, BJ Make the right decision accordingly.
  2. Vote DC
  3. Also, starting to think that it's possible GFY could be mafia, if one of DC or BJ isn't. When Aladeen was claiming the #5 role, he listed GFY as his investigation which came back mafia. As we know, Aladeen was the KP and protected from sheriff investigations so he was the most valuable team member for the mafia. I'm thinking had we believed him and voted out GFY, GFY would have flipped mafia and this would have really reflected well on Aladeen going forward. I still feel DC and BJ are the mafia team, but I think this should be considered too.
  4. I get that we got 2 mafia down by GK, but I think with the mafia would have likely told Barzal to vote or do something sketchy so as to prolong the game and not die like that, especially since, you know, he died before Il Duce was voted off. Like now, I just think that had Barzal voted or said something in the round that Zfetch was voted out, you would have been way more vocal and pushed for his lynch in the subsequent round to save IlDuce. Look, I obviously can't prove that you're a mafia but you can't deny that my line of thinking is totally off-base.
  5. Nowhere as he wasn't investigated at all.
  6. For what it's worth, I was referring more to the fact you wanted to lynch Barzal as to why I'm thinking you're mafia. It just seems like if he wasn't up for GK, you would have pushed harder for his lynch but because he was, you kind of left it alone. And its somewhat concerning since I don't really remember you wanting Duce to go but then you did end up voting for him. Seems like you wanted to avoid looking obviously mafia like Duce and DC have opted to look.
  7. Also, for a LYLO situation, this is awful. We absolutely need everybody working here to solve the remaining two. Even if DC and BJ are the two most obvious choices, if one of them isn't the last two, we are absolutely screwed since everybody is making this so easy for the mafia to blend in and switch.
  8. Remaining two: DC and BJ Lovers: J23, GFY TP: AV, Jazz (by process of elimination) So @J-23 and @Go Faulk Yourself, please vote on DC or BJ today. @thejazz97 you as well.
  9. @Go Faulk Yourself Any particular reason you've gone anonymous? Unless CDC has glitched out, it shows you were last one yesterday and clearly, this isn't the case.
  10. You tried to get TL killed lol. At least I had a PM excuse for why I thought he was mafia. What's yours?
  11. Remaining mafia after Duce: DC, Blue Jay Lovers: GFY, J23 Town: AV, Milk, Jazz
  12. Vote IlDuce
  13. an* unsubstantial reason
  14. Look through his posts and he's been referring to himself as the counter-regime all game. It may seem like "too easy" or a unsubstantial reason to vote somebody, but it's not like he's been contributing to the town's benefit.
  15. Umm