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  1. Pittsburgh did it, Chicago did it. Okay ... Then you have Washington and Tampa Bay, who have been good and drafted extremely well outside of the top 5, but haven't won cups since drafting Ovechkin/Backstrom and Stamkos/Hedman. Then you have the perennial trainwrecks like Edmonton, Toronto, Colorado, the Islanders, Columbus, Arizona, Atlanta/Winnipeg, Florida, etc. who have done nothing with numerous top 5 picks over the past decade. People overrate the tank strategy. Far more teams end up struggling for the next decade than turn into legitimate contenders.
  2. As of last night, the Canucks have played 23 games with Tanev in the lineup this season and 24 games without Tanev in the lineup. With Tanev: 14-4-5 (71.7% P%), +5 goal differential (51-46; excluding empty net goals), goalie Sv% 93.2% Without Tanev: 8-15-1 (35.4% P%), -18 goal differential (56-74; excluding empty net goals), goalie Sv% 90.2% Canucks a top 5 team in the NHL with Tanev in the lineup, bottom 5 team without Tanev in the lineup. Stark contrast.
  3. The public won't know until he's been at least released from Phase II back into Phase I (which I don't believe has happened yet) and they may even keep the Phase I portion private (if possible) until he's cleared to play again. No, he's not back on the ice.
  4. Way too many passing grades for a team currently on pace for 30 wins, 82 points.
  5. They stopped updating the CHL and AHL rosters at the same time as the first NHL roster update after the season started because, prior to that, the first update always had all the CHL-to-AHL graduates missing due to licensing issues (could no longer be used under CHL license once CHL rosters were updated, can't use players under AHL license until they are part of the PHPA and sign a waiver form allowing use of name and likeness in media). So, as an example, we would have Zhuke, but we'd be missing Subban, Stewart, Sautner, etc. While their rosters are still garbage, IMO, this is one thing that EA actually did right.
  6. How good was he in scrums, though?
  7. O'Neill had already cleared waivers, increasing his value (to a conditional 7th, which is only marginally better than future considerations aka free).
  8. People seem to forget that Dubnyk was so bad, Nashville waived him and demoted him to the AHL less than 2 months after acquiring him from Edmonton ... while Rinne was on LTIR due to a post-surgery infection in his hip. Trotz and their goaltending coach were very critical of Dubnyk's bad habits, which most inferred as a shot at the Oilers and their goaltending coach. Days after being waived, the Predators ended up dealing him to Montreal at the trade deadline where he ended up, once again, being demoted to the AHL where he backed up Dustin Tokarski in Hamilton. When Price went down in the playoffs, Tokarski ended up taking the reigns with Budaj backing up and Dubnyk watching from home. This was in 2014 ... Not a decade ago. He was proverbial inches from being out of the NHL forever. Sean Burke saved his career. Even still, he's basically had one good season. As others have mentioned, he still needs to prove he's not a flash in the pan. Comparing him to Schneider in 2013 is beyond laughable, especially when you consider the absolutely horrendous track record Edmonton's goaltending coach (Frederic Chabot) had developing goaltenders. For the record, Edmonton fired Chabot in November 2014.
  9. NHLPA requires 1 regular season game to use name and likeness in media. PHPA (union for AHL and ECHL) requires that you sign a release form. Has nothing to do with games played.
  10. Has to be born in 1996 or later. Demko was born in 1995 (December 8th). 24 days too old. http://www.iihf.com/fileadmin/user_upload/PDF/Sport/IIHF_Official_Rule_Book_2014-18_Web_V6.pdf
  11. Link > http://www.hockeysfuture.com/teams/vancouver_canucks/ Virtanen rated an 8.0D still, which ... if you go by their rating system, put him anywhere from a 1st line forward (best case) to a 4th line forward (worst case). I'm pretty sure a guy with his tools, it's safe to say he's going to be at least a 3rd line forward, which would mean he should be rated an 8.0C.
  12. Beta is decent, but definitely not perfect. I hate that XxDiRtYxDaNgLeZxQcxX can still be standing still and just move his stick to negate a bodycheck or pokecheck.
  13. Pedan was for Mallet and a 3rd.
  14. You should just stop posting considering you can't actually back up any of your points based on factual data.
  15. Baertschi's AAV was $1.425M, but his salary last year was $0.833M. He had $0.531M in possible performance bonuses (which he didn't achieve as he didn't play enough in the NHL). His qualifying offer would've been $0.874M (5% higher than last season's Paragraph 1 NHL salary).