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  1. Love the props for Smyl by LG.
  2. Burr just named player of the game
  3. He will likely play right away IMO. He was buried under alot of depth on the sabers. The Canucks don't have the winger depth for him to not play right away.
  4. Yes. Yes it does, and it was nice to see AV like a prospect for a change.
  5. I'm excited for this pick. Has a lot of upside. And his size is something that slightly makes him a little more intriguing than a lot of our other forward prospects.
  6. 1g and 1a, +3 in a 11 to 3 beatdown on Kingston.
  7. Whoops wrong section.
  8. I ain't going to lie. I am very pumped that we picked a winger with size and skill.
  9. He has wheels no doubt about that.
  10. deep east van what..... first floor what