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  1. How refreshing is to to see hockey played with emotion allowed, when one team isn't afraid of saying something or doing anything to provoke the referees wrath? Watching the finals of Boston, Chicago is refreshing to watch. Two American teams with equal history, Bettman's dream come true. Is it mere chance though, that have brought these two teams together or the orchestration of hard work from the NHL finally paying dividends? Sadly, for the last two post-seasons the Canucks have been skating on thin ice, not knowing when they will fall in. Last year was a prime example. The first game against LA, Lapierre 6:50 in the second period a marginal call is made. Message sent. From that point on the Canucks didn't know what a penalty was and played much softer than LA, who were unafraid to play tough playoff hockey. On the other hand the Canucks weren't allowed to play tough hockey. The Sedin's seemed to be punished for playing out of character when they threw a body check. It didn't take long for the Canucks to fall to the kings in 5. Blamed mostly on not having Daniel in the lineup for the first few games of the series. The Series against the Shark's however, all doubt of favoritism was erased. Honestly how can anyone bet on hockey after watching that series. Fan's bet millions of dollars a year on hockey because they believe it's honest. And the ones that do betting are the NHL's biggest supporters that throw catch phrases like "Conspiracy Theory" out there to intimidate fans from being vocal about what they think is happening to the NHL. If they can't see what's happening they are choosing to be blind. The NHL looks more and more like Organized Crime than they do a Professional Hockey League! Anyone watching that series between the Sharks and the Canucks with a level head could see that the disparity between the reffing went beyond mere favoritism, it was CORRUPT! Over the last few years the Canucks have complained to the NHL about the horrible refereeing. It started with Burrows, and CBC did nothing to support it's only chance for Them and for Canada to win it's first Stanley Cup in decades. They threw Burrows under the bus. The reffing didn't improve, it got worse. Mike Gilles complained about the reffing, pleading to the media. He's not going to get anywhere talking to Bettman! It's HIS IDEA! Is it really that big of a mystery that since Garry Bettman has become commissioner No Canadian team has won the Stanley Cup.? AV was the last straw. That completed the complaining Hat-Trick as it were. And we witnessed one on the most lop-sided reffing in hockey history since Canada vs USA 2002 Olympics in Utah, women's hockey finals. (worst reffing ever).
  2. *pulls shotgun out of mouth* Go Kass! Gratz for your 1st Canuck Goal and assist! *thumbs up* You looked good. Maybe it's not the end of the world for me Looks like Kass has found a home with Kess and Booth. Just need a search party to find the twins and we'll be good I think. Luo's got to be better though
  3. And if Kass wasn't a minus 3 after 2 periods i'd feel better. Or maybe it's only a minus 2. F*ck it Just shoot me now!
  4. M.A.G. Has killed in the AHL looks like an Ehrhoff mini me. And I know it's not about what we look like now it's about what we look like on game 82. I get it. Here's to hoping MG can deliver us out of 40 years of wandering in the wilderness.
  5. No im not aware, I wish I shared your optimism I hope your right
  6. I agree that we can't judge Kass he just turned 21. But WHY would MG get someone so young? If we got a guy like Chris Neal or a Ladd or someone like him then great! I dont want to hear about us mortgaging the Friggn Future! Its all about NOW DAMIT!
  7. Was about to buy a Sports action ticket. Then I detected a little fear in Lou's voice and decided not to
  8. Did you hear the Fear in Luongo's voice in the pregame media scrum? I wonder why he'd be concerned about CoHo
  9. Hope your right. We'll see. I just hope he doesnt get the winner tonight. I think he'll score because that's the kind of player he is. No need to get angry like i said i hope your right, I just have been around hockey and the Canucks for a long time and I have a bad feeling. I think the anticipation of impending doom just comes with being a Canuck fan.
  10. I wonder what made MG change his outside the box philosephy. Score 1st ask questions later approach. Now we are more a traditional stereotypical cookie cutter team. We're definitely Inside the box now.
  11. Kess has played wing before and if memory serves he was pretty good with Matts Sundin. His wrist shot and speed up the wing could have (should have) been deadly along side Cody if only they had Tried and put egos aside. Its Torcher to think of what could have been but sadly we'll never know
  12. All im saying is that he scored when we needed. His goals never came when the Canucks where up 6-1 or down 6-1, they usually came when we were down a goal in the 3rd or up a goal. In tight games he shined. But sincerely GO KASS!!!
  13. Im not doubting that Kass will be a solid really good player in a few years. It took Backes a couple years to find his game. I just thought it was all about This Year. Our Window is Now. Hope Your Right Fingers Crossed
  14. How many of Cody's 16 goals would you say the Canucks didn't need? Where would we be without those goals? Why don't we wait till Kass actually scores a goal for us before we anoint him the next Cam Neely hmm?