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  1. Yeah my guesses are rather 13, 18 (sorry Jake), 24 or 28.
  2. So what are we looking at now? Sedin Sedin Burrows Baertschi Horvat Vrbata Higgins Sutter Hansen Prust Vey Dorsett Kenins Tanev Edler Hamuis Sbisa Corrado Bartkowski Weber Miller Markstrom Does that sound about right?
  3. They can take a "serious run" at Iginla, but why would he leave the only team he's ever known, go to a contender, then come to a team who's on a rebuild? Whoever this source is, he's a joke.
  4. Miller should go to Edmonton and help that team make the playoffs. That's how much I don't want him here. I would love Hiller though. Trade Markstrom for another prospect at a different position and have Lack as the backup. Works for me.
  5. Saiyonara Booth. Great guy but never fit in here.
  6. Would Garrison + 6th overall be enough to acquire the 1st overall from Florida?
  7. Keep Burrows and get rid of Torts? Fair deal imo.
  8. And Lucic is surprised people want to do things to him like what happened downtown a few months back?
  9. Lucic deserves it. He's a piece of you know what. Marchand as well. I don't lump Bergeron and a couple others in with the other scum.
  10. I wonder how John Tortorella feels right now knowing this news broke early.
  11. Not sure what to make of this yet. I admire Torts' passion and how he stuck up for the team during tricky times this year. On the other hand, players never seemed to resonate with him. I will say this though, I have zero interest of bringing in Barry Trotz.
  12. I'm hoping Bray Wyatt will be the catalyst for Cena turning heel. I know it's unlikely, but one can dream. Cena is so boring.
  13. Size doesn't matter as much as skill, I agree. However, when you can find players with both, especially when this team plays in a conference with big skilled players, it's just silly to draft smaller skilled players who will get eaten alive.
  14. Ehlers' frame is so small, even compared to someone like William Nylander. Ehlers would get eaten alive in the Pacfic Division. We need one of Virtanen, Ritchie or Perlini.