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  1. Yeah my guesses are rather 13, 18 (sorry Jake), 24 or 28.
  2. So what are we looking at now? Sedin Sedin Burrows Baertschi Horvat Vrbata Higgins Sutter Hansen Prust Vey Dorsett Kenins Tanev Edler Hamuis Sbisa Corrado Bartkowski Weber Miller Markstrom Does that sound about right?
  3. So you would prefer to bring up our young players in a losing environment and go against exactly what GMJB has been saying all along?
  4. Matthias and Richardson are both RFA's after this season. If one of those two centers doesn't get moved to make room for Bo this season, you can bet Horvat will be a full time player next year.
  5. The broadcast quality does seem a bit watered down overall... I feel like the approach Rogers is taking with this is too casual. Come playoff time it better change.
  6. Hmm. I might actually consider going to this.
  7. The only person I see staying next year out of those 4 is Dorsett.
  8. So, CoroCoro Magazine will reveal the entire Smash Bros. for Wii U/3DS roster next month in their August issue. It's a Japanese magazine, so it's not available to purchase here in North America but it usually gets posted online on message boards/gaming sites. Expect the announcement on August 12th.
  9. WOW! One of the best reveal trailers so far!
  10. They can take a "serious run" at Iginla, but why would he leave the only team he's ever known, go to a contender, then come to a team who's on a rebuild? Whoever this source is, he's a joke.
  11. Nope. It begins tomorrow at 7am PST, I'm just not sure where I can watch it.
  12. We're so deep at centre now omg. Horvat, Gaunce, Cassels and now McCann. What about defense??? Hopefully that and the wings get addressed later on in the draft. Speaking of which, does anyone know where to watch round 2 tomorrow?
  13. Did we kind of replace Kesler with this pick? He seems to play the same style.