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  1. Elias Pettersson | C/RW

    It's insane how he's continued to defy expectations all season and how being phenomenal has become the normal expectation for him. I pinch myself every time I visit this thread because it's unreal what an amazing prospect he is.
  2. Vezina Trophy finalists unveiled

    I'll be disappointed if Rinne doesn't get it tbh. Hellebuyck would be alright though.
  3. At what point is it a personnel issue? Gully gets the axe and shares part of the blame but the rest of the blame falls on management and the players. They were in the mix and went into a tailspin, that's on the guys playing the games.
  4. The Laffs tho

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. Rounoush


      Dat Pastrnak tho. Geez, man. What a beast.

    3. TNucks1


      yeah whata steal at 25, i hate what ifs but we picked MCcann 1 spot earlier, too bad.

    4. AlwaysACanuckFan
  5. MacKinnon gets them a win but ultimately Colorado doesn't have the depth or experience to upset Nashville. Preds in five.
  6. Kings in seven, they've been lights out defensively all year and getting Carter back was a massive boost for them. Doughty, Quick and Kopitar are money come playoff time. Vegas has been a great story but the Kings have the playoff pedigree and know what it takes to win in the post-season.
  7. Ducks in seven, Kesler is gonna be huge for them during this series. Gonna go down to the wire though and every game is gonna be a war.
  8. Tampa in five, the Devils did well to get this far but they don't have the depth to stop Tampa yet.
  9. Jets in five, I feel like the only team who could stop em out west is the Preds.
  10. Leafs in seven, I hate em but they're not the joke they were all those years anymore. Their fanbase and media on the other hand..
  11. [Report] Patrick Sharp announces retirement

    One of the few guys on the Hawks I respected throughout our brief rivalry and their glory years. Can't help but like a guy like that. Wishing him all the best with whatever comes next.