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  1. We can speculate, but I don't think anyone who's not working towards the top of the Canucks organization really has an answer to that question I would imagine the role of an AGM varies from team management structure to team management structure as well, which makes the weight he holds in the Canucks management group even tougher to nail down Haven't really heard anything about him since his promotion
  2. Ryan Miller worked out pretty well, he set the Miller precedent JT Miller having success here helped further establish that Vancouver is a place Miller's do well What could possibly go wrong?
  3. Not gonna lie, I completely forgot Eklund was a thing
  4. Yeaaaah, I'd love to have him but that's way too high given the nature of a stagnant cap. Something between 7-8 is more realistic.
  5. 6,000 days ago today the Leafs won a playoff series 

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    2. Heretic


      The last time the Maple Leafs won a playoff series, the flip phone was the paragon of mobile technology, Facebook was a few months old, LeBron James had never played in an NBA post-season game and Beyonce was still a member of Destiny’s Child.
      It was so long ago that NHL teams still played to ties during the regular season, Alex Ovechkin and Sidney Crosby hadn’t yet been drafted, and Auston Matthews and Mitch Marner were six years old.

    3. Heretic


      Course, it's hard to make fun of other teams like that, for they would say:

      "The last time the Canucks won a cup....oh wait, STILL NO CUP!"

    4. Justdean10


      Last time Toronto won a cup though, Canucks weren't even in the league. They have still gone longer without winning a cup. So let them be their only comment back.

  6. When was the last time someone won back two back cups with two different teams? Because Maroon will do just that if Tampa wins it all
  7. Tampa's forward depth on full display Hedman's powering em from the back, I think he's been even more impressive than Point tbh
  8. If Ottawa needs a placeholder, they could easily grab one from what looks to be a saturated goalie market and not have to give up and take on assets. Ottawa isn't going to be competing for at least a few years, not sure if Demko being young really entices them or not. They could sign one and get Hogberg some pro experience, they're going to sink regardless given the division they're in. They're extremely unlikely to beat out the Habs, Panthers, Leafs, Lightning, and Bruins. Bringing in a young goaltender with #1 potential isn't going to change that with the team they've got. I could see them being interested in Demko, but realistically I think they'd be fine grabbing someone that only costs them cash and standing pat as they continue to rebuild. And I'm not as sold on DiPietro, though I think he's a great prospect. Not when we've got Demko where he's at right now. Not sure about Markstrom as he ages either. Does he sustain his level of play? I'd rather roll the dice on Demko and use the cap savings to get him a solid guy to share the load with. We've put years into his development, he looks like he could be great, I want to see what he does. And no, there are no magic beans that are going to fix the fact that we've got cap sunk into Eriksson. But waiting another year allows Sutter, Pearson, Baer, Edler, and Benn to come off the books while making Eriksson's buyout much more manageable. Edler likely comes back, but I doubt it'll be for 6m. Riding things out during a season where a number of teams likely regress as well due to cap complications wouldn't be the end of the world.
  9. Yeah, you're basically going off whatever you had before a bunch of leagues shut down. There's a lot that won't be able to taken into account like hot tears to end the season, stellar play in playoffs, ect. Could work in our favour if guys drop to the mid/lower rounds. Outside the first and maybe second round it's a crapshoot, though perhaps less so for guys who scout for a living. I hope those stories are true, him being able to stand firm is huge if so.
  10. It's not sounding like Ottawa's interested in goalies, given that they won't be competing for a while I wouldn't be surprised if they have Hogberg a shot either. Trading Demko for assets and then flipping those assets still leaves the succession question and questions about how long Marky can maintain this level of play as he ages. I'm very much for keeping Demko. It'd be nice to have picks for this season's draft, but I honestly don't care too much. Missing top picks from a draft ain't a problem so long as it doesn't turn into missing top picks every draft. You were asking if we'd be okay taking a small step back, I wouldn't be surprised if JB and co were willing to eat a year of cap complications to open things up next season. I don't see a management group who's been so keen on drafting wanting to throw away picks and young players to clear cap space unless they're getting an upgrade in another area.
  11. I'd honestly rather just ride out a year of Eriksson and then buy out the final year if it meant keeping Demko.
  12. I understand potentially using Demko to move a contract, but I'm not overly sold on the idea of selling Demko to recoup picks. It's almost October, Markstrom will be 31 in January. How long can he sustain the level of play he's had the last two seasons? Demko will be 25 in December, his being younger theoretically helps us with an extended window. If we trade him in favour of Markstrom how long will it be before we're looking for another replacement? I like DiPietro as a prospect, but I'm not sure I'd count on him as a successor over Demko. Why would we move Demko for a pick or two when odds are we're getting a mid first tops and spending likely at least a few years waiting for whoever we select to develop. Is freeing up some cap space a year early as opposed to buying out Loui next season really worth it?
  13. Could be the end of the road, he'll be 40 next May. His longevity as a goalie has been impressive, so has his play.