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  1. I see the bright lights
    It's the month of July




  2. It's funny you mention it, I was thinking about the song at work today
  3. Mountain out of a molehill imo. Sure, he could have made a smarter decision about where he went but given how well BC's currently doing he's not the only one out and about. He's also young, I'm sure as hell glad I didn't have media constantly surveying me when I was doing dumb $&!# in my early 20's. As a Canuck he's got the media spotlight on him though, trying to catch him in unflattering scenarios. At least he wasn't caught with cocaine or something like Kuznetsov.
  4. If I remember correctly we brought him in before we signed Hamhuis, getting Hammer as a ufa was never guaranteed. I'm not sure they really knew what to do with Ballard after that. Injuries and being in AV's doghouse certainly didn't help his case either. I remember him as a good teammate, and an entertaining character guy. Despite the $&!# he got I don't recall him complaining. Though it could be that my memory of what went on back then is a bit spotty.
  5. Wouldn't be surprised to see him make his way back down the road, he's a decent player Liked him while he was here, wishing the best in the KHL Careers go quick, gotta do what he can while he can
  6. I'd find that easier to swallow because I wouldn't have to constantly hear about it. If Toronto or Edmonton win we'll never hear the end of it.. It'd def work super nicely for Pittsburgh I can't help but wonder if they wouldn't trade down and take Byfield though, I don't know much about Penguins prospects but they're gonna need someone to step in for Crosby/Malkin eventually
  7. You take a cup win, regardless of semantics and atmosphere. Many fans have died hoping to see it and never got to, some of us could possibly die before it happens.
  8. I'd like to see Montreal win because it'd piss Toronto off to no end. I don't mind Montreal or Ottawa, and Ottawa's out of it. Also, &^@# Melnyk. I'd be fine with NYI winning too, they're likable. I'd hate to see Toronto or Edmonton win. Anyone but them.
  9. I could live with that tbh. I'm sure there are a number of creative ways they could tweak it, I'm just not keen on the teams who probably need the help more getting leapfrogged by teams in no man's land or just outside the playofff window. I really feel for Detroit, they were historically bad and look how they fell.
  10. I will NOT be rooting against my team for some bull$&!# percentage shot at the #1 pick. Every single one of our guys is going to be putting everything they have on the ice, and they'll have fought all season long to have this chance. How could I cheer against each of the guys in our lineup after the way they fought for this chance? It's disgusting. If we lose we lose, but sure as &^@# won't be cheering against us. Others will, and I sure as &^@# won't respect them for it.
  11. Hmm, true. Perhaps something along the line of limiting the lottery to a smaller number of teams while laying out punitive measures for those deemed to be blatantly tanking. The league could keep a closer eye on teams near the bottom during the season.
  12. &^@# that, the boys ain't giving up on their playoff dreams for a 10ish% odds at first overall pick. 

    1. luckylager


      You're damn right.

      They've spent their entire lives playing to win. There's no way they sully their reputations (and the sport) by throwing games for a potential pick. Not a chance.



    2. Coconuts


      I don't get it tbh. I understand fans wanting this or that regarding tanking or hoping for higher picks, I've been there in the past, but to actually believe the guys would sacrifice their playoff dreams? The clock is always ticking when it comes to an athlete's career, many NHL players don't become much more than journeymen, they never know which playoff opportunity could be their last. Injuries happen, lockouts, pandemics, illness, accidents. 


      And honestly, we're Canucks fans, our luck with the lottery has always been &^@#ed. Why would that be different now.