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  1. Thanks Boston, I hope you squash Toronto again
  2. In Benning I trust, we're in a fantastic place
  3. Think we'll see something like this tomorrow?
  4. Big Wreck, The Tea Party, Moist and Headstones will be touring together. Got my tickets! If you're a fan of Canadian rock this ain't something to miss. 


    You can get your tickets today at using the promo code SAINTSANDSINNERS.

    1. AlwaysACanuckFan


      Got a letter from a messenger 

      I read it when it came 

  5. I've been thinking about speaking up more, being more assertive. I caught myself thinking "I'm not in the habit of getting too personal" yesterday and it's pretty true. And then I was thinking about why. Because I'm afraid to be hurt? Because I'm afraid? Maybe I'll say too much or someone will find me boring? I've found all sorts of reasons to keep myself quiet on social media, ect. But really, what purpose does it serve? What have I got to lose by being more open and personal? It's not as if I'm going to escape pain, disappointment, ect. Life is full of those things and there's really no escaping a lot of the things we'd like to avoid.
  6. As for Kane, as much as I still hate the Hawks his skill is undeniable. A thousand points is a huge accomplishment in the league, just another feather in his cap full of feathers. I'm just glad he didn't hit 1k against us.
  7. Rooster's an agitator in the same vein as yappy Lappy, but I've never thought him to be a dirty player. He plays hard and throws guys off their game. I don't see it.
  8. It's a nice story, it'd be nice to see that line sustain the success they're having. His play makes it tough to take him out of the lineup, it's strange to say but we've been better with him in it. He's contributed to our recent success. Gonna be some tough calls to make when we start getting bodies back, but it's nice to see things working out for him. If he wasn't making 6m a lot of people wouldn't harp on him so much but it is what it is. He's certainly not the anchor Lucic looks to be.
  9. I'd go with Pearson, he had a rough go last season and bounce back years are tough to predict. I mean, I like Guddy as a person but being traded for him isn't a positive sign nowadays. Jake's still young enough that I was expecting continued growth and Miller was pretty valued by Tampa and it's fans. It's hard to know how a guy fits in with a new team, but being put with Petey has certainly helped both players. Biggest disappointment would probably be Ferland, not that I can really blame him for how injuries have factored in. The risk was always there, but I was hoping things would go differently.
  10. I'd be opposed. The US can shove it up their ass.
  11. Almost didn't notice that Petey got an assist on Miller's goal Even when he's not taking games over he's quietly finding his way onto the scoresheet
  12. Nananana, nananana Hey, hey, hey &^@# the Sharks
  13. Jakey with another point He's having himself a season