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  1. Next time Bo, next time
  2. Crunch!
  3. Danny boy!
  4. Not only is this poorly written, but it's not original in the slightest. Not even worth skimming.
  5. That defense though, god damn. Could get ugly fast. 6-2 Sharks.
  6. Thanks, it won't settle everyone down but I'm glad to see that news.
  7. The new Ballard, or Raymond, or Pyatt, or Rome, or Sbisa. Basically the one people seem to have a field day lamenting.
  8. I'm just gonna assume anyone with a NMC probably wasn't asked, not that I think the twins would waive anyway?
  9. Man, the deadline is looming and the Canucks be like..
  10. Considering the time of year and the guys asking the questions that was a pretty good interview. Peanut gallery gonna peanut gallery, but a good interview. This part was very fascinating.
  11. Hmm, fair point. I forgot about all those upcoming RFA's.
  12. Tampa ain't a contender this year, but they should be back in the playoff mix next season. As a UFA they could make an offer but there's no guarantee they would get their man so to speak, but if they were to negotiate a contract and trade for him it'd be a sure thing you know? It absolutely makes sense to wait for a team in Tampa's position, but if a team is really sold on Shatterkirk I wouldn't be surprised to see that sort of move happen as guys with his skill set are difficult to find.
  13. This ought to be interesting, thanks in advance bud.