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  1. I'll have to think about it but it'd have to include Tool tickets
  2. If it had to be one of the two I'd roll the dice on Podkolzin. Not sold on Caufield's size, the talent is there but that size..
  3. Some players make it, most players don't. Dude chased his dream and now he's off to Russia to continue doing just that. It's not the NHL but I imagine he'll be making some decent coin playing hockey over there. All the best to him.
  4. It's an option, and if he's on the market I'm sure Benning and co will do their due diligence and at least inquire. Subban just turned 30 a few days ago and will be 32 by the time he needs to be re-upped. It does give management some flexibility in regards to making moves. Meanwhile Karlsson will be 29 at the end of the month and will potentially be available for term and cash saving us organizational assets. Personally, even if it cost us a bit more I'd still go for Karlsson if he'd be interested in coming here if I were to pick between the two. Yeah, you're paying a bit more with cap and term right away but personally I see Karlsson as the better rover and better defenseman in general. If we were to trade for Subban I don't imagine it'd be to have him here for two years and allow him to walk. Realistically we'd be looking at having him for 2-6 years anyway. Is grabbing Subban over Karlsson worth whatever assets we'd have to pay up to get him? For the sake of potential cap/contract flexibility? Because I don't imagine PK would be interested in taking less than what he's making now if he's productive for us during those first two years. Would his contract demands be much different than Karlsson's may be come July 1st if we're interested in retaining him? (And if we pay the price for PK I imagine we will be). I'm not sure it is. Also gotta factor in the cap has been rising every season and players continue to get more and more. What Karlsson gets July 1st might not be far off from what a player of Subban's would get come July 1st in a couple years. This is all speculation though. For all we know Karlsson signs elsewhere and Nashville isn't interested in a trade with us as opposed to someone else. But if I had to pick a poison pill of high cap/term I'd probably go with the option that doesn't cost us assets up front.
  5. Boeser's 22 and not counting his nine game stint has played two seasons scoring no less than 26 goals and 55 points. He's one of three players were have who are under 25 and have shown they're legit top six pieces. I'm not trading him alongside the 10th for potential in Byram and a winger. Especially not with Hughes stepping in next season. I'd happy take whoever we get at 10 instead. The only way to acquire young, scoring forwards like Boeser without giving up a ton in a trade is by drafting them. It's true that the same goes for D. But I'm not a fan of opening one hole trying to fill another, especially when Byram is unproven at the NHL level while Boeser is.
  6. If she's got to carry, nourish and deliver said life it's her choice. Period. Men don't get to decide what women can and cannot do with their bodies. Life isn't always pretty, protection doesn't always work. That's the raw reality. A woman can take absolutely every precaution and still end up pregnant, life happens. Does her having taken those steps make her irresponsible? No, it doesn't. But life still happens. If she doesn't want a kid, she doesn't want it. If she really doesn't want it she'll potentially resort to a solution that isn't safe for her. Taking the choice off the table is absurd. Intellectually dishonest? I understand that it's a complex issue and there are many sides but in the end those in power down in Alabama chose to pass this law. And yes, they're all middle aged/older white men who did just what I said. They've decided that women in a state cannot have an abortion. Period. They didn't even leave wiggle room for rape babies or incestuous children. No abortions. No choice. Period. If I'm ever in the situation where I've got a baby on the way it's in her hands. Period. I'll support her decision regardless of what it is. We're clearly not going to agree on this subject but that's where I stand all the same.
  7. Her body, her choice. I find it insane how a bunch of old men get to legislate what women can and cannot do with their bodies based on their personal morality.
  8. In the end Boston ran right over Carolina. They couldn't stop Boston's powerplay and they couldn't score on their own powerplay chances. Rask and Bergeron were huge for the Bruins. Boston's sitting pretty with plenty of time to rest and watch the last two western teams battle it out. Hoping the Blues or Sharks find a way to knock em out in the final. Boston's looking tough to beat though.
  9. Carolina's had no answer for Boston's powerplay and has been unable to generate anything on their own. That's the story of the series so far. Boston's absolutely feasted on their weak pk.
  10. The more I read about this the angrier I get. The entire scenario is &^@#ed.
  11. No, I'm not interested in trading our future captain for #3. Bo's established, has improved every year and is in the same age group as Boeser and Petey. Moving him also means having to plug a big hole at C and that's a tall task.
  12. Jumbo stepped up too, it's rare to see him score more than one. Couture continues to tear up the playoffs as well.