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  1. [PGT] Vancouver Canucks at New York Rangers | Nov. 12, 2018

    Bleh game by both teams, Rangers were just a bit more fortunate. He scored our only goal but god damn am I ever getting tired of Goldy.
  2. What a bleh game from both teams
  3. Two wtf's from Goldy in under a minute Get your $&!# together man
  4. Stan Lee, 1922 - 2018

    I knew it was coming, but man. What devastating news. Few people have left such a mark on pop comic and even fewer have greater contributions to the world of comics. He lived a full life and did what he loved which is more than most people can say. Rest in power Stan.
  5. Edmonton Oilers 2018-2019

    The Canucks success thus far hinges on a number of things. Elias is a big factor. But so is the coaching of Travis Green, the drafting of Jim Benning, the play of Guddy, Hutton and Stech, the continual emergence of Bo Horvat as a top tier #2/possible #1 C, guys like Virtanen and Gaudette continuing to improve and the acquired depth in general. Guys like Motte, Biega, Rousell and even Gaunce have performed admirably. Being less top heavy helps I think. The Oilers have the greatest young offensive talent in the game but he takes up a wack of cap space on his own. We've also gotten serviceable defense thus far even though there's definitely room for improvement and we missed/miss Tanev and Edler. Player development and having autonomy in Utica is huge too. Hell, the Canucks have a much different philosophy when it comes to team building and growth. The Oilers likely would have thrown Hughes and Juolevi to the wolves right after drafting them. We allowed Hughes to decide what he thought was best and allowed Juolevi to marinate in Finland/AHL. Same goes for Elias and he did unbelievable things in the SHL. Demko's had looks but for the most part has and will marinate in Utica til the Canucks deem him ready. Edmonton gets high picks and seems to immediately try and throw em to the wolves. They've also been horrible at drafting outside the first round for years (so were we until recently). Benning was criticized for beefing up our bottom six over the offseason but everyone he's brought in has performed adequately or better. Edmonton is starving for guys like Beagle, Sutter and Rousell. Let alone someone like Guddy. Imma sit back and enjoy watching Edmonton squander McDavid and co as we make our gradual rise from the bottom.
  6. Food for thought: Seattle joining the league

    Not interested. Leave it as is. Let's not cheapen it for the teams who make it.
  7. What are you listening to?

  8. Ok Virtanen Haters... time to man up

  9. [PGT] Vancouver Canucks at Buffalo Sabres | Nov. 10, 2018

    Had that game in the bag and choked it away. Goldy was terrible.
  10. Rousell with a couple apples tonight, Guddy's on fire, Jake scored and Loui's woken up Jim must be tickled pink
  11. Guddy and Loui stepping up big time