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  1. When someone goes there will be trouble, but if they stay it will be double
  2. I'm not opposed to offense, but I like the idea of having Beagle and Sutter to balance out our young, offensive pieces. Gaudette's an exciting piece but I still think he will, and should, end up in Utica to work on his game as a top minute muncher. The fact that we've got enough forward depth that a piece like Gaudette might not fit is exciting, it's been ages since we've had that. The key piece being that he doesn't require waivers this season. He will next season. He'll also get looks when we're inevitably hit by injuries. They're the Canucks, injuries aren't a matter of it but when.
  3. Looked like that was a deflection, but still. This goaltending hurts me.
  4. Psychology is an interesting subject to me. It's a very deep, broad subject and is becoming increasingly more so as I get deeper into this psychology class. But while it's interesting I'm also becoming increasingly frustrated as the information continues to pile up and up and up. Can't wait til next semester so I don't have to deal with this class anymore.
  5. Given how he's played so far I'd be very surprised if Loui wound up in Utica. He's been solid and productive thus far and this is the last season we can send Gaudette down without needing waivers. Sending hockey Gaud down to Utica to tear things up is bittersweet but likely an easy decision for management to make.
  6. I know it's preseason but lighting up the Oil is such a familiar, comfortable thing and I love it
  7. BEARCHEESE! Nice to see him get one.
  8. Bit of a gamble but he put up the numbers last season and Ottawa desperately needs a star to market. He'll be their #1 and likely get as many minutes as he can handle.
  9. Feel for the Winnipeg fans. What a difference between this time last year and now.