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  1. I'm a university student Panic is my natural state now
  2. TomorrowBet your bottom dollarThat tomorrowWe'll be contendersssss
  3. Nucks are lucky in that they're getting help from around the league. As much as I hate the Oil their winning stymied the Sharks, who've been on a run lately. Flames lost again too. Our division won't keep losing around us forever though.
  4. Easy to cherry pick in retrospect. No, it wasn't a good game but he was also hung out to try.
  5. Has a coach been fired yet this season? 

    1. King Heffy
    2. Coconuts


      Has an NHL coach that has coached within the last thirty years been fired this season? 

  6. Problem with Greens blender, is unlike AV's, it barely seems to work
  7. If someone rocks Benn, Seguin or Bishop we can at least call that a moral victory. Moral victories, remember those? We might need to start digging them up again at this point.
  8. The numbers don't look good but I wouldn't blame him much tonight I didn't see the first one, the second one was a laser and the last one was on Baer
  9. What's unfortunate is the Stars are actually playing well lately, they're on a roll. I'm so frustrated with our powerplay though, we're struggling to score and it may as well be the shovel burying us. 0/4 and not being able to score 5v3 is garbage.
  10. How the &^@# are we 0/4? Our powerplay is bull$&!#. We'll score 1-3 in a night and then not score again on the powerplay for 4-5 games.