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  1. What are you listening to? Metal version!

    If he ain't he's definitely up there, it's amazing how far he's come from Creed. Between his own stuff and Alter Bridge he's a busy, busy dude. Love me some Finntroll
  2. What are you listening to? Metal version!

    Dude's a genius who surrounds himself with great talent, it's pretty amazing what he's done by his age tbh Tremonti is my $&!# though, I've got every single album but his very first one which I'd have to order if I wanted a physical copy
  3. What are you listening to? Metal version!

    Mhmm! The influence is def there, they're one of my favourites and their Rocket Ride/Hellfire Club albums are great power metal Tobias's Avantasia project is great too
  4. What are you listening to?

  5. Ray Emery has passed away.

    Devastating news, he'd just wrapped up his career and had his entire life ahead of him. He was a genuine throwback to the old fighting goalies.
  6. confessions

    I've been giving it a lot of thought the last couple months, I wanna be better about getting out and adventuring on my own. Just getting out, doing stuff, driving to nature things and making trips. There are so many things I'd rather be doing with other people but I shouldn't allow the lack of people around to stop me from going out and doing those things. Nature walks, hikes, ect. There's so much beauty out there and it'd be a shame to let solitude close doors you know? Most of our lives are spent in our own company anyway tbh. I've got a goal of swimming at least 30 times this summer and I'm already halfway there, all of em have been solo swims thus far so I'm doing pretty good.
  7. confessions

    I'm an islander but that'd be neat I just try and bury myself in hobby stuff mostly tbh, but there's a lot of small moments like that one that I encounter and they make me kinda sad They're beautiful little moments of life but I want em too you know
  8. confessions

    An older gentleman lit up after encountering me today because I look just like his grandson, that was kinda neat I also sat on a dock at the lake and eavesdropped on a man likely in his forties admonish a group of three young boys for going too far out in the lake, kept telling them to be careful because two of em only had floaty foam boards and kept telling em to stay together and work as a team to be safe It was a bittersweet reminder of my aging and mortality, we're all running out of time Watched a group of men in their thirties &^@# around in the mid shallows whooping and hollering and wished I had a group of friends I could get together with like that