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  1. Big Wreck, The Tea Party, Moist and Headstones will be touring together. Got my tickets! If you're a fan of Canadian rock this ain't something to miss. 


    You can get your tickets today at using the promo code SAINTSANDSINNERS.

    1. AlwaysACanuckFan


      Got a letter from a messenger 

      I read it when it came 




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    2. Ghostsof1915


      I want to see him pass 1,887 points. :lol:

    3. 112


      Crosby has a better chance! Maybe McDavid has the best.

    4. 112
  3. Are we sleeping on Kole Lind? 35 points in 41 games. Comets are certainly scoring this year.

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    2. Coconuts


      Those who follow the prospects section are pretty up to date, but considering his production in his second full season I don't hear about him a whole lot elsewhere

    3. RetroCanuck


      He's been good this year. He could be great if he starts scoring goals like his most recent. That was a true flashback to his junior days.


      If his shot becomes as lethal as it was in juniors then watch out because we'll have a top 6 winger

    4. Ghostsof1915


      The Canucks are doing the right thing. Giving him a ton of ice time. And flourishing in the AHL. 

      Don't worry he will be up playing sooner rather than later. 

      I just hope Gads also finds his stride too. 


  4. But CDC it's cold outside 

  5. If Calgary, Arizona and Vegas would stop winning that'd be great 

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    2. Wilbur


      If it makes you feel any better they're probably saying the same thing about us.

    3. Coconuts


      Probably, but &^@# em 

    4. NewbieCanuckFan


      @Coconuts  No thanks.  I’ll rather stay celibate.:P

  6. Toss a coin to your Witcher

    O’ Valley of Plenty

    O’ Valley of Plenty


  7. Edmonton and Mike Smith deserve each other

    1. Jimmy McGill

      Jimmy McGill

      yup the diving starts from the net out 

    2. Coconuts


      Not only that, he's being lit up again 

    3. Nuxfanabroad


      Research reveals he's no Hasek.

  8. I really appreciate Kes's insights on the Kes&Juice podcast 

    1. NewbieCanuckFan


      I didn't appreciate him handcuffing Dave Nonis when he signed that offer sheet from Booby Clarke (though it was his right).  I didn't appreciate him handcuffing Jim Benning with his one team list (while demanding to be traded) (though it was his right).


      I will give him credit for busting his ballz most nights in a Canuck uniform (can never accuse him of mailing it in).  

  9. Ooof, that hit on Makar. 

    1. kingofsurrey


      Just about turned him into Makaroni.......

  10. Do you have any strange holiday traditions? 

    1. brilac


      We used to get a fake Christmas tree every year.  Most families would buy a real tree around Christmas, but not us.  We would go down to Kmart or Fred Meyer and buy our fake Christmas tree.  Then sell it at the yard sale in the Summer.  We were the only family I knew that bought a fake Christmas tree every year.  

    2. Cerridwen


      We siblings in the family loathe Brussels sprouts with a passion unequaled. Every big holiday dinner, and especially at Christmas, a huge bowl of them would arrive on the table. We each had to have the dive into the bowl was on at dinner to get the smallest ones (usually lurking right in the very bottom) . One year, when the entire adult family was at home for Christmas, my sister and I noticed an exceptionally LARGE bag of the offending mini-cabbages in the fridge so while the parents were out, we strung a goodly number of them with thread and hung them on the Christmas tree to avoid having to eat them. My dad was the first to notice them as he sat down in his chair (he loathed them as well) and was laughing so hard he couldn't speak. So every year since then, a number of Brussels sprouts get threaded and hung on the tree in three different households. ::DB)::D

  11. Wow, Lucic scored. 1 goal and 3 assists in 27 games vs Loui at 1 goal in 17. 

    1. Drive-By Body Pierce
    2. 6string



    3. 112


      There's a Zeno's Paradox joke in here somewhere...

  12. Burrows rep best rep 

    1. King Heffy

      King Heffy

      Yes, although I really would appreciate if the minus stayed around.

    2. Drive-By Body Pierce
    3. Nuxfanabroad


      Thanks Burr! :^)

  13. Shower beer, shower beer. Oh shower, shower beer. Shower beer! 

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    2. chon derry
    3. NewbieCanuckFan


      @chon derry  heh, the first thing that came to my mind when I saw your avatar right now....



    4. Darius


      Reminds me of my university days at the CECIL

  14. At least the Comets won 

    1. NewbieCanuckFan


      Kind of like having a prom date but the date happens to be your cousin.  Not that I would know anything about that.:ph34r:

    2. Dazzle


      @NewbieCanuckFan If she's hot, durrrrrrr... it don't matter /sarc

  15. The Pacific is starting to pick up points around us again, we're gonna have to be better

    1. BrockBoester
    2. Nuxfanabroad


      If we don't, you'll start seeing all them pretty TANK pictures in the PGTs!


      Come Hell or high water, I've decided to kick feet up & enjoy(except today!) long as they give us a good effort.

    3. Coconuts


      Even with this last month we're still in it, they just need to work through whatever's had them bogged. Be that injuries, coaching or an ancient curse. 


      I just don't wanna see putrid showings last the one last night and the one we just had against Dallas. If we lose, sure, but at least show up. 

  16. How was your day CDC?

    1. AngelicHearts


      Wasn't as productive as I had hoped, but it is what it is. Gotta take things one step at a time.

    2. Coconuts


      I feel that, just gotta keep plugging away. 

  17. Green bugs me in some ways but I think we should at least let him play out the season. When we were winning it was roses and we let him ride that, we should let him lose with the club too, at least til the end of the season. I'm fine with axing Brown and Baumer but Ian Clark stays. 

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    2. 6string


      When we get back to being a heavy team again ( injuries made us welterweights ) I feel Green is more capable of handling the team. Saying that he does make a lot of questionable roster placement decisions.

    3. Coconuts


      He does, but I'm kind of tired of the revolving door of coaches we've had the last six or seven years. 

    4. Coconuts


      If Benning wanted to he could have waived Loui by now, that's partially on him. 

  18. Has a coach been fired yet this season? 

    1. King Heffy
    2. Coconuts


      Has an NHL coach that has coached within the last thirty years been fired this season? 

    3. -Vintage Canuck-

  20. What's your favourite positive memory related to the Canucks? It's so doom and gloom lately (yes, I contribute to that too). 

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    2. coastal.view


      mine is also bure related

      just watching him rocket around on the ice

      like he was playing the game at a different physical level then everyone else

      and watching how the opponents reacted in a combination of fear and intimidation

      worried that he could totally embarrass them

      he had the best raw physical skills i have ever seen on the ice


      gretzky had the highest mastery of hockey skills

      he was able to see and do things that were completely magical

      though some of his traits are now more common in other players

      who have learned from him


    3. Ghostsof1915
    4. buddhahoodlum


      Burrows slaying the dragon, although Luongo's save on Sharp in OT while Burrows was in the penalty box was pretty spectacular. 

  21. We're due for a win, here's hoping we can light up Nashville tonight 

    1. 6string


      I want a return to that earlier season magic pouring in goals!

    2. Coconuts


      For real though, this not scoring bit blows 

  22. I wish they'd let Cherry go another day. I've seen and heard more about Don Cherry today than I have about Remembrance Day in general. 

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    2. NewbieCanuckFan


      Actually I couldn’t think of a better exit for Cherry.  He can consider himself a martyr being fired in a good cause defending “the Canadian way” by a bunch of commie rats back East.


      Sarcasm on or off?

    3. Coconuts


      I'm not getting drawn into the murky and often personal politics of it all. It's not worth the hassle. The issue I take with it all is that things went down on Remembrance Day and I heard and saw faarrrrr more about Don Cherry than I did about Remembrance Day.


      They could have let the $&!# show take place a day later. Remembrance Day comes once a year, they should have let it be.

    4. NUCKER67


      I agree Coconuts, for them to use Rememberance Day to shame Cherry wasn't right IMO. He was complaining about not enough people wearing a poppy on Rememberance Day, and then they fire him for complaining about it. It didn't come across very well, the words used, but then again, Don Cherry isn't an educated man. He speaks from the heart. He always has, whether we agree with him or not. 

  23. A pretty little memory fades away
    Nobody ever takes notice
    Grandfather clocks and
    the wrist watch will
    never be on your side

    1. Western Red
    2. Coconuts


      Yeee, it's a hidden gem of theirs. I've always appreciated how they put the lyrics together. 

  24. It's easy to hold a candle when there's little November rain 

  25. All that $&!# talking from the Oilers fanbase after last night and they couldn't even get a point off the Blues. Get rekt. 

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    2. Alflives


      James Neal is a minus nine!  Okay, that’s a HUGE RED FLAG.  Guy was hot early, but is clearly a one dimensional player.  I really thought he was better than that, and was a complete player.  He is basically a PP guy, and he’s crap 5 on 5.  Maybe he’s just as much deadwood as Lucic? 

    3. 6string


      Louie would be tied for 14'th on the Oilers roster for goals....<_<

    4. Coconuts


      It's funny, Kassian actually has the highest +/- on the team