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  1. Weird, I'd always kinda assumed he already had a kid or two. Congrats to the Linden's!
  2. Absolutely barbaric. I can't believe people would just stand around and watch someone drown, yet alone laugh and joke around as it happened. These kids have no humanity.
  3. Absolutely gutted, like millions of other people in my age bracket LP got me through some of my roughest teenage/twenties times. Them and Sum 41 really helped carry me through. Lots of memories associated with their music, it's such a shame. He must have been hurting an awful lot to have taken it this far, I feel for his family. I know what it's like to want to go but it's not something I could ever do for the reasons he left behind. The world is a less beautiful and talented place without him. R.I.P Chester
  4. Given the state of the team and franchise and how things have gone the last few years I'd say the only rivalries we have left are our traditional ones in Edmonton and Calgary. I wouldn't really even consider Edmonton much of a rival, it feels more like two fanbases and teams that hate each other. Calgary though, man we've battled Calgary over the years.
  5. As they say, hindsight is 20/20. The best of luck to him in the KHL, always seemed like a likeable enough dude.
  6. I think I'm gonna be sick
  7. It's a savvy hire for Pittsburgh, Recchi is a highly respected doctor and I'm sure he'll be able to pull double duty for them. Nice of them to give him his first coaching gig, clearly his medical career isn't keeping him busy enough.
  8. I can't see em retiring, if anything they'll probably play another two or three years. I hope so anyway. It's gonna be goddamn bittersweet when they hang up the skates. We'll never see anything like em again.