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  1. We didn't deserve to win that, but Marky did so I'm glad we pulled it out. We deserved a better fate against Toronto, I'm just gonna call this things evening themselves out.
  2. We didn't deserve that point but I'll &^@#ing take it Actually, Marky deserved it But that's it
  3. I don't know what's more surprising Them not having scored at all or our having a total of 12 shots in spite of four powerplays
  4. Vegas and Edmonton lost, Calgary is losing. Good night around the league so far. Come on boys, you've gotta gain ground on these teams.
  5. Almost halfway through the first and both teams have four shots combined Could be one of those games
  6. McDavid is a &^@#ing cheat code. Come on Minnesota.
  7. Sounds like it won't be Risto moving after all. It appears Bogosian's been the victim of Buffalo's depth on the one side.
  8. Marky's expected, it's just a matter of dollars and length. I'll be surprised if we can wrangle a legit top 6 guy though, we don't have a ton of cap space as is. It'd be interesting to see what a trade like that would look like. Lot of teams out there looking for offense.
  9. Seriously? You're crapping on a 21 year old athlete, who happens to be the only black guy at a party, who's got a trainer dressed in blackface and people laughing at him for not somehow stirring $&!# up and taking a stand? When he's surrounded by teammates, staff and management? Are you serious? He likely had relationships with many of the people in that room, you expect him to flip the switch and somehow go after all of those people at once? That's not even remotely the same as you theoretically making fun of me in any of those scenarios. I'm not black and the only black guy present, I'm not going to be presented with racism presented as some sort of joke, and I wouldn't be surrounded by a bunch of fellow athletes or people who've got power over my career. My standing up for myself would be a helluva lot easier. I'm not making excuses. If you can't see how difficult a situation that would have been for a young, black professional player attempting to build a career in what is a predominantly white sport I don't know what to tell you. If your expectations are that he should have been able to somehow take on everyone else at that party over the disgusting bigotry and bullying that went on I don't know what to tell you.
  10. So what you'd have theoretically done somehow reflects what he should have done? It's easy to blow a bunch of smoke about integrity and standing up for beliefs when you're not a 21 year old, black athlete trying to build at a career who's being encouraged to take a picture with a trainer, who you probably trusted, who's put on blackface and is wearing your jersey with "dreamer" across the back? Don't you think the expectation that he should cause a scene and somehow "stand up" to the management, staff and teammates as the single black dude at the party is a bit unrealistic? As a professional athlete it's a helluva lot safer to come out and say things when your career is done and you know people can't &^@# with your career.
  11. What the hell is he supposed to do? Cause a scene at a party surrounded by staff and teammates? In 2011, as one of the newer members of the ECHL's Colorado Eagles, the Nigerian-born Aliu was invited to the team's Halloween party, but he was told to "come a little bit later" - an instruction he didn't think too much about at the time, Aliu told The Wall Street Journal's Andrew Beaton. Aliu said he arrived at the party to find Tony Deynzer, the team's head equipment manager, in blackface while wearing an Afro-style wig and an Eagles jersey with Aliu's No. 78 and nickname - "Dreamer" - stitched on the back. Those attending the party - including Aliu's teammates, staff members, management, and some of their families - encouraged the two to take a picture together, which Aliu shared with Beaton: The Wall Street Journal "Guys just started laughing," Aliu said. "All I can do is tell my story." Aliu, who said he didn't see anyone else at the party who was black, posed for the picture because he didn't want to cause a scene. He said he felt trapped and in shock, and then called his brother immediately afterward. "I didn’t even grasp the idea of how vicious of a thing that is to do," Aliu said.
  12. Wow, he's corrupt. Who saw that coming? Politicians who aren't seem to be a rare breed.
  13. No thanks. We've already dished out a pick for Miller, I'm not interested in not having a first two years running. Demko's likely our goaltender of the future, he's looked good this season. Madden's looked good, he might make a solid winger someday. He's also one of the least likely players for Columbus to trade. If young, top flight talent is what they need it'd be stupid for them to trade him at 21. The reality is, Columbus went all in and lost. They lost too many high caliber pieces at once, they're just gonna have to suffer or be a middling team for a while.
  14. Wilson did pretty decent tbh. I remember watching some of Chara's fights back in the day and he wrecked a few guys.
  15. I'm actually really curious as to where Babs ends up Despite the bad press and the amount of $&!# former players have talked, 700 wins is pretty compelling
  16. Sounds like this one's a hockey decision. Be interesting to see who they bring in.
  17. There are many fans who are concerned for Baer (Sven) because of his concussion history, but he continues to play. It sounds like it this cause Ferland isn't in concussion protocol so that's great news.
  18. Signing guys who've had concussions is always a risk, with hockey being a contact sport there's always the chance more concussions happen. His tenure hasn't gone the way we'd like but that's just how it goes sometimes. We've got the same concerns with Baer and he's still playing. I don't think you'd need to ask him in confidence, the risk of players who've gotten concussions playing contact sports potentially having it happen again playing contact sports is a pretty basic thing to understand. All you one can do is hope for the best. Hopefully this isn't a concussion, but if it is I wouldn't be surprised to see him pull a Baer.
  19. If it's a concussion, I agree. They might have to consider shutting him down, I'm sure they'll look at all their options. This really sucks though, I was excited to have him as a Canuck but he can't catch a break. He could be a good piece for us.