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  1. Surprised at his speed. He tore his ACL and still flying. Couple of my friends tore their ACL's and they have never looked the same, half of it being mental as they don't want to push it to the next level anymore. Looks like a poor man's Taylor Hall
  2. 62 points plus or minus 3. Don't expect too much, other teams will put their top d pair and most physical guys against our top line. I can see Eriksson dropping to play with Sutter while anyone can play with the Sedins to balance out the scoring.
  3. On paper only the defence looks better. However we have to consider growth of our prospects and chemistry as well. We can't predict if we all be better until we see guys play a handful of games together. Plus injuries will happen every year, depth is key
  4. Has to be a defenceman. I'd go Edler first, then Burrows, then either Sutter or Horvat depending on who is 2nd line centre.
  5. Why is a Patrick Kane video on the Canucks forums lol
  6. Bonino was terrible on faceoffs, and with Henrik struggling lately we only had Horvat as Vey also sucks on the draw. Now Sutter can match up to other teams top lines while giving Sedins breathing room and letting Horvat become more offensive. Bonino couldn't compete with other teams top lines. There has to be more coming as not enough cap for Baertschi
  7. All over twitter. Anaheims 2nd that we got for Bieksa and Buffalo's 3rd that pittsburgh got for Bylsma. So we drop 10 spots max
  8. Last playoff game we'll see in a while in Vancouver with McDavid coming in, Dallas is going to get good as with Colorado, LA, maybe SJ getting back in. Everyone saying the we will never win with the Sedins? Are you kidding me? Ya this loss hurts. Bad. But the Sedins were amazing this series, much better than the Hudler line. Sedin line and Horvat were the few positives of the playoffs and we should have had gmae 1 and game 6 but unlucky breaks. Anyone could see Canucks were the better team but just so unlucky and game 4 we sucked. Our defence is terrible, Sbisa signing is $&!#. Honestly dont know where to go from here. Might stop watching hockey after 20 years because of the brutal reffing in this league. Im that hurt right now.
  9. That feeling when Bettman says WE HAVE A TRADE TO ANNOUNCE, but its just Weise for Diaz.
  10. Dale Weise's one bonehead penalty a game will not be missed. Weise is easily replaceable but will miss his personality. This trade has upside for us, dont get why people are complaining. Feel like theres more to come with Gillis, too many D men now, its either dump Alberts or BIG trade involving a D man
  11. I'm pretty sure that's Kesler...
  12. Players I dont want to see on Canada: Lucic, Marchand, Benn, Seguin, Hall, Bouwmester anyone else agree with me?
  13. Dale Weise had the game of his life, that's all I'll say
  14. Really? Kassian? Not Weise Sesitio or Welsh Edit: In reply to: "Hopefully Kassian taking a seat tonight in place of Booth"
  15. Duchene > Seguin in my opinion and I do not want Benn on the second line lol , theres just better choices