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  1. Well if you look at my username you can see its been a tough few days......
  2. Bump! Can anyone do a render of Santorelli for me?
  3. lol, so true. I find they magnify his eyes
  4. They've packed it in for the season
  5. Where's Kesler.......??
  6. At least a foot in West Van and still snowing heavily
  7. A good 4 inches or so in West Van, sticking everywhere
  8. ''It was one of our best games of the season'' Why is that exactly? Because you were physical? You failed to score even once. Would the 2011 team say this was their best game of the season? Have we fallen that far? (That was rhetorical, yes we have)
  9. I have never heard of a 7min PP before.....
  10. lol......................?
  11. what??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
  12. In 2011 it was probably said. Also, is that Heidi Montag in your sig?
  13. What else do you want us to say? ''Oh everything is great!!'' ''Canucks for the cup 2014!!!!!!!lulzzzzzzzzz''