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  1. It feels good. I like it so far. But zero games played.
  2. Mr. Benning saw a lot of this guy, and it doesn't look like he wants him. Nuff said.
  3. Pinky - The Brain-Vrbata Burrows-Bonino-Kassian Higgins-Vey-Jensen Matthias-Richardson-Dorsett Sestito Hamhuis-Tanev Edler-Corrado Sbisa-Bieksa (Stanton , Weber) Miller Lack Markstrom in Utica, Hansen moved for a 4th rounder. Higgins on thin ice but is resonsible to anchor that young third line and develop good habits. Gaunce, Horvat, Shinky et al, play key roles in all situations on the farm. But its all fluid at this one will know if Jensen keeps trending in the right direction. If a vet is moved, Hansen, Higgy, Burr (still a possiblity despite NTC). If Kassian matures...if Vey is ready. If Burr is past his best before. Is Daniel still banged up... A lot of question marks. I have optimism, but it is scary looking at this roster. Could be a playoff team, could flame out and battle it out with Calgary and Edm as the worst team in the conference. A new beginning, or the final nail to qeueue the total re-build.
  4. Kesler is damaged goods. He is 80% of the 2009-2011 Kesler. 2011-2012 Canucks 77 G22 A27 49pts +11 2012-2013 Canucks 17 G4 A9 13pts -5 2013-2014 Canucks 77 G25 A18 43pts -15 This is as good a deal as could be expected. Yeah yeah, intangibles, lack of good players to play with, shut down guy etc etc...but... Peace out.
  5. Archibald > Weise Like getting a free stop-gap decent D-man. #boldmoves
  6. If in three to four seasons Kassian hasn't put up a 25+ goal 50+ point season then we can start talking about disappointment. Um no, this needs to happen next year.
  7. Did the Nucks think it was a 7:30 start...errrrrr
  8. Kinda like hearing the other team's broadcast. Probably the most people to ever be hearing their play by play, EVER.
  9. If you go there and scroll down to the most recent Vancouver link; Just a general look into the radio scene in Vancity. I know it isn't broken down into time slots, but just a looksee into what stations dominate. CKST/Team1040 is barely a blip
  10. Close Encounters of the Third Line
  11. Note to 1040 people...I know you are lurking out there. You lost another listener. I commute 3+ hours daily and don't hate it because I am a ravenous Canucks fan and generally keep it tuned to 1040 with the knob ripped off. At least that was the case until now. Thanks for ruining my morning commute..." This. I commute about the same, 1 to 1.5 hours each way 3-4 days per week. I used to have the Team locked in whenever I was in the car. I gave this show every opportunity to work out the kinks, but I just don't relate to these two burn outs when do non-sports talk that isn't funny. Coming back from break with 60-70s rock music. It just doesn't make me want to listen. Then when they do talk sports, Pratt is so off putting (he should be off pudding) that I can't listen. And Bro is so clearly unable to add anything on the sport side of things. So they are stuck trying do a balance of morning zoo shenanigans and sports, but they fall so flat on both fronts. I wanted the show to work as I love the Team, but I just can't listen to this. I have tuned out. I now plug in my Ipod and listen to podcasts. Jay and Dan, Bill Burr, Adam and Drew, Joe Rogan, Comedy Bang Bang etc. WAY better content, and no commercials. In the afternoon on my way home, I catch a few minutes of Sekeres and Price or Bmac and Taylor to get a Nuck and Lion update. Thats about it now. As others have mentioned, we didn't know how good we had it with Rinty, until having to tune in to these two retreads...