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  1. Kesler is damaged goods. He is 80% of the 2009-2011 Kesler. 2011-2012 Canucks 77 G22 A27 49pts +11 2012-2013 Canucks 17 G4 A9 13pts -5 2013-2014 Canucks 77 G25 A18 43pts -15 This is as good a deal as could be expected. Yeah yeah, intangibles, lack of good players to play with, shut down guy etc etc...but... Peace out.
  2. Archibald > Weise Like getting a free stop-gap decent D-man. #boldmoves
  3. If in three to four seasons Kassian hasn't put up a 25+ goal 50+ point season then we can start talking about disappointment. Um no, this needs to happen next year.
  4. Did the Nucks think it was a 7:30 start...errrrrr
  5. Kinda like hearing the other team's broadcast. Probably the most people to ever be hearing their play by play, EVER.
  6. Close Encounters of the Third Line
  7. Then the bottom of net is covered.
  8. I would rather have Hal Gill instead of Tanev on the bottom pair. He brings an element that this team lacks. Net front deterent/presence. In this day and age of crash the front of the net... Age notwithstanding.
  9. Hey Guys, your new coach checking in. See you at camp.
  10. It would be nice to see KB take some passes with both hands once in a while.How many times does try to accept passes with that stupid nonchalant one handed BS every game?
  11. Okay, lets back away from the spazz. I AGREE that KB has NOT BEEN GOOD. We have all seen what KB has brought (or not) to the table for 4 years. Here is something to ponder. When was the last time we can clearly say that KB has contributed to a VICTORY? $3.75MM