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  1. Djurgarden 5-6! The power of Axel(sson)
  2. Another dominant year in the Swedish junior league, hope to get called up to the big squad soon
  3. What about players that were bought out?
  4. End of an Era With Pavel Datsyuk retiring from the NHL to play at home in Russia, and the departure of long time general manager Ken Holland, Detroit Red Wings fans knew the upcoming season was going to be different. They could not have expected the drastic changes that occurred over one off season. Without the internal burden of continuing the 25 year old playoff streak, fresh minds looking at the Mo-town roster decided that a complete tear down of the team was needed to have a chance at a championship in the future. Synonymous with the team leaving the Joe Louis Arena, the team is leaving the shadow of the old guard, and are now showcasing the new era of talent for Detroit. In a city that is rebuilding, so too is the hockey team. Dylan Larkin is the face of the new forward group, while newly acquired Matt Muray has the potential to be the best goalie the franchise has seen since Dominik Hasek. Currently the team has 8 draft picks in the upcoming draft, 6 of which in the top 60 picks. Additionally, the bus between Detroit and Grand Rapids will be busy as the team plans on rotating young players between the NHL to see their current ability and the AHL where they can develop what needs to be worked on.
  5. Detroit still looking to move Niklas Kronwall and Frans Nielsen
  6. Detroit still listening to offers on Mike Green and Niklas Kronwall. Looking for 2018 picks and prospects
  7. Kron made some good progress, hopeful for the future
  8. I need new underwear...
  9. Mackinnon and Duchene took the faceswap filter too far
  10. Kyle "cheeseburger" Wellwood lol
  11. Axelsson Kron
  12. Axel Kron over a point per game as a defensive defenseman, great start to his career! Teammate Axelsson also had a great season
  13. Detroit can take on a cap dump forward. Could give a cheaper roster forward back if a pick is involved
  14. If a player is generically put as "canadian" or "american" with no specific hometown, the system doesn't limit them to one junior league like they are IRL cause they have no home in a protected area.