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  1. Detroit exploring a rebuild. Any interest in our vets, let me know
  2. Still alive but looking forward to next year, Detroit is shopping Kyle Turris and Nick Leddy to open up cap room. Additionally, we will take offers on Nikita Kucherov, but look to re-sign him. Any return would have to include high end players on contending teams
  3. You have couture who is dominating the playoffs though, really tough to try to top that
  4. Great series @Art Vandelay! That's a full 7 games, multiple OT slugfest between us. Excited for a tough matchup versus @WalkWithElias40
  5. Not sure if it's too late, but Detroit recalls Joel L'esperance
  6. We'll follow the NHL salary cap, whatever it does
  7. What a fight in the Atlantic! Go Canes tonight!
  8. All that for 15.5 playoff points... Congrats on winning the trade @Squeak I'm furious at Tampa right now
  9. 8.5 point night for Kucherov, just thought he would get those points in a different way...
  10. Playoff Roster Wheeler-Malkin-Kucherov Palat-Thornton-Smith Cirelli-Turris-Sissons Czarnik-Appleton-Salomaki Wilson-Robinson Burns-Leddy Stralman-Nutivaara Hainsey-Chiarot Fleury DeSmith
  11. Detroit congratulates our prospect Jimmy Schuldt on signing with Vegas and anticipate him being in our lineup next year
  12. It's free movement in the playoffs, no waivers or cap but 23 man roster still applies with 14F and 8D limits
  13. Gap to Boston for 1st in the Atlantic seems to be a never budging 50 points. Will be tough to try to move up past them