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  1. Any update vc?
  2. I'd be interested VC
  3. After his surprising production in his freshman year, Adam was ranked as the 53rd best NHL prospect, not bad at all for a 5th round pick.
  4. He's back!
  5. Putting a tomato on that is like keeping Vey on the team, send that back to the minors
  6. LOL olaf needs to retire. 1-6 record .858 sv %
  7. Lol barely 90% career save percentage lifetime in the del
  8. Olaf will go down as the most mediocre German goalie ever
  9. Wow finally a good season
  10. Anyone know where to buy a Hockey Talks t-shirt?

  11. First winning season as a pro
  12. So anaheim is top 5 for fewest goals against but 2nd last for goals for lol. Next year should be better with the young guys developing and a top 5 pick
  13. I think that's definitely part of it
  14. I can only imagine Schwenninger is the Edmonton Oilers of the DEL. How have they not tried to move on from me?