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  1. 2018-19 CDC Puck League

    Benning reads this thread (e5)
  2. Feel free to send lists to the commish team if you are worried about missing your pick
  3. It's a guaranteed victory against computer opponents
  4. I was more worried about how I see their teams doing and chances to go deep in the playoffs. Dallas should take steps forward with Montgomery but the Central division is viscious. Fleury won't put up the numbers he did this year, but assuming he doesn't get hurt, he'll have the volume to compensate and Pacific is more open to go deep. I'm hoping to win quickly before my contracts screw me over.
  5. Detroit is proud to select our goaltender, and head poutine salesman Marc-Andre Fleury @Spoderman
  6. Detroit uses the Force of this trade to select Brent Burns
  7. 2018 CDC Puck Draft

    We'll end the draft the same way we started it, with a Swede. Colorado selects Marcus Sylvegard
  8. 2018-19 CDC Puck League

    Colorado is excited to welcome the draft class of 2018! We love the potential game breaking ability of our top 3 picks in Rasmus Dahlin, Dominik Book, and Jesse Ylonen. While we would have preferred a more balanced allocation of forwards to defenders, many teams (rightly) saw this draft as their chance to bolster their blueline which left talented forwards available, and our system is too bare to be picky making BPA the determining factor for our later picks. Bokk(22)-Pekar(74)-Ylonen(34) Kovalenko(76)-Stotts(79)-Budy(112) Gogolev(134)-Weiss(126)-Davidsson(130) Dahlin (1)-Regula(77) Ragnarsson(95) Annunnen(108) Lindbom(119) Tarasov(132)
  9. 2018 CDC Puck Draft

    Colorado selects Pavel Gogolev @thejazz97
  10. 2018 CDC Puck Draft

    21, this is his last year he'd be eligible. "draft eligibility requirements (North American players 18–20 years old and European/international players 18–21 years old; all others enter league as unrestricted free agents). " -nhl draft wiki page
  11. 2018 CDC Puck Draft

    Colorado selects Daniil Tarasov @Phil The Thrill
  12. 2018 CDC Puck Draft

    Colorado selects from Djurgardens Jonathan Davidsson @Baer.
  13. 2018 CDC Puck Draft

    Colorado selects Tyler Weiss
  14. 2018 CDC Puck Draft

    Colorado will offer 2019 4th CBJ for 2 picks in this draft, higher the better
  15. 2018 CDC Puck Draft

    Colorado selects from Djurgardens in beautiful Stockholm, Sweden Olof "Frozen puck" Lindbom @JE14