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  1. Unfortunately I'm stepping down from all responsibilities with EKL. My life has hit a rough patch and I cant offer the league the attention it deserves as I try to sort things out. I wish @Tylezthe best of luck as this league continues on for season 2 and thank @Primal Optimist for stepping up and taking responsibility with the league.
  2. Signing-Brandon Tanev with Columbus 6 years x $3,850,000 per year. Deal includes a LNTC for the duration (12 team yes list) @Tylez
  3. Signing-Ryan Dzingel 4 years x $4,500,000 per year with Columbus. Deal includes a LNTC for the duration (12 team yes list) @Tylez
  4. Signing-Taro Hirose 2 years @ $3,775,000 per year with Minnesota @Tylez @Monty @D-Money
  5. I did as well my first time through, easy mistake to make
  6. Our CBA is different, it would have been 2 1sts, 2 2nds and 2 3rds
  7. Still listening to offers on Kuch now that he is immune to an offer sheet
  8. Taking final offers on Nikita Kucherov before we get into contract extension talks with him
  9. With our skipped pick, Detroit selects Ethan Phillips
  10. With our skipped pick, Detroit selects Yegor Zamula
  11. Detroit qualifies Nikita Kucherov, Colton Sissons, Anti Suomela, Sheldon Dries @Tylez
  12. Detroit is proud to select Simon Holmstrom! @Canuck Surfer
  13. Detroit exploring a rebuild. Any interest in our vets, let me know