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  1. St. Louis selects Vili Sopanen
  2. St. Louis is proud to select Sakari Salminen
  3. St. Louis is proud to select Sergei Korostin @Bombastik der Teutone
  4. St Louis is proud to select Thomas Hickey
  5. St. Louis is proud to select Jan-Ake Holmstrom
  6. Missed them the first time through, St. Louis releases Gary Roberts and Martin Rucinsky to free agency
  7. St. Louis is proud to select Logan Couture!
  8. Looking to move up from 34th overall. Have 47, 64, 70, 78, 87.
  9. Jay McKee available, 42 points and 203 blocked shots last year
  10. St. Louis releases the following players to free agency: Joel Kwiatkoski Bryce Salvador Jamie Rivers Matt Walker
  11. Still looking to sell Tkachuk and Weight. Can take cap back
  12. Top 10 in league scoring Keith Tkachuk available for a 1st. Can take back cap
  13. Still selling first line forwards