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  1. Don't forget to bring a tarp
  2. NHL 12 SL vets get priority imo
  3. I'd be interested in the future
  4. Amazing round of CAP @Nail, thank you! Mortensen never sniffed a chance at a cup but fulfilled his secondary duty of passing Fjodorovs @Vrienzy in points and finishes as the highest scoring European player of all time.
  5. With Fjodorovs retiring, Mortensen has a chance to pass him in career points
  6. 0 playoff games in Boston, Mortensen must be allergic to cups
  7. Yuck Boston. Season outlook for them?
  8. Cup or bust, loaded roster
  9. Nail figuring out Vegas' cap so he can form the dream team
  10. If they leave, yeah
  11. What does the rest of Nashville's roster look like? Hard to win without a goalie
  12. Magnus Mortensen has requested a trade to Vegas
  13. Columbus lost in the 1st round again?
  14. The pastry has faith in McCutcheon to be the 1C to win. 100+ point year
  15. @Nail what is the issue with Columbus? Seems like we can never go far in the playoffs