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  1. Christopher Tanev | #8 | D

    That's less than Burrows and Hansen got. Tanev plays way more minutes than those guys, and he's just entered his prime years as a late-bloomer. He's still getting stronger. Most of his injuries are from sacrificing the body in the shooting lane. On a better team that doesn't get lit up with shots and defend as much as the Canucks do, he'd be much more durable. I think he'd be great anchoring the PK and second pairing on a contender. He would definitely return more than what you suggest, especially considering he always plays hard minutes and his contract is great. He'd be great replacing an aging guy like Paul Martin on San Jose.
  2. Elias Pettersson | C/RW

    The way I like to think about player development is good moves and bad moves. The biggest factor in a player's success is in the player, so its hard to say there can only be one path to follow. I think sending him back to Europe was good move, because he's playing at a higher level than he was previously, and he is wildly successful. His success now is a great thing, and its great for the Canucks. He might not be contributing to the Comets or to the Canucks, but his ELC gets pushed forward, and he will be a better player once that ELC kicks in. Adversity can be good, but if you can move up in baby steps and continue to be wildly successful, why not? If he was sent to AHL and got stifled by the physicality (very possible,) he would have to change his game, when maybe all he needed was more bulk. Let him play at the highest level on big ice (which arguably he is,) then run him through training camp. Let him compete; if he's weak, back to Europe. If he's strong on the boards but not scoring (doubtful, but a possibilty on small ice) send him to the AHL til hes a bonafide scorer. If he's scoring and strong on the boards, give him 9 games.
  3. Brock Boeser | #6 | RW

    I wanted Carlo at 23 at the time, but I only looked at Dmen. happy with Boeser then and now.
  4. Olli Juolevi | D
  5. The case for why Chris Tanev is bad for the Team

    Complaining about your defensive d-man always starting the breakout kind of ignores the fact that he was a big factor in the turnover. The first forechecker will always hound on the guy starting from a standstill behind the net. Carrying the puck through the first forechecker as the last man back is a dangerous play unless you are a #1D (or a PMD who probably wouldn't be on the ice in the first place in Tanev's shutdown role) You're asking too much from him, he's fantastic in his role. You should be on Edler for not being able to turn a 4 on 4 situation (remember Tanev took care of his forechecker)
  6. Bennings List of 7

    I forget what interview it was, but he mentioned that he didn't see a need to draft offensive defensemen because he had subban and hutton as prospects. i haven't heard him talk at length though. Its probably because there's no debate he is going to Utica. He may not see Subban as a future core player as his lack of size and reach is a huge obstacle in him becoming an efficient, all-situations, minute eating defenseman. He's going to have to work harder than everyone else on the ice.
  7. 23rd overall: CDC 2015 Draft Consensus

    I only looked at d-men. I like Brandon Carlo at 23. Out of the offensive D-men that I viewed, it looks only like Dunn has a chance of being an NHLer. Dunn got my second vote. With him, it looks like strength will be an issue. I'd wait for a higher draft pick to draft a player like Dunn, there's a lot of risk with him because he's not really undersized, but he struggles in front of the net and on the boards. We will have higher picks in the years to come. The rest of the d-men i watched are d-zone floaters, look totally lost, little structure. Carlo because he could be a big minute d-man. Every team needs a rock back there, and he's a good one.
  8. Jake Virtanen | #18 | RW

    if jake plays in the NHL next year, what's his cap hit?
  9. Jake Virtanen | #18 | RW

    At this point, getting benched and scratched just means rest. I think Team Canada sees Virtanen as a gamebreaker for their bottom 6. He's a tournament rookie so he won't get top 6 time, but he has a history with Team Canada that precedes this tournament, and he honestly probably earned his spot on this team last year. He's a player that I think they see as affording them scoring depth, and they are going to deploy him that way. I know he's been saying that he's willing to be a role player, but to me I think they know his skill set, and they just want him to go out on the ice and play his explosive game. They're hoping they have him next year as a cornerstone in their top six.
  10. Bo Horvat Talk

    I really like Bo at 4C on this Desjardins team. It's clear Desjardins takes advantage of the high energy available in four lines, and I think from a team standpoint, they can use a B option shutdown centre (to Richardson's A game) throughout the regular season. Not just for when Richardson is injured, but when he isn't rested. Bo's the best player for that, and I think Richardson is a great cushion to nurture his development. From watching Bo as a player, I don't think his offensive game would improve much in junior. This is my opinion, not Benning's obviously , so we'll see where he ends up. Sure he might develop more puck on stick skills, but I don't believe he will evolve his vision or his transition game more towards the NHL game. IMO, he'll never be a first line offensive player (as I am sure you'd agree) and my reasoning is that, from my viewings, he lets the play come to him. He is a really heady, reactionary player, and his offense will always come from transition. He doesn't break down the opposition guard, his game is catching them off guard and gaining that step. Purely a shutdown player, maybe elite. Again, we'll see.
  11. Jake Virtanen | #18 | RW

    so if he was born one month later? if he managed to have the season he had last year as a draft -1 player, i'd think he would be someone the media considered as someone to watch as a potential riser into the 5-10 range. He would need to generate more team success.
  12. Bo Horvat Talk

    Horvat will earn his icetime with his ability to outbattle players. If you are matched up against first line players, you will be getting ~20 minutes a night, and those are top six minutes. From what I've seen of him, if he is on the powerplay, it will be to win faceoffs, to win puck battles down low, and to battle in front of the net. If he does play on the powerplay, he will definitely be a top six forward. Like I was saying before, it is better to think of drafting in terms of TOI and not conventional first line, second line, third line players. Kesler had more TOI per game than Henrik Sedin in 3 of the last 4 seasons. Henrik was indeed our "first line centre," but i would argue that the player who is on the ice more is the player who is more important to team success.
  13. Bo Horvat Talk

    Top six... First liner... Bottom six... People have to forget about that kind of line-up structure. Smart drafting is all about TOI and salary cap. Benning and Co. have stated that Horvat looks to be an important player for our team as a shutdown player. He's got no quit, he is a heavy player, and he is smart enough and has enough skill to play in the NHL. Not too many people are saying he is a career AHLer. What he needs to do (as has been stated) is improve his game pace. He is playing heavy minutes at the junior level, and where he fits in at the NHL level is against top players. He has to be able to keep up with and outbattle dynamic players like Getzlaf, Kopitar, Kane, Toews, Kesler... that's his calling. The OHL is a jog compared to the sprint in the NHL. The talk of his offensive development is overblown and a misunderstanding. His projected role at the NHL level is invaluable to a winning team, and acquiring players of that caliber within their role is difficult outside of the draft. Rarely do you see core players in that mold get traded. Watching him play at the WJC's is the most telling. Fans were disappointed at his lack of dynamism and creativity. But he was a plus player who rarely made a mistake, and his line won the match-ups against the opposition's best. The most important thing for Horvat is, in all honesty, his defensive development. That is his game, and he won't get any farther with that in juniors. He would be pacing himself against teenagers. Whether or not he produces big numbers, he looks to be a player to be a safe bet to play his role and win his matchup. This summer needs to be cardio, cardio, cardio.
  14. Jake Virtanen | #18 | RW

    Does anyone think playing in your hometown is a drawback? It's a lot easier to have a life outside of the rink.
  15. [Confirmed] Jim Benning signs as new Canucks GM

    I'm hearing so much about Benning and this coming draft... we had an amazing draft last year. I am hoping the new GM is only going to be one more voice to the draft conversation, not someone dictating the draft. I think we can survive without a GM for this draft given Linden's direction and our scouting staff. Just get someone who has a clear model for success and the business acumen to move the right pieces and sign the right players a good price. General managing is a hell of a lot more than scouting.