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  1. What about Hutton, Virtanen and our 2nd for Drouin...... Seems unlikely but Tampa is going to lose a very good player for nothing in the expansion draft. They get 2 players that don't need to be protected and a decent pick in return. They need help on the back end, outside of Hedman their defense is mediocre at best. Flame away.........
  2. That's a strong possibility. One can only dream.
  3. He went to Luongo's place to tell him they had a deal in place to trade Schneider and beg him to come back to Vancouver.
  4. ^ I think this is not that far off. Benning was over the moon for Sam Reinhardt heading into that draft. Im pretty sure we would have to add a 2nd or a roster player like Sven. Not sure Buffalo wants to trade Reinhardt , especially when they are struggling to score goals and Eichel is still hurt.
  5. Let's say Benning gets the 3rd overall pick from Columbus and then offers it to Winnipeg for Trouba. Winnipeg comes out of the draft with both Fins, shades of Burke and we get a potential number 1 dman. Highly unlikely and I'm sure we might have to add more but 1 can dream.
  6. I suggest "Climbing up the walls " one of my personal favorites. I'm sure there will be a ton of great suggestions but this song is a real gem. HM: Reckoner, another masterpiece in their storied catalog.
  7. I was at the last game of the season and watching Kesler after the game soaking in the moment, I could tell he was saying goodbye. Not only did he throw his stick in the crowd but he also threw both of his gloves in the crowd. He was the second to last player to leave the ice and the only player to skate around the entire rink. After the game was over I meet up some friends and the first thing I said to them was that was Kesler's last game as a Canuck. Kesler is my favorite player on the team at the moment but the best thing for both parties is to move on. We have an opportunity to trade a player, whose value will never be higher, not to mention his contract will not be an issue for any team to pursue. I can not remember that last time a player was this highly coveted and had a manageable contract. I am not going speculate what the return for Kesler will be but I do think it will be a good trade for the Canucks. We need to get younger still and a Kesler trade will help facilitate that further. I have enjoyed cheering for Kesler in Cancuck uniform and I will continue to cheer for him, unless he ends up in a Blackhawks jersey. To brighten up the mood her is a new track from Canadian band Caribou. This song screams summer to me. Enjoy the rest of you day CDC
  8. I just went on The Wells Fargo Center website and it is starting at 7:00 pm est.
  9. Does anyone know what time the draft starts on the 27th. I have tried looking for info but can`t find a time.
  10. I am sure I will get flamed for taking anything seriously that Craig Button says but I find it very interesting that he is from Calgary and would see the Hitmen play all the time yet he has Virtanen ranked 41.
  11. I'm really loving Fidlars debut reminds me of The Black Lips. I really think the new Foxygen album is awesome as well Maybe it is just me but does the chrous not sound a little like Suspicious Minds? Do anyone here watch The Needle Drop? I don't always agree with his opinion but he is one of the best at reviewing music.
  12. Red Light Racicot but yes you are correct
  13. Eddie The Eagle