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  1. So have you got it yet?

    He's probably the best linemate the Sedins have ever had, eh?

    0_0 What you get, then (on report card)?

  2. VM... what? lol sry no..

    what is it?

    yeah we had no sleep.. mostly because we stayed up and talked/watched movies.

  3. Nice :). How'd you fail?

  4. lol good to knw ... i heard taht you guise have so much work thre, u hardly get any sleep lol

    btw do u knw abt the VMUN conference in January ??

  5. haha yeap i turned 16 already, probs get get my L during Winter Break

    well Burr's on a pretty good hot streak right now (:

    phailing math and frc t_T parents are gna kill me whn they c teh rprt

  6. haha itried snowboarding once w/ friends on Cypress, but i phailed on the bunny slope X>X"

  7. Lol. That sucks. Aren't you 16? How old are the people are you school!? Lol.

    Well, he isn't doing that great right now. He could do a lot better.

    It's been pretty good. Except for Physics. How about you?

  8. and yeah i'll try to come... i'm soo busy all time LOL.

  9. and then bus 2 got a flat tire on the way there, and then bus 3 broke down on the way back and had to get the 5:45 ferry instead of the 12:45 ferry, but bus 1 (my bus), it was the only red one, and ms keirn (history 12 teacher) called it the COMMUNIST BUS and it ruled! no problems at all.

    and from what ms gramm and mr eastwood said, this yr was the best (except for transportation issues)

  10. LOL really? it was sooo fun.

    hahaha, omg we nearly missed the ferry because vicente all told us to turn left, and so we went to berth 2, and then the other teachers came and told us that we were on the wrong berth, and so we all had to LITERALLY RUN to the other berth. and then ryan blamed it on eastwood and everyone else then blamed it on eastwood. LOL.

  11. It's all good :)

    I didn't snowboard much last year because I was busy working but I'm going to try to go more this year

    Well you're stitll alive so that's good :)

  12. sry for late reply !!

    haha nicee, u go snowboarding a lot ??

    's been okaii, as far as IB goes lol

  13. btw a couple frds and I formed a history club

    plz drop by nxt week if ur interested (=

    it's at lunch in Room 127 (Ms. Ho)

  14. lol yah )= i get called LB a lot in schl QQ

    well we used to say that May Ray had hands of stone .. and he's doing alright for himself (=

    lol so hows schl been ??