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  1. Yes truth, unless he lied. I work for AC and checked him in for his flight.
  2. Alex(ander) Biega is cut and put on waivers. I saw him and asked him at the airport Sunday night.
  3. Hm.. interesting. Bieksa joins Kesler and friends reunite. So what's next? Burrows to Anahiem so that they can completely reunite the three "brothers"? (I actually wouldn't mind that, more shred cap space lol..)
  4. If it's only that much, I'll take it in a heartbeat. Malkin might have a cap hit of $9.5 million, but he's worth it if we're only giving up those 5 pieces. We shed $9.5 mill from Vrbata and Tanev, so it'll work for the coming year and we can deal with next and future years as it comes since we will have big contracts ending soon (next, and next couple of years). Losing Horvat hurts a little but Malkin is only 28 and signed until 36 he's your number 1 for the next 8 years (Plus maybe a switch in scenery and becoming the face of the franchise will pump him up, not to mention he's a monster, literally given his size). Losing 1st and prospect is nothing when you get a superstar back. Not to mention you still have the Sedins on another line. I would be pumped if that's all it took to steal Malkin from the Pens.
  5. Hey thanks for the friend add man! Now I have a friend :)