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  1. [PGT] Vancouver Canucks vs. San Jose Sharks

    the team was interesting and somewhat fun to watch when edler and eriksson were out of the lineup. now those two useless turds are back in the lineup and the team plays its worse 2 games of the year. tonight looked alot like the crap we saw last year. i question re-newing bennings contract just based on his decision to sign eriksson to that terrible contract which is going to screw the team up for the next 3-4 years until they can buy it out. the team is hamstrung badly because of it.
  2. sampled all the shows so far. don't really like the format. they don't involve the listeners at all. haven't heard them even give out a phone number for open line segments at all. the shows are all basically two guys talking back and forth about the same topics throughout the day. rather monotonous. at least 1040 acknowledges listeners with tweets, emails and some phone calls here and there. will be very interesting to see if this continues once the season starts. will 650 take calls like on a post game show, knowing that alot of them most likely will be negative since the canucks will suck so bad this year. i guess it will all depend on what the canucks allow them to do as it's been well documented that they are basically telling sportsnet how to cover them. that could be tsn's way of keeping listeners. as soon as the game ends go right to open phones for reaction, while sportsnet meanders throught it's post game show with the usual analysis from the talking heads and post game interviews that usually say nothing. keep in mind sportsnet is now employing joey kenward as their canucks beat reporter and he is the king of the softball questions.
  3. Can't stand the TSN 1040 Morning Show

    he's probably on leave for his depression issues again. as for bro jake, hope he doesn't come back. at least botch and kuz filling in are decent. when it does suck i just switch over to 710ESPN Seattle and listen to brock and salk.
  4. Canucks radio rights (TSN loses broadcast to Rogers)

    when does the regional tv rights contract expire? maybe tsn can poach those away from sportsnet pacific. ferraro would love that. wouldn't have to commute to ottawa to do sens games all the time.
  5. Canucks for Kids Telethon

    Rogers sportsnet not doing any favors playing those cheesy fake phone rings over and over while people talk in the studio.