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  1. Missing Vigneault Yet?

    Stop blaming the coaches. This team just isn't good enough. They are exactly what their record indicates. No better, no worse
  2. I agreed with you up until you made that statement. I don't even know what to say. If you wouldn't trade a number 4 d-man for a top line player, then your very last sentence applies to you perfectly
  3. Change Needed!-Aquilini's Please Fire Gillis!

    Amen to that brother. If you look at my post history, I've been calling for Gillis' head for a very long time! He is an incompetent GM. Our team has only 3 legit top 6 fwds (Kesler & Sedins) and only 2 real playmakers (Sedins). The rest of the guys are all 3rd line players, they would be on a real cup contending team. Gillis gives every player he signs a NTC. Even friggin chris higgins has one WTF! But I don't agree with hiring Gillman. I know he's very good with the cap and doing contracts, but I dunno how good of a talent evaluated he is. I'd wanna get someone who experienced, someone who can re-build this team, Although whoever that might be will have tough time moving players with all those damn NTC's I'd like them to bring back a guy like Linden in some sort of capacity. Maybe a player personnel guy and when he gains enough experience, he can hopefully move up the ladder and become the GM one day.
  4. Collective feeling on Tort's 'antics'?

    I like the fire and passion torts showed. Too bad he doesn't have a good enough team that can win
  5. Vintage Canuck appreciation thread

    Who the hell's vintage Canucks?
  6. Linden For Gm

    I agree with everything you said except the 1st paragraph. IMO, Gillis hasn't done a whole lot. What foundation are you talking about?? In 5 years he has one A level prospect in the system and that's Jensen. He has made some bad trades. He inherited the best players on this team, all Gillis has done is add role players/bottom 6 plugs. He hasn't added anyone that can put us over the top. He has been given undue credit for this team's success. He is a good agent who is good at negotiation contracts, but he is not a very good GM imo.
  7. Jason Garrison so far?

  8. Jason Garrison so far?

    Thank you! Exactly my point
  9. Jason Garrison so far?

    Quinton Howden is an excellent young PROSPECT, he will be good and so will be Kuznetsov who you ignored to mention. Now you asked what had Howden done? Now pls tell me what exactly has Ballard done the last 2 years? other then collect his big fat pay cheque. 3rd round pick for Alberts, a depth dman?? How often does that guy even play? He's not even a top 6 dman. All of the guys you mentioned who were acquired by MG other then Hamhuis and Ehrhoff are role players, not differnce makers who can out you over the top. And it's funny you question my hockey knowledge and yet you mention Sammy fricken Pahlsson as a stand out MG acquisition (I'm assuming you thought he was great since you mentioned him) REALLY?! And since your hockey knowledge must be so great, Pls enlighten me as to what contributions Pahlsson made for us last year, having only been here for 2 months, if that? 'Cause I certainly never noticed him. And where exactly is he now?? That's right, not even in the NHL. So before you question my hockey knowledge, stop drinking the MG cool-aid and open your eyes. The guy was a scum-bag agent and some GM's still don't like dealing with him.
  10. Jason Garrison so far?

    -The Burrows deal had a lot to do with what type of a guy Alex is. He is loyal to the franchise since it was the only franchise to give him a chance. That deal had more to do with the character of Burrows then the negotiating ability to MG. So credit goes to Burr cause he could've walked away and gotten more money elsewhere -Yes Dan is a very good dman, but again, he got market value and he wanted to come here and be closer to home. If you remember, he refused offers from Nashville for similar money and then had his rights traded to Philly and again refused Philly's offer aswell. -And how did offer sheeting David Backes benefit this franchise in anyway? Did we get him? NO! In return, the Blues made an offer sheet to Steve Bernier just to stick to Gillis. MG matched and ended up over-paying him. -I give you the Tanev signing, but again is he difference maker who can put us over the top? No and neither are/were players like Laps, Malhotra, Higgins and Samuelsson. They were just role players. As for sundin, he only came here reluctantly after contemplating retirement for 5 months. Our offer to him was by far and away the best offer he had on the table. So he came, collected the big money, did next to nothing and took off. -Trading for Ehrhoff was a good moves yes. Again, SJ was just looking to dump salary so they could add Heatly. They pretty much gave away Ehrhoff. -GM of the year award for winning the Presiden't trophy and going to the Final on the backs of a core that was brought in by the previous regime. IMO, that award was bogus.
  11. Jason Garrison so far?

    Don't blame the player, blame the stupid GM. Garrison's signing was a typical dumbass MG move. Over-paid and over-hyped an average NHL player who had ONE good season. MG doesn't know how to make trades either or evaluate talent, just look at his record. -Overpaid and traded a 1st round pick for Ballard while prospects like Howden and Kuznetsov were still on the board. -gave up a 3rd round pick for that plug Alberts -gave up on Hodgson who was his one decent draft pick because the guy wanted more playing time and got a 3rd line prospect in return. (could've easily solved the issue by moving Hodgson to second line centre and moving Kesler to the wing) -named a goalie captain. LOL what a joke that was. Those are just some of his stupid moves off the top of my head. The guy is showing he is incapable of solving the goalie issue which he himself created. He hasn't been able to add one single difference maker to the team since his arrival and no Hamhuis and Garrison are not difference makers. Whatever success this team has had recently is due the players who were brought in by the previous regime.
  12. [Signing] Justin Schultz to Oilers

    I hope he's the next Fabian Brunnstrom..complete flop
  13. [Signing] Justin Schultz to Oilers

    Oh well let's move on and focus on July1st...
  14. I gave u a + for the inevitable minus some dbag will give you for that Gillis post.

  15. Jordan Schroeder Talk

    damnnnn I don't wanna go through all that again!!! But I think Schroeder will do alot better than Holden