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  1. Funny Pics

    The tattoo one is fake, I know the guy. He got made a fake account, wrote on his own wall for like 2 months. When he would " like " other girls statuses/pictures, he would log on to the girls account and threaten the "Liked" girl for talking to her man It was a brilliant plan, everyone fell for it. He even got a video of that girl singing a love song on valentines day and posted it one his wall. He has no idea who the actual girl is, he just found pictures/videos of here and then made a fake account
  2. Funny Pics

  3. Funny Pics

  4. Funny Pics

  5. OMG Snow?

    How many people are on campus/in your classes?
  6. OMG Snow?

    who at uvic went to school?
  7. OMG Snow?

    What do you guys use the most for weather? Like the weather network, accuweather, you phone app....etc
  8. Gotta feel for the Texas Ranger fans, we know what your going through

  9. Who ever gets Miller and Howard get the better deal Detroit+Buffalo are better teams combined than Vancouver and Nashville Luongo also wont play as many games as usual. Detroit is always a contender, and Buffalo is primed for a good run. Id stick to Miller and Howard, but its close
  10. Jumbo Joe hasn't really been producing, you might want to wait a bit if you have time
  11. OMG Snow?

    I stopped trusting the weather network a while ago lol It was supposed to snow ALOT last year, and be really HOT this past summer....
  12. I'll say Okposo and Temuu How points will Jamie Benn get?
  13. Non-CDC Based Games

    dammit mods! Y U HAV 2 MERGE!!!
  14. Non-CDC Based Games

    What did I do? oh wait, what the heck The 1st one your quoted is from last year!