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  1. Though it is partially to blame, it's not just ticket prices, it's all of the extra costs as well. Not only do I need to pay for 2 tickets for my girlfriend and I but I also need to pay for 2/3 beers each and usually some food as well. A night out for two to watch, on most nights, a fairly uneventful game ends up costing near $200. It's just not worth it. I'd rather stay at home and watch the game on my 55" HD screen enjoying $2 beers. In my opinion, if they lowered concession prices (say $5 a beer) it would make quite a difference. I had a quarter season pack two seasons ago, but once I started to realise how much each night out was costing me (plus not even being able to give my tickets away for free when I couldn't make it) I decided it just wasn't worth it. I now go about 2/3 times a season and that's usually because I got free tickets from work or gave them/got them as a gift.
  2. So who would be the first call up right now at this point in time. (I know it will be based on how they are playing, that's why I say right now) Let's say hypothetically Eriksson was to get injured. Goldobin Rodin Archibald Chaput Megna ?
  3. Red Wings and Avalanche Started watching hockey in the mid to late 90's (not the best time for the Canucks) and those two teams captivated me. Especially when they played one another.
  4. Early indications show Green is going to try Garnlund in the middle. I'd swap Sutter or Gagner with Granlund, other than that, I agree.
  5. I am having a really a tough time with your logic. Projection - "an estimate or forecast of a future situation or trend based on a study of present or past ones." What else are you using for your projections? Magic 8 ball? Gut feeling?
  6. NHL games played = 572 Points scored = 418 Point per game = 0.73 In a 82 game season that equals 60 points ....60 is closer to 70 than 41.
  7. The way I see it there are two battles left to determine: Virtanen vs Rodin Biega vs Holm
  8. At this point you kinda hope it's an injury, because if he actually didn't come prepared to a camp where he had to prove himself it does not look good at all
  9. Kuzma: "Session No. 2 bag skate was something to see. Jordan Subban badly lagged behind his group and was hunched over the net in agony. #Canucks"
  10. The way I look at it I don't think I would trade Horvat for Drouin in a straight up 1 for 1 trade. Drouin might have the better numbers but Horvat is the more valuable player
  11. I would agree if it wasn't for the Dragon glass. End of the day if they stand any chance against the WW he had to make a trip in an effort to mine it. Trying to convince her to join him was more of a longshot he may have been hoping worked (maybe in the off chance her or one of her advisers had seen/did believe in the undead).
  12. Have a feeling that gold wont make it's way back to KL in one piece
  13. Of course it's impossible, that's why I mentioned "this is a base that can be built upon through drafting, trades, and free agency." nice to see what we have to build around and what our depth chart holds for us moving forward.
  14. ...yea might be a bit of wishful thinking Otherwise the left side would look more like: LD Juolevi Hutton Brisebois /FA/Draft