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  1. I put on for My City - Young Jeezy Ft. Kanye West
  2. Great first post
  3. Made it through the night in one peace. Walked the red mile in our Canucks jerseys except for the odd rowdy fan everyone was fairly nice and good hosts. Had people giving us drinks. It wasn't nearly as bad some people made it out to be but that's probably cause they won. Would of been a different story though if Canucks had won.
  4. This thread did not go the way I wanted haha. I was looking to find some travelling partners for a good time but instead I am now worried about coming back in one piece
  5. That's comforting haha
  6. Any fans planning on making the trip down? Me and a friend will be driving down tonight to Calgary and was wondering if there will be any others that will be doing the same so that we can make the trip together. Or if there are Canucks fans already in Calgary and know of a good place that we can get together before and after the game. Cheers and Go Canucks!
  7. Sounds good, whoever is comish can you please accept my join request as well
  8. Who currently has the Comish duties in game?
  9. Yea if it goes through we'll need to undo it as I have no use for Kipper and his cap hit
  10. Also I am Rangers. I was removed just so cpu would do re signings please do not trade with my team while im not there. I have sent a request to join back.
  11. Anyone know who the big Fa's unsigned for Rangers are?
  12. Hey just kick me for now (NYR) let cpu do resigning so the teams not destroyed. I just dont have time for it at the moment. I will probably rejoin as the season restarts. Thanks
  13. If anyone one has a game left with Nyr, play Ai
  14. But then your going to get every Fa on a ridiculous 1 year contract (likely league max) just so they can resign them to cheap after. Also if allot of people do league max we will end up needing to raffle for too many players due to ea's selection process. Not to mention it becomes unrealistic and screws over many teams with cap problems. I'd be willing to step up and take over simming responsibilities in the league, but don't think id be able to handle being commissioner and resolve and deal with all the issues the league will have
  15. Im in to continue but at this point it looks like the best thing to do may be to start new. We have too many players in wrong places or signed to wrong contracts and too many inactive Gm's. I agree with the weeding out suggestion and starting fresh.