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  1. The way I see it there are two battles left to determine: Virtanen vs Rodin Biega vs Holm
  2. At this point you kinda hope it's an injury, because if he actually didn't come prepared to a camp where he had to prove himself it does not look good at all
  3. Kuzma: "Session No. 2 bag skate was something to see. Jordan Subban badly lagged behind his group and was hunched over the net in agony. #Canucks"
  4. The way I look at it I don't think I would trade Horvat for Drouin in a straight up 1 for 1 trade. Drouin might have the better numbers but Horvat is the more valuable player
  5. I would agree if it wasn't for the Dragon glass. End of the day if they stand any chance against the WW he had to make a trip in an effort to mine it. Trying to convince her to join him was more of a longshot he may have been hoping worked (maybe in the off chance her or one of her advisers had seen/did believe in the undead).
  6. Have a feeling that gold wont make it's way back to KL in one piece
  7. Of course it's impossible, that's why I mentioned "this is a base that can be built upon through drafting, trades, and free agency." nice to see what we have to build around and what our depth chart holds for us moving forward.
  8. ...yea might be a bit of wishful thinking Otherwise the left side would look more like: LD Juolevi Hutton Brisebois /FA/Draft
  9. Based on the players we have now and the prospects we have in the system where do you see the Canucks in 5 years? Here is my projection with current Canucks players (except for the hopeful addition of Rasmus Dhalin): LW C RW Dahlen Petterson Boeser Baertschi Horvat Goldobin/FA/trade/ draft pick Granlund/Lind Sutter Virtanen/Lockwood Gaunce Gaudette FA/Gadjovich LD RD Dahlin* Tanev Juolevi Stecher Tryamkin/Hutton Subban G Demko * Hope for Markstrom In my opinion that is not a bad looking team (provided players develop well) that can not just compete for a playoff spot but also be a contender. Also this is a base that can be built upon through drafting, trades, and free agency. Future isn't looking as bleak as it once did.
  10. The team is looking for a way to attract fans. What attract fans more than having a future HHOF legend on your team who is likely of breaking the games played record this season (and if we sign him for 2 years a possibility of jumping into 2nd for all time goals scored). He seems to be a bit desperate to play next year so he could be had for cheap. Plus there's always the possibility of flipping him at the deadline for assets. Of course there is the counter argument of him taking up a roster spot that could be given to one of the young guys. Personally I think this provides a good excuse to let some of our players develop in the minors (Brock, Virtanen) rather than rush them along. And they can always be called up if/when injuries strike if they are proving themselves down there. Thoughts? Edit: Of course there's also the mentorship role he could provide as well
  11. I put on for My City - Young Jeezy Ft. Kanye West
  12. Great first post
  13. Sounds good, whoever is comish can you please accept my join request as well
  14. Who currently has the Comish duties in game?