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  1. I put on for My City - Young Jeezy Ft. Kanye West
  2. Great first post
  3. Sounds good, whoever is comish can you please accept my join request as well
  4. Who currently has the Comish duties in game?
  5. Yea if it goes through we'll need to undo it as I have no use for Kipper and his cap hit
  6. Also I am Rangers. I was removed just so cpu would do re signings please do not trade with my team while im not there. I have sent a request to join back.
  7. Anyone know who the big Fa's unsigned for Rangers are?
  8. Hey just kick me for now (NYR) let cpu do resigning so the teams not destroyed. I just dont have time for it at the moment. I will probably rejoin as the season restarts. Thanks
  9. If anyone one has a game left with Nyr, play Ai
  10. Trying to self inflate his value I see haha, too bad everyone missed out and he's off the block now. I would of made an offer didn't know he was a beast
  11. Nope shopping a top 4 (primarily Staal)
  12. Please PM if you need to play Rangers (Also Rangers are shopping a top 4 D man)
  13. Your offer would somewhat make sense if he was 85 but he's 82, and him straight up for Mcdonough is ridiculous
  14. Rangers are back and ready to play/talk trades (was gone on a 2 week vacation)