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  1. Again?
  2. Thanks for bumping the thread, I suspected it would come back to life as soon as the season started + Bxa started screwing up again. If you think Bxa will ever be a consistent defender or that he intimidates anyone in the league, you are dreaming. Is this poster the the Bxa fan clubs motto?
  3. Great pic, although its kind of odd to see Burr in yellow and black and Chara in the white + blue, lol
  4. Then this would be D-money... lol
  5. lol, way to take a stat out of context in an attempt to put your boy in the same class as the NHL elite Dmen. Bxa isn't even elite as a Nuck Dman, let alone an NHL Dman. Here is a link to a review of his performance this past season. I really like these parts "A season long poll among The Province readers chose Bieksa as the player who had to raise his game the furthest to have success in the playoffs" " Kevin Bieksa reads a lot. He may even be reading this. Every once in a while he’ll take slight umbrage with something. Recently, it was when someone suggested Dan Hamhuis spent most of his season cleaning up Bieksa’s, well, mistakes." "But the Canucks don’t rely on points from Bieksa, and that’s a rub I’m not sure he even understands. The Canucks aren’t at their best when Bieksa is swashbuckling up and down the ice." The bottom line is the article suggests that Bxa is best when he is physical, although it's too bad he is such a lightweight . He doesn't have the physical tools to consistently be a physical player. What a waste of an NTC + the SEVEN million the Nuck's paid him this year.
  6. Huh? are you an LA fan or being sarcastic or something?
  7. Hmm, No Bxa at practice today. Is Bxa off due to an upper body injury? I heard he was suffering from brain fart itis. I must say I appreciated his goal in game 4. Some say it was a fluke. I think it was divine hockey god intervention. Did you notice how he shot it pretty much from a kneeling position, I suspect he was praying while shooting, great job of multi tasking. :towel:Go Nucks Go
  8. Not only the biggest cap hit among the D, but he takes home the most dough on the team this year at SEVEN million dollars in his front loaded, 5 yr 4.6 cap hit, contract. But I don't begrudge him the money, IMO. It's his 5 yr NTC that is insane.
  9. Bxa looks like he has been working out with the National swim team in the off season, you play the way you practise.
  10. The Province had been running a post game report card of sorts, by player for each game this season. Surprise, lol, the big revelation is that Bxa is no stud, Here is the recap and the info on Bxa. 2. Kevin Bieksa has a lot to prove this spring. He was a revelation as the team’s defensive leader in last year’s playoffs, but the nickname “Contract-year Kevin” returned when his game slipped drastically this season in the wake of his new five-year, $23-million deal. If the Canucks are to win it all this year, he’s the player who has to raise his game the farthest.
  11. Bxa has a career year as contract expires.
  12. Team finally gets rid of Bxa!
  13. So after a 4 game hiatus Bxa returned to the line up, and returned to his brutal style of play, too bad eh. Here was what Jason Botchford had to say..."If there was an unsung player award, and there is, Hamhuis should win in a walk. Not only has he upped his offense, he’s spent most of the year cleaning up Kevin Bieksa’s messes. If there’s better defencemen at playing the 2-on-1, there arent’ many of them."
  14. Time for a bump, no Bxa last night vs the Av's and guess what, no boneheaded plays by the D. Go figure eh?