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  1. okay, so i'm not quite as learned as some on here, but regarding that site for IR, is it 100% on reporting players on IR? if so, i notice both Salo and Burrows aren't on it?
  2. How do i find a list of the FA players who are available from the folded teams? is there a list somewhere of all the teams, or do i just go to the first page to peruse draft picks?
  3. <br /><br /><br /> I feel for you. I don't mean to pile on, because i absolutely appreciate Canuckk doing all the work he's doing, and he has done a great job putting this together, but if you send in a list, it should be used.
  4. I can't make it tonight, so i sent in my list. Good luck everyone.
  5. Blues stepped away and this draft sky rocketed! heheh. they'll take Jonathon Blum
  6. This may be a dumb question, but do the 3 rounds of prospect picks count against the cap?
  7. Blues I.Kovalchuk-P.Datsyuk-B.Boyes R.Malone-S.Stamkos-M.Samuelsson A.Ladd-M.Grabovski-C.Stewart T.Ennis-D.Brassard- J.M.Liles-B.Rafalski F.Kuba-J.Corvo M.Del Zotto-C.Franson M.Turco B.Elliott
  8. <br /><br /><br /> pen and paper my friend! you won't miss a thing
  9. off topic, but i couldn't resist. it's an interesting read, if you guys haven't already seen it.