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  1. [Proposal] Dal- Van

    the 1st rd would be 2020, 3rd rounder 2019
  2. 31- Montreal 30- Ott 29- Van 28- Car 27- Det Montreal will trade Pachoiretti and Price, Pach first, then later on at the TDL price. Ott is in a freefall, and will unload Duschene Van is learning to stay consistent.
  3. [Proposal] Dal- Van

    The thinking is about the return of draft picks, van can afford this dump and gives dallas a better position to get Karlsson. Spezza waiving his NTC is a problem (he doesn't) but if Van holds on to Sutter they are in no better position than last year, no disrespect to sutter. He is a very good 3C on any team, but move him up to 2C, he has repeatedly shown a step back. And as far as the picks, i thought more along the lines of the first for taking on Spezza and the 3rd for Sutter. This was just a thought of utilizing our cap space. We all know Van won't be any better than last year, and if so marginally. So realistically van is in the same spot, and dumping a contract next year, with a possibility of getting 1st OA in 2019. Some other contracts come off next year, and positions open up. Van is close to a mediocre standings position in 2 years time and in a better position to challenge when the core is taking their next step.
  4. Dallas sends Spezza 2019 3rd round pick, 2020 1st round pick Van sends Sutter This allows for dallas to work hard for Karlsson, and clear up money Van gets a ok 2nd line centre for another year till his contract is done.
  5. What works really? Sutter is moved, where don't know, but i don't think a warm body is coming back, i would say a 2nd rounder for sure and possibly a prospect. Gagne or Grandland, Gange gets you possible a 3rd rounder, and Grandland makes it past waivers. Hutton is put on waivers to Utica, Edler is asked to waive his NT, to Tampa (if they don't get Karlsson) for 2nd rounder and B prospect. Hughes makes team Goldy makes team Pettersson of coarse makes team. Call up's , well take your pick Utica will be full of first year pro's and some interesting prospects Like Joulivi, Dahlin, Lind. I don't see Van picking up a bad contract, just to make a trade. If hughes doe's make the team, then for sure Tanev aint going no where. He will there to help protect hughes. Unfortunately Gaunce is no longer in team future. He will be waived. Unless there are injuries at the start of the season.
  6. [GDT] 2018 NHL Entry Draft

    Could you get a bigger smile from JB, now lets see what goes on in the next 6 rounds. I truly believe Vancouver will target a centre. We are so undermanned in that position, it's almost anorexic. And too boot, i can't remember the last time Vancouver fans have seen this amount of good drafting in a long while. Every year we say why not this guy or that, but JB has proven his track record to some degree. It was a good day to start. Here's to another good day to follow.
  7. I was wondering the same thing, could someone wrestle that No#1 pick from But. Wrong! how about this as an idea. Isle's re-sign Taveras and trades with Van for Tanev, a 1st this year and a project from the Isle. Then Van trades with Arizona OEL and Domi, for Joulevii, Next years 1st round, Bearchi, the right's to Tryemtkin. And hutton, Sorry for my spelling. sign a journeyman D- man from UFA on a 2 year contract, Select Boqvist, or Dobson this year and in the 2nd round another D-man. Move out Erikkson and get the best deal you can. Van gets younger, and the youth movement is in full court press.
  8. I don't want to see any more vets come in. It is time for our youth. Goldy needs ice time to advance on the team. The AHL won't help him. Petterson and Dahlin and Gaudet are the three I am banking on to come in and do some good things. Some of our other prospects will probably need time to learn the pro game in Utica and I'm good with that. Now if the Canucks can pull out a miracle and get that 1st overall in this next draft, i'll be waaaaaaayyyyyyy happy, other than Dahlin, I believe Boqvist will work fine.
  9. I believe a trading partner with the islanders is prob the best the Canucks can get. T.o, seems to be holding out, trader Lou has alway's stole, when he has traded. So Snow it is, and I like the idea of the 1st and HoSang. Quite honestly, i'm tired of listening to the haters on Tanev, this man is that good. If we were to look at his down time, the majority of it is from blocking shots, and getting rammed into the end boards. This type of trade saves Snow Taveras and the Islanders, with out Taveras, fans stay away for another three years.
  10. Tempting Pkg For DAHLIN?(discussion)

    I really don't know if it's the 1st OA. How about the 1st OA generational player. Last year's 1st OA probably gets you 2 x1st's and a position player, this year could be a philarbuster of possibilities. Even the no#2 and 3 gets you 2x1st's and a prospect. NO one will trade Dahlin away. The next 7 years of this kid in your line up, will be worth a lot of sold tickets.
  11. Proposal - Summer moves.

    I never included a free agent signing on Defence, however the lose of Joulivi, is returned in the accusation fo Boquist. As for giving up on Bear is not to secure Domi, I looked at Bear, Hutton and Joulivi, as well the 1st as a coupling of sorts to OEL and Domi. OEL brings back some offence from the back side, and Domi fills in on the wing. I look at OEL as a 6 - 8 mil player. tops. with the twins gone this year, ? maybe next there will be money to sign OEL. Domi is a work in progress. No doubt. But rather him than Kane. With Gaudet and Petterson making a move here soon, Lind, a year or 2 away Vancouver has a real shot, of improving on their positioning in the standings the next 2 years.
  12. Trade - Van sends Tanev to Toronto Tor sends 1st round pick 2018 & T.Dermott Van sends Toronto's 1st rd pick, B. Hutton, S Beartchi and Joulivi to Arizona. Arizona sends Oliver- Eckman- Larrson and, Domi, 4th rd pick, to Van Van selects 6th overall from Sweden Boqvist. Van signs T.Vanek 2 years$.5 million Van signs Gaudet, entry lvl contract Sedin's are not offered a contract. Have at it, but please be kind. Just a thought.
  13. I realize that like most we have a vested interest in our favourite hockey team. By all accounts if we said nothing, it would look like we don't care. But I like what Friedman has said and there is truth to it. A lot of people think that a re-build is a 2 year thing, when in fact it can be as much as 5 years. What I truly believe needs to be done is enjoy the games this year, they have been at least watchful. And hope that further deals down the road will be fruitful, and gain us some traction in the standing's. In my mind we are competitive and not that far away from doing some good things. I would ask that all CDC'rs please refrain from negative nanny garbage, and look to a positive future for the Vancouver Canucks, hell it's not like you guy's don't make mistakes from time to time. And so will JB. PATIENCE PADWANS, for it is time, when it is time.
  14. And then reality hit's you like a snow ball in the face. And as your face starts to freeze, you realize dam it's cold out here. These proposals are just like that. #1 Ericcson should be made available. 25% salary hold by Vancouver + Hutton = Arizona's Domi and a 4th rd pick 2018. #2 Retain Vanek, sign to a 2 year agreement for 2 mil a season #3 Henrik in an on ice ceremony, last home game of the season, hands a jersey to Bo with his no# and a C stitched on the front Henrik and Daniel officially announce their retirement. #4 Alex Edler to Dallas = 2nd round pick 2018 and a warm body. #5 As soon as possible get Gaudet up for a few games at or near then end of the season. These are the only moves I would make. I believe Vanek and Gagne will give the youth what they need in leadership. As well as MDZ.
  15. (PROPOSAL) Here's what JB must do!

    You have offered way to much for this player. OVERPAYMENT. Tanev, himself is worth a 1st rounder. Nylander has no real value as of yet as he hasn't established himself in the NHL. Bear is worth low end 1st or high end 2nd.