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  1. Coolest idea in hockey right now. They really need to market this more. Has Vrbata's song been announced yet?
  2. Should be a great game. Itd be nice to beat these guys as they are one of the best right now. We did just beat the habs so hopefully we keep rolling .
  3. LOL I looked for a pic of him LOL'ing I see the Logo... Don't worry!! thanks for the tip!!
  4. You are SO stubborn my friend. I want to challenge you to watch Edler - Hamhuis - Ehrhoff, or maybe a different teams D as close as you watch KB for about a month. Then after that period come back to this thread and give an objective opinion about how bad KB is compared to other D. As I told you a few days ago. Mistakes happen in the NHL - Teams strategically play to maximize opponents mistakes, and minimze their own. D-men are huge targets in this. IMO KB has a very good first pass out of the zone which is one thing teams stress is clogging up the neutral zone to create turnovers off that first pass. KB also gets caught pinching or makes the wrong decision a couple of times on 2-1's 3-2's, but he also makes right decisions as well. I have never seen a D be 100% correct on all decisions. There are ways to play it safe, but sometimes the speed and skill of the forwards rushing in on you and what kind of momentum you have as a D (remember skating forwards is faster than skating backwards) dictate how you anticipate a play going down. Again I challenge you to pick a few players on other teams as well as the nucks, and scrutinize/praise their decision making and overall play as much as you do for KB. Good Luck!!
  5. LOL U can't leave it alone. I bet you actually like Bieksa, and you are just trying to piss us all off. Well its working hahahaha
  6. Thanks!! So A move needs to happen is what you are saying. Salo is a great player, but he scares me big time. Anyone see that movie "Unbreakable" - two words - Sam Jackson. What about moving Salo? Bieksa IMO is actually playing better this season. I also think that AV believes it as well. He is getting roughly 22 minutes a game I bet this new pairing of Hamhuis and Bieks will work out great!!
  7. sorry!!! hahaha well I knew there was something there!! - Salo's contract does not count until he comes back right? And is is pro rated so that if he comes back half way thru only half his cap counts toward the total?
  8. Me too Man - It is almost inevitable that KB is going to get moved, but as you say the ppl that call him a bum don't know what they are talking about. They live inside a bubble where reason and common sense cannot enter, only stubbornness and negativity can. Its absolutley asinine!!
  9. Exactly my point. We are winning - 2nd in the Western conference, and we seem to castrate our players anyways. As I said earlier every mistake is magnified, but every good play is ignored!! This double standard is rediculous. I am starting to feel like my Friends do about Canucks fans. I know its a little Mutinous, but seriously, there are more teams than the Nucks, and there are more players than Bieksa in the NHL. Also we cannot win every game, and we cannot score every time we touch the puck.
  10. Who put him on LTIR by the way.... MG and his cronies so that they can subtract some of his salary from the cap.....
  11. well we would not get a an equal dman in return, because then we would gt his equal cap....... We will deal him for a draft pick and or futures. So Rupert is saying that the naysayers are chomping at the bit to get rid of Bieksa, and they will still gripe if we don't win the cup...
  12. I'm no Cap expert. So I will leave it in the hands of MG and his cronies to figure it out. But they have been working it already from what I can see. Burrows was probably able to come back in game 7 or 8, but they made sure he stayed out for the 10 game period so some of his contract will get knocked off. Also didn't Chicago get penalized for their cap issues, and did they not win a cup, and do they not still have Toews, Kane, Kieth, Seabrook, Hossa, Sharp, and Campbell on their team.