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  1. Positive news for sure! Tbh though I'm sick and tired of Kenney asking for a hand out, the feds don't want to help Alberta. Just cancel equalization and use that money to help out the energy industry. There is days during covid19 where I say JK isn't that bad and then days like today where I say Jason you're an idiot.
  2. I didn't know he said they are. I thought he called Trudeau a socialist? Lester Pearson created Medicare not Trudeau.
  3. I used Alberta as an example because I'm more familiar with Alberta than other provinces. I never called Medicare for all a bad thing. Ftr I support a nationalized daycare program as it's a net benefit to the economy.
  4. So again every country is a socialist country? I get you're obsessed with socialism but a strong safety net isn't socialism. Ffs you and hip calling military funding socialism.
  5. 1) Go back a page 2) Again I said Alberta pays the highest wages, that's a fact. As for the comparison I don't know who or who isn't unionized. For example though, in the trucking industry non unionized truck drivers make more money with the same benefits.
  6. Actually I made no claim. I said Alberta pays the highest wages and has very few unions. I can tell you're part of a union with your staunch support but at least be honest and don't make things up.
  7. I guess that's your opinion. Like Jim told you there is a big difference between socialism and a safety net. Does Canada feel like the Soviet Union or Venezuela to you? Also I'm not even sure why we are discussing this? When did socialism come up?
  8. Lol what? What about the claims you made and backed them up with nothing?
  9. You are waiting a while. You can do the work. Also figure out why unions are a dying thing.
  10. That's forced socialism because we don't have a investment friendly government.
  11. That's between you and Jim. Canadas safety net is something that has been protected by both parties. The reality is you don't understand what socialism is or at least that is the impression you're giving.
  12. That's a good question. We may be isolated but that's a lot of work haha.
  13. Actually it's the way the formula was created. Actually pretty much every field pays higher in Alberta than other provinces.
  14. Hmm Alberta pays the highest wages and has very little unions.