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  1. I kind of agree with that cartoon but it makes you wonder why governments do it. I mean there is far more average people than rich people.
  2. More like Trump obsession for you.
  3. Didn't even know you were familiar with PM's in Canada. Where do you find the time? Btw like I told Hippy don't forgot the global recession Harper governed through.
  4. Oh I guess you once again forgot about that pesky global recession. You know that same recession that you defend Obama for adding more debt than any other US President. Not surprised.
  5. The bigger question is did the American economy need stimulating. Sure there corporate taxes were high but I think they had a pretty low unemployment rate.
  6. When taxes are cut in the purpose of growth is it a overnight thing?
  7. Oh there is no denying I don't understand the obsession a few have. But again if a defecit is tripled here and you don't complain about it why complain about a deficit doubled in the US. Cleary you don't want to answer.
  8. Nope thats not it at all. Criticize Trumps many blunders but if you don't call out massive defecit spending in your own country then it seems stupid to complain about it in another Country. But I guess the Trump obsession lives eh? Personally I thought the meeting with Putin provided enough stuff to complain about.
  9. There is a Trudeau/Canadian thread he isn't in there complaining about tripling the Canadian defecit. So if making the defecit 3 times the amount that was promised in a country he pays taxes in than why is he concerned about Trump doubling the defecit?
  10. I didn't put any words in your mouth. You never complained about the tripling of our defecit but for some reason you're criticizing Trump about doubling the US defecit, the defecit that has nothing to do for a Canadian tax payer.
  11. And they tripled in Canada but you didn't seem to care.
  12. No I mean our politicians are sheep until the leader is gone.
  13. OMG Heat Wave?

    Penticton never sucks unless you live there and are trying to get by.
  14. OMG Heat Wave?

    Being from Penticton I always laugh when you guys call 28 or 30 hot.