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  1. Harper initially paid down debt don't know if u misunderstood, are being ignorant or didn't know.
  2. Honestly imo if times are good and governments change it can be both parties taking credit for it. There is a radio talk show host in Calgary that always says all parties will take credit for a good economy but never take credit when things are bad. Chretien cut everything in sight but got debt down and surplus after surplus, in comes Harper, economy is still strong pays down more debt, surplus and lowers gst. Two different parties governing through a strong economy. What I don't like is Trudeau and Trump running up massive debt while unemployment is relatively low. Both countries are unprepared for a recession that is likely coming.
  3. Someone once told me Mississippi. Wouldn't Saskatchewan be closer to Mississippi.
  4. I believe it's titled first 35 months but truthfully I just wanted to wreck your weekend.
  5. @kingofsurrey The new House was very regionally polarized. While the Liberals were shut out west of Manitoba, they were able to win by piling up massive majorities in the two most populous provinces. The Tories won only one seat out of 75 in Quebec while winning 43 percent of the seats in the 4 atlantic provinces. The 1972 Canadian federal election was held on October 30, 1972, to elect members of the House of Commons of Canada of the 29th Parliament of Canada. It resulted in a slim victory for the governing Liberal Party, which won 109 seats, compared to 107 seats for the opposition Progressive Conservatives. A further 48 seats were won by other parties and independents. On election night, the results appeared to give 109 seats to the Tories, but once the counting had finished the next day, the final results gave the Liberals a minority government and left the New Democratic Party led by David Lewis holding the balance of power. The 1980 Quebec independence referendum was the first referendum in Quebec on the place of Quebec within Canada and whether Quebec should pursue a path toward sovereignty. The referendum was called by Quebec's Parti Québécois (PQ) government, which advocated secession from Canada. there..it's sad you don't know any history especially on the guy you seem to admire so much.
  6. Nothing to do with what you quoted. Lol I don't ride in Nissans thanks. I'll do right now for you. You just showed how little you know. Name one policy you liked PET for. I know you hated TMX Jt approved it and u call him the best pm lol. U r such a fake. C69 was garbage and needed more amendments than any other bill put forward. Senators from all across Canada said it was garbage. Their livelihoods...so the oil dangerous thing is to do with oil lol Pretty sure I have criticized Harper and the cpc oh and I didn't vote for them either in the last two elections. If you ever stopped obsessing over the Americans and were in a Canadian thread you might see that. I have answered it. I'm sorry you can't read that well. Maybe your youngest can teach you.
  7. Maybe for BCers and folks in Saskatchewan but Alberta independence is nothing new, it's a result of being taken advantage of and now with policies put in place to cripple Alberta it's reached a tipping point imo.
  8. Do you honestly need a link? This is known stuff LOL.
  9. Denial? Name one policy or anything actually Trudeau senior did that makes you have a crush on him. Btw Trudeau's aren't near as popular in Quebec as you think. Pet went through a referendum and his son was leader for the resurgence of the separatists. Ya..especially when Alberta pays for it.
  10. I totally agree. And how many can we find that has him near the bottom. In 1980 he won 2 seats west of Ontario and 0 west of Manitoba. His second election win was only by 2 seats. He had 1 surplus in all his years and was the man who started the massive debt. Him and his son have one thing in common they bother caused Quebec separation and western separation to grow at the same time. He massacred the military, annoyed our allies and nearly destroyed Alberta. I find it funny you're such a JT fan...I guess was you that got played.
  11. Lol should I post the articles how terrible they are?
  12. I don't disagree but all people think of is gst. Many think there wasn't a tax before that.
  13. Can't anyone edit a wikipedia page? You sure are quiet about TMX.. you said it was your biggest issue and still voted JT. You really do like his appearance, hey? Absolutely not the father of modern day Canada. I guess if I gave that title to anyone it would be Lester Pearson but I'm positive he would be furious with all this debt.
  14. Just noticed I put was instead of wasn't. I enjoy educating @kingofsurrey but unfortunately I'm not sure he listens. It's multiple times now I have told him it's you're not your. Oh well no one likes a quitter so I will keep trying.