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  1. I also said he isn't a racist, I said he is a spoiled rich kid who has no concern for who he hurts. But he is a major, major hypocrite. Honestly if the liberals win I can't see how he could possibly stay on as PM. He can't leave during a campaign I get that but this is to much to be PM. His office is actively blocking a obstruction of justice investigation, black face, ethics violations this is to much for a PM. He won't even takes questions during the campaign.
  2. I'm not a Carlson fan but this is interesting and is today's left ie the people that upvoted your post. 3:20 to 5:40 is bang on.
  3. He should quit, unfortunately the liberals would have a better chance at winning. The cpc needs people with more charisma, Rempel, Pollievre for example. Scheer has some good policy idea but if a wildly unpopular JT can beat him it shows how hum drum he is.
  4. Ftr I don't think JT is a racist I just think he is a spoiled dumbass, ignorant bastard that doesn't care who he hurts.
  5. You guys put to much on him being french and from Quebec. He wasn't even the most popular in Quebec during the leadership race. He will only help the liberals kind of why they want him in the debate. Sheer has the West easily, dominating Alberta and Saskatchewan and about 50% support in BC. The deciding factor is the 905 which the libs have a very slim lead atm. Scheer can not afford vote splitting which is what a successful Bernier will do.
  6. This isn't true. Fletcher will likely win in Manitoba and tbh I won't be surprised if max loses his seat.
  7. Bernier won't be attacking jt he will be attacking Scheer.
  8. The liberals won't take 50% of BC. They may not even win it. Last numbers I seen in bc had liberals and cpc tied far cry from 50% of the seats. JT is so lucky how weak the ndp is, they are this weak and he is still at best tied with the cpc kind of shows how unpopular jt is. I think his approval rating is like 26% so the party is more popular than he is. It's Ontario and or Quebec at this point that will decide the election. If the cpc pull ahead again in Ontario especially in the 905 it will be a cpc government. In Quebec there has been rumblings for like over a year that the cpc was gaining popularity in Quebec but every poll I see contradicts that but Scheer did kick off the campaign there. I think the cpc focus has to be Ontario, specifically southern Ontario.
  9. I wonder why the pmo is blocking the rcmp if there is nothing to hide. Hehehe, right? Lol forget balance hey? Without our oil how will we afford all your *socialist* ideas?
  10. So if it's a nothing burger why did the rcmp interview JWR yesterday? @Warhippy @Jimmy McGill
  11. I do agree many people forget the gong show he inherited.
  12. Maybe when the ndp tanks they should rebrand into a fiscally responsible centre party...may as well the liberals took their spot.