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  1. He is talking about Stone being a ufa.
  2. It's not a terrorist attack however it's a strange coincidence. American staged and funded?
  3. Ya I see your point. I should add Calgary is in a position to easily do this and maybe Treliving is facing the heat to make the playoffs.
  4. Old???? I don't mind losing a third rounder..
  5. I should point out I wasn't knocking Sbisa, I do like Stone especially what Calgary paid for him. However Sbisa has been very effective this season imo. I know you said he is worth a second but I think he is worth more to our team. It will be a real shame if we lose him.
  6. Well he has 9 More points in 119 less games. But imo stats aren't everything. Personally I don't think these two are very similar.
  7. Well I don't see Edler the same way you do. I'm not going to keep debating it.
  8. You know what's sad is he has more points than the twins. But I don't care he was brutal last year.
  9. Remember when Edler was our offensive guy?
  10. Well maybe what some think Edler is worth is pretty crazy. Just a week back a certain alien was saying a 1st, 2nd and a top prospect. More than a 22 year old Hamilton. Seems legit, eh?