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  1. I'm all ears. Interesting why this is never mentioned or talked about. Thanks for the info. I guess businesses would be here they would have just upped prices to cover the tax I suppose.
  2. It's a long story but I'm not really an adopted Albertan but I am salty
  3. My biggest issue is the majority of all jobs created by JT are low paying jobs. Most Canadian born individuals won't even do these jobs. Is this the case under Trump also?
  4. He didn't show up for drinks at the copper mug when I was in Penticton so I've been butt hurt ever since
  5. Oh, so you're saying the government took a 6% hit for the short term and transition period? I mean that would help explain his massive debt. I believe he also governed through a recession did he not? Not making excuses just asking.
  6. I actually like the guy. Very salty, and yes I need a hug!! But who is giving the hug?
  7. If you don't mind PM me what you just said there about Mulroney or elaborate more in this thread I don't know how much space it'll take up but I'm not really sure what you're actually saying. Like I understand NAFTA but I don't know what you mean by tax system. Unless you're talking about the GST but I'm not sure why either of those caused massive debt.
  8. That last part you said Jim is absolutely accurate. This needs to apply to all prime ministers and premiers because it's complete garbage they will all take credit for a strong economy and good job numbers but they want to blame something else when those numbers go down or the economy doesn't do too well. What baffles me is the debt this p.m. has ran up and the deficit that he has ran since the day he was elected and yet we don't even talk about that anymore. It's almost like we are going to go through the Trudeau senior days into the Mulroney days where we just spend like drunken Sailors and rack up massive debt. It's too bad people don't understand that's not a key for success and it put Canada in an age where they had to cut everything just to get the debt down and the deficit down and people seem to want to do it again and will be the same people that will cry because services are cut. One day I hope we learn from our mistakes.
  9. Oh there is no irony it's what the title of the article said I'm sorry that you can't read but I'm not surprised. So when you move into Alberta? Another hippie lie LOL
  10. Well sure they are but again it's the most job losses since the global recession and you liberal supporters have not even acknowledged its bad news you just keep making excuses. And who knows what war hippie is doing because he doesn't support Trudeau remember except he defends them every chance he gets even makes up BS to defend them but he doesn't support him and doesn't vote liberal LOL I guess you didn't read the title of the article you've been missing a lot lately try to keep up.
  11. Absolutely I have argued the quality of jobs for a very long time. The true liberal supporters will never admit this but much like an NDP government they seem to create low paying jobs I think the average Canadian income is under $49,000 or something that is pathetic
  12. Someone needed the attention? This coming from the guy who is only being on CDC for like 5 years and has 40,000 posts LOL
  13. Let's put it this way the block did very well in Quebec because many people are unhappy with Trudeau.