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  1. He did not win that one. Actually he hasn't won many tbh. Drafting has been pretty good.
  2. I agree Monty but if I were Chevy I might try to move Laine for a dman. People that talk about cap issues need to understand this is what happens when you draft well and players get paid. Certainly not the worst thing in the world especially when Winnipeg is so deep and has players ready to jump right it.
  3. You don't understand it because you don't what you're talking about. Seperation was hight under PET. I don't think it's so easy to just go the rest of Canada always wants our money.
  4. 60% of BCers support it according to recent polls. Ottawa wants the royalty revenue and the rest of Canada benefits when Alberta does well. Why do you think businesses all throughout the Okanagan, Kootneys, Shuswap, etc fly the Alberta flag. Look at the big picture, more money for w/e freebies Canadians want now.
  5. The price is reduced because of pipeline capacity. Now to the ocean we will get market value for that oil. The price is reduced because of pipeline capacity. Now to the ocean we will get market value for that oil. More absolute nonsense. Venezuela ffs is getting market value for their tar sands. Lmao never change flip floppy
  6. People do care, actually. It nearly turned into a disaster but luckily it's done. But to be fair you don't care about pipelines the cpc built. To be fair they never actually elected that government. No it's not.
  7. I have a 2018 and I never use premium. Bloody rich guys burning premium.
  8. I bought you a beer but we need to dial up the anger. Kenney campaigned on aggression and now he has dialed it back. I'm disappointed, I want Alberta to have more autonomy and better deal on equalization. And yes, May is a moron.
  9. Not really, pipelines are far better for the environment than rail. 91.4 in Calgary. Took him to long. Again, way to long. He won't win a seat here. I wouldn't be so sure. He has been in 2nd place in Ontario for a while now and the Conservatives are gaining in Quebec atm if only those two things hold true it will be a cpc majority.
  10. Not a chance but I'm pretty sure this is one way a state owned pipeline could work. Beyond approving the project, Trudeau also committed to directing every single dollar the federal government earns from the pipeline — which, when it's built, is estimated to be some $500 million a year in federal corporate tax revenue alone — to investments in unspecified clean energy projects. Are you taking yours down? I thought he was playing Alberta? I think he only played a guy in Surrey. Bold move for Jt considering he won't win a seat in Alberta.