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  1. Ryan Strome

    Alberta Election Called for April 16

    And a carbon tax does nothing to solve that.
  2. Ryan Strome

    Alberta Election Called for April 16

    52% to 35% in the middle of a scandal lol good luck.
  3. Ryan Strome

    Alberta Election Called for April 16

    And in reality I'm not even voting for Kenney as I don't live in his riding.
  4. Ryan Strome

    Alberta Election Called for April 16

    Like I said at least having a plan. Alberta badly needs to draw some investment.
  5. Ryan Strome

    Alberta Election Called for April 16

    I'm also not a fan of Kenney but I do support some of his ideas. -Lowering the corporate tax rate to 8% -Wage cuts to all mla's -Scrapping the carbon tax and taking Jt to court on the dictatorial carbon tax -At least having a plan to retun to a balanced buget.
  6. Ryan Strome

    Alberta Election Called for April 16

    Love it or leave it, hip.
  7. Probably due to massive job losses, poor economy, shrinking wages, massive debt and a carbon tax.
  8. UCP will handily take Calgary. Kenney has flaws but he certainly isn't a racist. The ndp record over 4 years hasn't been good. Lot's of jobs lossed over the last few months and a mountain of debt.
  9. Also Monday, former UCP member Derek Fildebrandt stated that he and Kenney met at a Calgary restaurant, when Kenney asked him to be a candidate who would attack Jean. "He had asked me if I would be interested in doing this, to be able to say things about Mr. Jean that he would not want to say to stay above the fray. I was not particularly interested in that," said Fildebrandt. "I don't want to be a patsy for somebody else." Kenney denied that he made such a pitch. Fildebrandt is now the leader of the Freedom Conservative Party. UCP Leader Jason Kenney shrugs off RCMP investigation of political contributions The elections commissioner and the RCMP are investigating how Callaway's campaign was funded. It is against the law for people to donate money provided to them by others. The elections commissioner has already issued a fine for one such illegal donation and Davies has been fined $15,000 for interfering in the Callaway investigation. Maclean's magazine quoted Davies on Monday as saying that he received a corporate transfer of $60,000 into his bank account that was then redistributed to pay Callaway's race entry fee. Kenney has denied any role in funding Callaway's campaign and has repeatedly stated in media interviews that there was no link between his campaign and Callaway's. Callaway was one of three rivals for leadership of the UCP, which was created from a merger between Kenney's Progressive Conservatives and Jean's Wildrose Party. Kenney defeated Jean and candidate Doug Schweitzer, garnering 61 per cent of the vote. Politicians returned to the legislature Monday for the start of a spring sitting that could be cut short by an election call. Premier Rachel Notley said her government is focused on how to "make life better for Albertans" but added: "For the last 18 months or so Jason Kenney was focused on how he could make life better for Jason Kenney. "And more to the point he hasn't been honest with people about that." https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/edmonton/jason-kenney-leadership-campaign-scandal-1.5062397 Kenney is lying just like JT. Both are leaders I don't like it. The UCP will win but I'm not sure Kenney will be the leader for the next 4 years.
  10. He's going to win easily but personally I'm not a fan of Kenney.
  11. Nothing Imo. I supported him in the leadership race.
  12. Ryan Strome

    2019 Election thread

    I think you might be crying that this fall.
  13. Ryan Strome

    2019 Election thread

    The BC liberals have been a nightmare since day one. The fact they governed so long is because the alternative is the ndp imo.
  14. Ryan Strome

    2019 Election thread

    BC liberals are... Well nobody knows what they are. Imo they're a disaster.
  15. Ryan Strome

    2019 Election thread

    So 2 more majority governments and then a minority where he is defeated after 2 years or is he stepping down 2 years into the last mandate? Honestly if he wins this fall it will likely be a minority imo. But in reality I doubt he wins, he is losing in Ontario and has a slim lead in Quebec, there is no path for him atm. Also both Quebec and Ontario moved away from liberals and liberals can't win in the west.