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  1. Which type of oil are you talking about? You realize Alberta has light sweet crude as well right?
  2. I'll be honest I honestly did not think you were aware of this
  3. Elaborate and compare it to socialism or communism. Thanks
  4. Oh shoot I posted this in the wrong thread. My bad The US deliberately does this, tmx, coastal it's all US money behind it.
  5. BUSINESS REPORT: Canada’s stock market is the 2nd worst performer in the world, next to Venezuela According to a report by Maclean’s magazine, since the market peak in 2008 just before the great recession, and out of 106 world stock markets, Canada stands at 105th. It’s the worst performer next to, now catch this, Venezuela.
  6. oh I know you don't agree with the protest. My point is wexit isn't doing this, wexit is a political movement.
  7. He certainly has attempted to do so I'm glad you finally admit that
  8. I can agree with that and if they wanted to make their political views heard in a proper dialogue I could respect that but hurting the vulnerable and the country for your own minority gain is completely wrong.
  9. In fact I would argue wexit is because of this Behaviour
  10. @Warhippy Obviously I will never support the NDP but I won't hate you because you do. But what these people are doing and you full well know this is putting the country at a stand still hurting people, hurting families, costing people money all for their political view. There is a big difference between this going on and wexit.
  11. I thought the exact same thing when the premier said that. Sounds like a Donald Trump response LOL. And no I find your comparison laughable I don't see any wexit supporters hurting people, the economy and the environment.