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  1. I Don't remember this. However I do remember the Trudeau government blaming the opposition (while having a majority) for electoral reform failing. So I agree with this statement you made. "The inability to accept failure is not the sign of a capable or qualified leader." You just said the wrong pm.
  2. Harper tried to change Obama care? I must have missed that..
  3. Ahh Nick at night will take care of them.
  4. I was referring to the comment about republicans. John Kasich says brilliant things all the time. Btw we are all guilty, it's the world/system we live in. Sad but true.
  5. Don't forget FL Bailey. Star power defense team for sure.
  6. Correct he was but I'm hoping you know the difference.. By that logic Kadr should buck up and pay the widow of the soldier he killed. Fyi I think Oj is guilty but a jury spoke and that is how it works. Like I said millions around the world say Steven Avery is innocent. Its the same argument with opposite outcomes.
  7. You missed my sarcasm or I did a poor job.
  8. A jury decided not a judge. You really reach. And yes appointments are so much better, see the Senate for proof.
  9. Do liberals call people snowflakes?
  10. The jury system is the same. Not sure how you don't understand. Why did you leave the Avery part alone? Let me guess you think he is innocent? Btw elections are better than being appointed. See the Canadian Senate for proof.
  11. Canada uses the same jury system. Its funny millions around the world say Steven Avery is innocent and the police planted evidence. Same thing just reversed.
  12. He most likely did it but a jury found him not guilty. Are you proposing to change the justice system?
  13. I dunno he's looking pretty old these days.
  14. Wrong case.. But I do agree.