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  1. Islam is not the most targeted religion in Canada or the World.
  2. Kinda fishy isn't it?
  3. Is that our coin or Germany's? If it's ours I hope that sucker is insured.
  4. I Will plus 1 This when I replenish. Cheers.
  5. I think that answer is nonsense. You are making inaccurate statements and statscan backs that up.
  6. The countless terrorist attacks in the name of allah all over the World might be another reason people are looking at muslims.
  7. It only mentions Islam by name. Why?
  8. Ya give us more reasons why we are wrong...
  9. So what we really need is robots to pay taxes.
  10. No I mean give him the keys. Losers like Chong need to go join the Liberals and O'clown can go back to dragons den or shark tank.
  11. As soon as Mad Max wins, deal?
  12. Hey mini-mod I was the first person in this thread to point out it's a motion not a law. Thx for coming out.
  13. Obviously... It was a joke.
  14. I never stated it promoted sharia. Stop putting words in my mouth.