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  1. Jagr lower body injury last night.
  2. +1
  3. Gio, Brodie, Hamilton, Hamonic and Stone yet Calgary keeps giving up tons of shots. At this point if it wasn't for Smith Calgary likely wouldn't have a win.
  4. Yup, so many Canadians oppose refineries. All that does is support American jobs and their economy.
  5. Lemon is a clown I can't believe that moron has a t.v show. I also can't believe people would watch his nonsense.
  6. Go check out the Vegas thread..
  7. Ya the new gripen does have some very good qualities that's for sure.
  8. Actually this isn't true.
  9. @Warhippy wouldn't have started a thread.
  10. What annoys me the most is the most anti Trump people oppose refineries and pipelines to the ocean, the irony is that supports Trump and the U.S. Canada has no control over some of our own natural resources, wrap your head around that! If the U.S imposed tariffs on our oil we would have no choice but to pay it as we have no other option. I don't care what political party you support but that is pathetic.
  11. I'm not even talking about pipelines just getting refineries built in this country is a nightmare.
  12. Please make this clear to your fellow B.C and Canadian friends. I have been trying my best for years. B.C is the hardest province to get on board.