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  1. Very good possibility it is.
  2. What about those people sneaking into Canada from the U.S?
  3. No doubt. Forget Bennett, Backlund had a very Good year last year. I also found it hilarious he called Monahan and Backlund "slightly above average."
  4. To be fair he isn't the only one.
  5. @Mattrekwill be crushed about this CNN video he was certain this Russia nonsense would get Trump impeached.
  6. When will his resignation be? Honestly he is just telling the truth for a change.
  7. Good point.
  8. You and me both unfortunately I no longer think this is reality.
  9. I'm pretty sure this will be his last season in the Nhl if he even finishes the season in the nhl.
  10. Very possible after the Methot trade.
  11. I would be alright with this option.
  12. And pray those bad habits don't rub off on our other young players. I can't see JB having any interest in Yakupov.