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  1. If anyone thought it was real then they aren't worth your time my friend.
  2. I knew it was fake but I like that story. I just watched one like it on you tube last night.
  3. They were killing a despicable animal.
  4. Being dependant on others. True lefty.
  5. Lol we will be in defecit for decades. And yes defense spending should be near the top of the list. You hate Trump but yet you're depending on him for defense.
  6. Man his dad started the massive spending and deficits. The military was cut so bad under him.
  7. Number 2 is the reason. I don't want to steal Sabers thunder. He did good with that one.
  8. You are screwing it up. It's Trudope..
  9. I get called a red neck all the time I have never used snow flake. I just call them wussies. But I'm actually from Penticton so shouldn't I be a pot smoking hippy?
  10. Easy to do when the opposition is Killary Clinton.
  11. Well this is interesting. https://www.google.ca/amp/tass.com/economy/934699/amp I guess democrats working with a Russian bank is just fine.
  12. I suppose that is about the only response you could give. Denying the truth is fun isn't it?
  13. Obama is more of the Warren Buffet type..