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  1. Money well spent. I don't think you even know what you're talkin about at the moment that had nothing to do with the federal government that 7.5 billion is all from the Alberta Government with Direct Cash and Loan guarantees.
  2. We have one thing in common you and I, we both have no clue what you're talking about. Thanks for the warm wishes though.
  3. Btw hippy if you have no energy to discuss then don't no one forced you to. Pretty simple.
  4. You have no energy? You seem to have energy to put together that fairly tale. She has done squat to promote Alberta/Canadian energy. As for the energy clause it's outdated and hardly critical to the United States. Sure it's a win but come on was hardly a big deal anymore. I don't need to look anything up last time I checked it's me constantly correcting you. Like seriously did you just say that? Lol wtf haha
  5. Exactly I'm tired of the covid-19 talk time to think about the future and discuss the past LOL. The next p.m. I hope you are joking. I gave her a chance I stuck up for her and her NAFTA discussions even though I don't necessarily support NAFTA however she's awful in her role she's doing now. As far as next prime minister goes I'm 100% behind jagmeet Singh.
  6. So first off it doesn't take much to beat Kenney but your comment that she has done more for Alberta than he has is absolutely laughable why don't you back that up with facts. In fact she's actually just like Kenney says one thing when talking to albertans and then while with her cabinet says another. As far as a bailout goes that has nothing to do with sticking up for Alberta that is everything to do with Ottawa needing the money and not wanting to be forced to deal with tens of thousands of job losses between the energy sector and trickle-down jobs that are created from the energy sector. Think about it this way if our oil industry collapses Ottawa is out 20 + billion dollars annually.
  7. I wasn't I was pointing out his dumb comment had no relevance to what was being discussed. He did his usual attack Alberta...his jealousy and superiority complex is not our problem. Anyway man I'm done with this.
  8. She says one thing to Albertans and has pull in the government and we see nothing so what should I call her?
  9. You clearly pointed out yesterday while you were trolling me that you do not LOL
  10. There was no argument he jumped in the thread to call albertans crybabies. Nobody was even talking to him.
  11. More made up garbage that isn't what you responded to so nice try. By all means contact a mod.
  12. I didn't keep it going I was just explaining to you I really don't care if you want to report any post I make. I've been here for what 12 years maybe I do need a long extended break.
  13. You should just stick to talking about who we would take if we would trade for the first overall pick. Remember one day it was a defenseman and the very next day it was a centre and both were brilliant move because we needed both. I honestly don't think I laughed at anybody as much as I laughed at you when you did that LOL
  14. More like whiny Dinero. Actually maybe you don't whine you're just very uneducated that it makes talkin to you absolutely pointless. You should have stayed in school and done all of us a favour.
  15. Based on how she acts I think she was born in Quebec. Absolutely! The only garbage post was when Destroyer played politics with people suffering and struggling that's what is garbage and sickening. Just because it's Alberta so many people want to laugh and make fun of it nobody laughs and makes fun of struggling BCers. Also last time I checked it was him that called us cry babies so if the mods can't handle a response after he calls people cry babies then I have no issue being thrown off this site.
  16. Speaking of uneducated cry babies.. Exhibit a Grade 1.. Hip you are again misunderstanding what I'm saying I'm saying that not all oil in Alberta trades at the price you said. No question the oil is our money maker but I was trying to point out to you not all oil in Alberta trades at that price. As for the five times more I'm referring to the amount we would get if we had pipelines to eat Coast. Like I've explained to you and many others multiple times it's a pipeline capacity issue and if you don't want to understand that or accept that you will never understand the conversation around Pipelines.
  17. So I just read more of what you said if we had pipelines to each Coast we would get five times more do you understand what I'm saying?
  18. You're almost like Destroyer you love to argue so much that you don't even realize what I just said. When you said our oil that is not what all of our oil trades at. I was trying to correct you on something you weren't aware of but instead you chose to argue about something I wasn't even saying.
  19. Might be the wrong approach but that's just me.
  20. Oh would you shut up you are honestly the biggest crybaby on these boards. You are such a snowflake lefty go obsess over Trump you haven't a clue what you were talking about. No one is even saying what you are talking about right now that's how clueless you are that's why most find your posts absolutely stupid. In a time of Crisis all you ever want to do is laugh at people you are such an absolute joke. It's clowns like you that open your mouth and make everybody want to hate BC because they listen to uneducated fools like you.
  21. Wonder which province manufactured that product.
  22. @Jimmy McGill I will die in a pool of my own alcohol before I ask Justin for help!