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  1. Don't expect support from anyone on this team. Rennie has no idea how offense works. Other than Mattocks, this team doesn't have a legitimate striker among themselves. Very difficult to watch a team that can't control the ball and expect anything otherwise. Hopefully by next season the Scottish connection will be a memory.
  2. Just curious, have you seen any coverage of this event in the media? Vancouver had to do the walk of shame, when the idiots destroyed downtown, guess the storm and election is too much for the American media. I'm still licking my wounds as to what might have been, and yes come spring, after I get back from Hawaii, I'll be soxin13. The Tiggers collapsed worse than my Sox.
  3. Wow! Giants win the WS, then they celebrate with a riot. GM, are you safe?
  4. Come back kids, but as much as I hate the Tiggers, I like the Junior circuit more. Giants look pretty hungry though.
  5. I was going to say, the Tigers are not a small market team, but no one comes close to the Yankmees, Red Sox, or Dodgers. Good for them though, this gives baseball fans another team to see on a national level. Ratings might suffer, but who cares?
  6. Anyone have a comment on the officiating of some of these NFL games. They look like they are in pre-season, with some of these calls. At least 3 head scratcher moments last night.
  7. As much as I am a White Sox fan, the one that stands out for me was the circumstances of AJ back in the '05 WS run. I still to this day don't know how the umps, the league, and everyone else involved in that play screwed up. It was either a pass ball, strike out, or a hbp, but AJ ended up on first, and they eventually eliminated the Angels. I'll go with fate! It was their year.
  8. Are the umpire crews graded throughout the season to determine who gets call to post-season? If so, MLB is in alot of trouble.
  9. The Sox get the Tiggers out of the way, now off to a series against the dreaded KC Royals. Don't know why, they somehow have the pale hose number this year. Hey Rup glad to see another bball fan that doesn't like the Yankmees. Growing up in the early 60's everyone liked them, except me. Game of the week always seemed to feature Mick and the boys. Agree with you GM, how in *ell are the Phillies still relevant?
  10. Head to head match up between Tiggers and Chisox. Love how all the media attention goes to every division except the ALC. Yankmees this, yankmees that!
  11. Verlander is doing his utmost to not win the Cy in the AL. Poor outings on the road, don't help.
  12. Too many Brits, simple. Is it me, or all Barry Robson does is give his own players *hit all game? This team can't complete three consecutive passes, let alone control the game. Terrible officiating as well, MLS has a long way to go.
  13. Gotta give the M's alot of credit, man they don't quit. Score 6 in the top of the ninth, but loose in the bottom to the Chisox. One of the hottest teams in MLB since the allstar game. Any coincidence, no Ichiro, and they're playing better baseball.
  14. I can't, for the life of me understand the strategy of this. Why wouldn't they have shortened his outings in April, May and early June to get him further into the season. Going into the final month of the season, could be the game-changer if they do or do not make the post-season. I agree, dumb-de-dumb dumb.
  15. I was hoping the same thing the series before against the Royals. They always give the Sox trouble, no one else in the ALC, just the Sox.