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  1. Well, this is kinda in his court!
  2. That alone is mind boggling. Listen to Pence stutter through questions, is there any wonder..
  3. But, you’re going to listen to Trump tell his inner circle to leave a cruise ship at sea, so as not to increase their numbers.
  4. All those "free tests" if in fact they are testing in the US is free healthcare, so there's that. Oh, and how about bailing out the low income working class? What's another 8 Trillion to the US of A's debt?
  5. That's the problem, there isn't ONE Canadian politician or party that has the balls to do this. Trudeau won't, Harper wouldn't have, to name two.
  6. We've canceled our annual Hawaiian vacation, it's not worth the risk. We go "out" only if necessary. I will probably get flamed, BUT, I think Canada should shut the border along the 49th, immediately. In BC alone how many Americans are going to flock to the ski hills, (Whistler/Blackcomb) over spring break? Our Canadian Dollar is barely worth 70 cents, so all the more reason to do so. Screw everything, the horses have left the barn.
  7. He didn't get a full game without suffering concussion like symptoms. Not going to happen unfortunately, I think he's on the last of his hockey playing days.
  8. The applause for Kesler kept building with each step he took towards his chair on the ice. I thought in order of applause it was in this order, Linden, Naslund, Kesler, and a tie between Burrows and Luongo. Other than the twins of course. If anything, I think it was a humbling experience for him, and of course the fans in the City. The twins invited him, so there's that. Kesler had their respect as a player more than anything else.
  9. We have some family members heading to London on Saturday, to explore the City. Hopefully the weather has settled down a bit from what it was earlier this week. Glad you've adopted the Canucks as YOUR hockey team, the playoffs would be an awesome experience for you folks. This City is hungry for a Championship, but, I think we're a year or two from challenging for that.
  10. Well, doesn't that make your brown eyes blue!! My opinion, he's done!
  11. SEDIN NIGHT, HERE WE COME! See you all at the game!
  12. I swear I heard Ron Mclean say it was going to be a live ceremony across Canada.
  13. Apparently the ceremony is supposed to be on the entire Sportsnet Network. Check through your HD channels.
  14. Is the first "3" section 117? If so, I'm in one of those seats.