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  1. YOUR (You're) Dumb.
  2. Good on ya Rota
  3. I agree with you, but the majority of people in Vancouver don't appreciate his contributions... edit: I didn't mean to offend the majority of Vancouver, I meant the majority of geniuses who frequent this forum.
  4. Stick to rugby. You're blind.
  5. You're blind. He was probably our best defenceman.
  6. What do you do (for a living) in Bellingham?

  7. I guess it depends on the reporter...Rodin would look 6'3 to Scott Morrison and 5'9 to Elliotte Friedman. Anyway, this debate has been beaten to a pulp.
  8. Well, If you've ever been listed on any rosters, you'd know that an observation is as accurate as any "official" listing on a team website, probably more so.
  9. height/weight listings on NHL.com, or CDC, are far from "official" in reality. There's no governing rules stating they must list his actual height and/or weight. These two sources are just as accurate as the NHL.com listing.
  10. <br /><br /><br /> Yep, he was terrible. He didn't look any better than Dan Gendur. As you said, he was injured, that HAD TO BE the reason he looked so bad. I agree, an AHL season (or at least until they light it up down there) is what these two guys need. Pro hockey is an entirely different ballgame and neither one of these guys has gone through a long stretch of pro hockey yet.
  11. Come on. P-uh-lease!! Mario Bliznak was better than Hodgson at camp, Hodgson looked terrible. Any thoughts to the contrary is revisionist history!
  12. What's up retard! go jump off the Port Mann!

  13. Clutch, AKA Stephane Auger?
  14. Cormier's elbow was super dirty, I said suspend him for the Tourney. I never compared the two incidents to each other, but it's one player taking a dumb cheapshot and an international coach instructing his entire team to be a bunch of unsportsmanlike babies. Apples and oranges.
  15. Did you quote yourself? it was a non-handshake...and it barely bothered me. more bothersome to me is why someone would write such a useless comment.