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  1. Kesler in his prime was probably our most dominant player in the last 15 years or so.
  2. Don't want Lazar, from everything I've read his skating sucks. We need people that can skate, this is the new NHL.
  3. I doubt Columbus would want him considering Torts wanted him bought out.
  4. I'd rather trade Hansen and Sbisa at the deadline than worry about protecting them.
  5. Yzerman isn't that stupid, we'd probably have to take a bad contract back along with that deal or add a B prospect.
  6. He would probably fetch a good return at the deadline, but we won't be sellers even though we should be.
  7. If Tanev is traded for a young forward it has to be for a young forward that has proven they can score at the NHL level.
  8. The Sedins need to be moved in the off reason, Edler needs to be shipped out to make another space on the left side for Juolevi next year and management has to not re-sign Miller. We should or will probably half to retain a good chunk or half of the Sedins contracts but for next year we might as well retain 50% to better their trade value. If the Sedins are retained at 50% that is around 20 million of contracts off the books including Burrows. Although I like Tanev I'd be open to trading him for a young top 6 forward which we desperately need. Any expiring contract should be moved at the deadline for as much as possible, even if the player only fetches a 5th or 6th round pick it is better than nothing. We need to inject youth into our lineup and hopefully that happens next year with Boeser, Juolevi, Virtanen and hopefully a top 3 draft pick.
  9. I'd rather try and get Duchene, we need another top 6 centre.
  10. ^ I think Tambo should still have a gig in the NHL, he was skilled, fast and had a great shot, he just wasn't consistent enough.
  11. We aren't going to receive a player with elite potential just for taking a bad contract. They'd rather buy out Callahan than give away Drouin.
  12. Depth players shouldn't be signed to more than 2 year deals, unless you can sign them really cheap. Even Higgins was signed relatively cheap and look what happened with him halfway through his contract.
  13. Surprised Trudeau doesn't want to put his buddy Fidel on some money.
  14. The Sedin's would have a ton of trade value if we retained 50% on each contract for the remainder. Could you imagine them going to an already elite team and being inserted onto their 2nd or 3rd line. They would have way more room out there if they weren't always facing the toughest lines.