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  1. He probably said he could score goals, so Benning hung up the phone.
  2. Should be a playoff bubble team adding him, Matthews, Stamkos and a few more UFA's
  3. Lucic is going to be a buyout candidate 3-4 years into his contract. Guys that play like him don't last that long. Look at Dustin Brown, Clarkson etc
  4. Can't wait to see Shinkaruk double Granlunds point output next season
  5. That's a playoff bubble lineup
  6. Lucic is already slow. I wouldn't want to sign him for more than 3 years and he will want a 5-6 year deal. As much as I'd like Lucic pounding people we could probably get Ladd for similar money. Let's face it though, unless we sign two top UFA's and get a top 3 pick we won't even be a playoff bubble team anyway.
  7. I'd be fine with paying Stamkos 11 a year. Stamkos and another top 6 player (through the draft and we are looking pretty good forwards wise)
  8. Why do people assume the Sedins are interested in going back to Sweden to finish off their careers? Both of them have said their wives prefer living in Vancouver over Sweden and plan to retire here regardless of what happens. Plus their kids were born (unless they had them in the summer) and raised here.
  9. Such a massive over payment.
  10. There are tons of simple fixes for this problem if politicians actually cared or even wanted it to stop.
  11. So you're saying it's hard to compete with corrupt offshore Chinese buyers?
  12. I think waiving a player like Burrows is pretty disrespectful, especially for what he has done for this team and the fact he has a NTC, obviously it's not a NMC so we could still waive him but still. Plus if we waived him I don't think he would get claimed anyway, especially in early in the season. If he has a bounce back season next year and we kept him around till January or Feb we probably could get something for him if we retained 50% Burrows has had a bad season but I still think he has some game in him and at a lower cap hit would be a good fit for a contending teams 3rd or 4th line and PK. He's taking up an important roster space for a young player, that's why I want him gone even though he is probably my favourite current Canuck.
  13. Shinkaruk > Granlund Jensen > Etem Kassian > Prust Good job Benning
  14. I'd say either him or Burrows will be bought out and then one of them will be traded with retained salary. We could trade them both if we retained salary on both but that would limit our options at next deadline since you can only have 3 players retained salary at once (Luongo)
  15. I won't be greedy, I'll be happy with signing Stamkos and Lucic and drafting Dubois or Chychrun. Re-sign Hamhuis, trade Edler (if we could get him to waive) and somehow dump Sbisa,Miller, Burrows (buyout), Higgins (buyout)