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  1. He's too old, our team will be ready to contend in 2-3 years. That makes him 33ish at that point.  
  2. I think it's more likely for them to retire here and shift into secondary positions, which they already said that they are ok with when the time comes.
  3. I wouldn't, a good local kid with top 6 potential, size, speed and truculence.
  4. I could see Naslund happily living here if he ever gets a gig with the team 
  5. [Discussion] RyJo Watch

    We would be giving up way too much. I see Jared McCann as a future top 6 center, Gaunce as a solid future 3rd line winger, Higgins who is a decent player on a good contract and Hamhuis who should be worth a 1st or 2nd at the trade deadline.  
  6. Best Canadian Clothing Brands

    I wouldn't even consider Canada Goose to be a Canadian company anymore, after being bought by Bain capital
  7. [Report] Boston shopping Chara + Marchand

    That makes absolutely no sense for Edmonton
  8. [Report] Boston shopping Chara + Marchand

    Retain as much cap as possible and Chara would probably be worth a 1st and a prospect right now to a contending team. People can hate on Marchand all they want but he's the type of guy I'd want on my team.
  9. [value of] Jeff skinner

    I don't see Edler waiving at all, yet alone going waiving to go some place like Carolina.
  10. So basically they are lucky they didn't get Schneider, if they got Schneider they most likely wouldn't have gotten McDavid.
  11. Upcoming Trade Deadline

    Hamhuis and Vrbata will both be worth a 1st round pick at the deadline, but the problem is that we will most likely be in the playoff race so I don't know if ownership or management will want us to be sellers at the deadline.
  12. Jannik Hansen

    I wonder what Higgins can get on us the trading block.
  13. Torres would take of him.
  14. TSN Clowns Pick Vancouver 13th in the West

    I'd be happy with a good draft pick, but I think we will be in the playoffs
  15. Why on team 1040 is everyone ripping into Canucks Management?

    I'm upset Corrado was waived cause I would have rather kept him over Weber.