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  1. We sure have a lot of Americans on the team now
  2. If we draft a top line forward and make a few more good picks this summer I'm not worried about our future. We just need OJ to turn out otherwise Benning really blew it not taking Tkachuk.
  3. Tkachuk - Horvat - Virtanen would have been a heavy line.
  4. I'd rather give his potential opportunity to Goldonbin and take a chance on drafting some guys with those 4th round picks
  5. I bet Dallas would rather just buy out Lehtonen than have to give away an asset just to get rid of him.
  6. Draft the best player available and worry about it after, Tkachuk is doing great in Calgary and he was the BPA.
  7. Don't care that much, would this guy even be better than say Boucher........ who we picked up on waivers.
  8. We need a top 3 pick, ideally Nolan Patrick please.
  9. I'd trade Baer just so we can protect Gaunce.
  10. The other leagues are way too weak in comparison to the NHL, a champions league type thing would never work. It would be like like MLS teams trying to compete with top European soccer teams.
  11. Management also talked to a lot of those players into playing more "between the whistles", which in my opinion made a lot of them less effective or just outright traded them trying to "change the culture"
  12. No, not a big enough difference between the 1st and 4th overall pick to give up Tanev who could net us a good return in a different trade. If we could trade Tanev for a young top 6 forward and draft another forward with 1st line potential with our pick we would look pretty good with our forward group in the near future. Assuming Virtanen turns it around and Boeser works out.
  13. Looked clean to me, Keep your head up kid
  14. If Benning moves Edler and Miller I won't say anything bad about him until draft day.