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  1. Going to be super interesting to follow his early days in N.A. My guess is that he will be loaned to an SHL club for next season. I believe that is the best thing for his development right now.
  2. Best player on the ice, not in your heart. Pavel Bure. Nominating Ryan Kesler
  3. I have to admit, I really like what the Islanders are doing. It's refreshing to see a team that is so blunt about their identity. Just a group of really hard working players. Both Parise and Pageau really really fit into their culture. Brava.
  4. I mean this is the aim right? It really should be the aim if it's not. The farm should function as a conveyor belt of on the cusp NHLers. Trade the ones that are replaceable for more assets while replacing them with in house talent. And the cycle begins again. I can't remember a time the Canucks had this much depth in all positions.
  5. This is really surprising to me but I thought it would hit harder than it actually does. I never really chalked this up as an option but it does make sense. Hope he goes unclaimed.
  6. I've got a bunch of colleagues that have been part of very successful projects while doing very little during those projects if you catch my drift. Not saying that applies to Guerin, it's just, he's not really been a part of any discussions of "the next big" thing in management. I guess I'm just surprised by the move.
  7. Absolutely. I just can't see Bill Guerin being the best available option out there.
  8. I'm actually happy for the Hurricanes. Maybe it's not the best compensation for losing Adam Fox, but hey, it's something to make up for it at least.
  9. Really happy to see Higgy back and the Canucks working on improving their player development department.
  10. I think the Canucks could use some inspiration when it comes to the organization off the ice. That's what Gillis brought when he was GM here. I'm looking at a player development department that probably has failed their mission to develop players within the organization and with the Utica Comets. Other teams are ahead of the Canucks when it comes to this and it could sure use an update and a few new hirings. Expand the amount of coaches and roles. We are lucky that we could afford things like that and gain an advantage over other teams in the NHL.
  11. When Myers signed I also thought about the same thing, but I've changed my mind with time. Sorry to single you out. Myers is a good signing but he is certainly stronger in the offensive zone than his own. The defensive side of things is his weakness. Now, Quinn is quite similar. Both not incompetent in their own zone but certainly not the strongest side of their game. Edler - Myers (Eagle more defensive, worked really well with Ehrhoff) Hughes - Tanev (Best defensive defensemen paired with the best offensive defensemen on the team) Benn - Stecher (Super solid bottom pairing on both sides of the rink) I really like the potential of our d-corps barring any major injuries. Hughes will have the biggest impact for next year.