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  1. And we can all let out a huge sigh of relief.. phew.
  2. Sbisa gets so much hate around here. In a 5/6 role he is a good asset. You should have notice how much he was missed from the line up when he was out injured.
  3. I'd say there are better times to trade Edler atleast that would actually make sense instead of at the end of an offseason. Trade deadline if the Canucks are out of the race, or at the draft so they would have an entire summer to look at finding somewhat of a replacement.
  4. Another smart/solid move by the Flames..
  5. So, sophomore Hutton would be playing on the 1st pairing, followed by Tryamkin and Sbisa.. The left side has never looked better. Sure it's an option, but the timing is way off.
  6. Im all for signing Hudler to a 1 year deal. Push back the youngsters and let them brew in the AHL until the trade deadline when the Canucks will probably be out of the playoff race (namely Virtanen) and then trade Hudler to contender. Win-win.
  7. The Canucks are not looking to sign bottom six forwards or bottom pairing defenders.
  8. Would be highly beneficial for him to go and play in a mens league next season. You don't have to be in a leader role on a junior team to learn about leadership, you can learn from established veteran leaders. For me, the ideal situation for him would be to go and play in the SHL, teams there are not afraid of playing young players (including the best teams in the league) and the level of competition is higher than the Finish league. Frölunda, Luleå, or Skellefteå would be ideal landing spots for him, 3 teams that have had a lot of success in the past years while playing and developing young players. He's already got experience of the N.A ice and will most likely spend time in Utica as well. Get the kid more competition and experience of playing with professionals in a more competitive environment. The SHL has been forced to become better at developing players because teams simply can't afford to go out and get the best players anymore and pay for the best players. It's become a very good developmental league and is attracting a lot of the best young talents around Europe because it's a very good league to get prepared for professional life and the NHL. Another option that would be very exciting would be for him to play for Jokerit in the KHL, which is Finlands KHL team and Juolevi's youth team. We can talk about ice time but I think if he were to play against men, any ice time he get's would be more valuable to his development than playing in Junior. Saying all of this, if it ends up being London, well that's arguably the best option in the CHL.
  9. Alright fair enough, like I said I've had limited viewings off him. Whenever I have heard his name brought up (very rarely) it's always been mentioned with him being an offensive defensemen. That's all I'm saying. I think when he was signed out of college he was given that label and maybe it's stuck with me.
  10. From not having seen him play often and with his offensive defensemen label this seems like a big overpayment to me. 23 points in 65 games in his rookie season 31 points in 80 games 20 points in 78 games He's also got 2 points in 17 playoff games.
  11. Time will tell. I had Juolevi as the best defensemen in the draft and we picked him.
  12. He's not saying that. He's saying it would be unfair to compare Boeser to Tkachuk, overhyping him, whatever you want to call it.