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  1. Guessing Horvat's contract extension

    5 years 24 mil 4.8 aav
  2. [Rumour] Tanev for James Van Riemsdyk

    I'd be interested in JVR + if the Canucks would be planning on then flipping JVR for futures after the trade goes down. No point in trading for established players at this point for the Canucks. Just giving up value for someone who most likely won't be in their prime when the Canucks are ready for a playoff push. They might as well keep picking up a few stop gap players like this year in free agency instead of giving up any value for them. The return for any player right now should focus on the future.
  3. (Discussion) Are We in on Will Butcher?

    Left handed version of Stecher, why not? I don't think Tryamkin choosing to return to the KHL will effect future NCAA signings. Players should understand that they have to work to gain ice time. Not just demand it because they themselves feel like they deserve it. I think most hockey players realize that.
  4. Solid day for Canucks fans so far.
  5. Thanks! I'm glad my surprised reaction to the Canucks signing way more players than I expected reflects my intelligence.
  6. Damn. Sign all the free agents.
  7. What the "hardworking" "centre" "speed" "skill" or "tremendous experience" part? Nothing in that says that he's an Allstar. Who peed in your cereal bowl this morning? So much negativity its crazy.
  8. We have to keep in mind that it's all good to trade away players for draft picks and accumulating more draft picks to get more youngsters in the organization, but at some point you'll end up not having anyone left to trade away. All players "signed" so far, I feel like, are a little money-ball ish Short term, smallish AAV, but potential to produce and become a tradeable asset. I like it so far. Would have liked it more if the Gagner contract is a 2 year.
  9. Where they should be.. working their asses off to get a spot on the team as well. Da Costa hasn't even signed yet.. officially at least. Utica needs players as well.
  10. [Signing] Rangers re-sign Brendan Smith

  11. Pettersson vs Glass in 2017-2018

    There seems to be some confusion circling around these boards about SHL vs. Allsvenskan and the playing against men debate. Jumping from Allsvenskan to the SHL isn't a huge step physically like CHL to NHL/AHL would be. Elias has already played against 30 year old vets for an entire season as a skinny 17 year old and posted very impressive numbers while doing it. He has already shown that he can win board battles etc. against vets. The difference really between the leagues, is the skill level and the speed of the game. Not how fast they skate, but players in the SHL typically think the game faster than players in Allsvenskan, resulting in a generally faster moving game (similar to NHL vs. AHL). The decision to play in the SHL is, what I believe, the perfect next step in his development. He has improved all aspects of his game this past season and in order for that development to continue on the same trajectory, the competition needs to be beefed up a bit. I honestly don't think he will experience an adjustment period like suggested here. The players he will be playing against will be tougher competition, sure, but his teammates will also be better. In all honesty, bottom half of the SHL and the top half of Allsvenskan, if you compare the teams, there isn't that big of a difference skill wise. Växjö is a very good team and a very good place for him to take these next few steps in his development (has become a place where players in Sweden want to play, they'll attract more talent before the season starts). He will be surrounded by some very talented offensive players and playing for a team that is a lock to make it into the post-season. Great fans, great management group, and I wouldn't be surprised if the coach has him playing pretty significant minutes from the get go. Since I believe that this is the case, I'm expecting to see quite a bit of production from him this upcoming season, for sure. He's good enough to produce in the SHL from day 1. 0.5ppg in the SHL > 2 ppg in the WHL.
  12. It seems like they sent the invite to the wrong adress when you look at Simon Chen. Anyone ever seen him play or heard something? Undersized, bchl defensemen with nothing to show for production wise. Is it a "reaching over the border" type of situation? Canucks invite Chinese hockey player to prospects camp.. might get a few folks in China tuning into a Canucks game I guess.
  13. Individual Top 10 Canuck prospect Rankings

    1. Boeser 2. Pettersson 3. Juolevi 4. Demko 5. Gaudette 6. Goldobin 7. Dahlen 8. Gadjovich 9. Virtanen 10. Lind
  14. Jonah Gadjovich | LW

    Been mulling over the thought of Gadjovich, Gaudette and Virtanen on a line. If they all pan out that could be one hell of a third line to play against.
  15. Off the board selections: ok?

    When other fan bases are labeling the Canucks as one of the winners of the draft, considering the usual narrative, we should be more than satisfied with our draft. Pettersson wasn't my top pick, but there has been more than one person saying that if he was a bit heavier he would have been in discussion for 1st overall. Possibly got the highest offensive ceiling in the draft. I can't complain at all. The Canucks went for potential over a safe pick, we need to do that. Canucks can afford to be patient with Pettersson and the pay off could be huge for this franchise.