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  1. Elias Pettersson | C/RW

    He really is an alien.. Also, the devils pussy thing, what it actually translates to is f*****g c**t. I like your guys translation better though. Alien devil pussy EP40.
  2. From that list, I think the one name that sticks out to me as the one that makes the most sense is Brandon Dubinsky. Seabrooks contract is insanely bad.
  3. [Report] Ken Hitchcock to retire

    Thought about both of these guys when i saw this thread. AV must be in consideration
  4. Jonathan Dahlén | C/LW

    All about how a franchise values it's assets. Burr didn't carry much value and it seems that Dorion and the rest of the crew didn't put too much value in Jonathan. Ottawa looks incredibly bleak right now. I don't like many of their draftees in the past few years.
  5. New team logo/logo change

    I hope this is a joke because I am laughing pretty hard right now. Always a good opportunity to gauge CDC about identity/logo change. Never a bad time.
  6. Pettersson vs Glass in 2017-2018

    And here I was trying to avoid making any more predictions to keep that impression going! I have so much confidence in Elias that it wouldn't be fair to myself if I didn't say that I expect him to do very well when he comes over. I expect him to make the team in the fall and have a very productive rookie year. I think there may be an adjustment period in regards to having less time and space in the offensive zone but he's too good/smart to not figure it out quickly and make adjustments to his game. His hockey IQ, maturity, and his work ethic will carry him through his rookie year despite of any deficiencies he may have in his game. Size for me is a non factor in this case because said things. The things I worry about are variables outside of Elias like deployment, linemates, injuries, team morale, and what have you. The kid has got the stuff. Bring home the Calder.
  7. Pettersson vs Glass in 2017-2018

    "Prediction is very difficult, especially if it's about the future" - Nils Bohr hahha If anything and like everyone else, Elias has smashed my expectations right out of the park. Twice over. Hopefully Växjö cap it all off by bringing home the championship as well, would be awesome for Elias sake. Already got another boost by Timrå qualifying for the SHL next year thanks to his best friend Johnte Dahlen. Thanks buddy, im blushing! Still active, just not posting as much.
  8. THIS IS THE DAY, Canucks get #7

    I think this draft will be similar to last years draft where the top 10 was quite shaken up in reality to what people predicted. I can see Adam Boqvist for example sliding. Ideally we win the whole thing and draft the GOAT.
  9. Matt Brassard | D

    I'm pretty sure Brassard will return to the OHL for next season as well. Depending on how the season goes, that's when the ELC decision will come. Feels like a more logical approach considering the limit of contracts a team is allowed.
  10. Elias Pettersson | C/RW

    Can't believe the Canucks are the ones that ended up with the best prospect for once.
  11. [Speculation] Tampa looking for Veteran D

    Wanna throw in Boeser as well?
  12. [Discussion] Lateral prospect trades

    Canucks are in a good position with such moves. I believe Goldobin fits the profile for an "add-on" in a trade situation more than the rest. I also believe that defensive prospects will be the ask for any trades involving a veteran.
  13. Elias Pettersson | C/RW

    Sad to see a final ruined by refs and a select few players on the Canadian team that were embellishing. I'm glaring and staring at you Jordan Kyrou, I'm looking at you so hard it hurts my eyes Jordan Kyrou. Glad to see Gadjovich not being one of them and the penalty he took wasn't even a penalty. Refs ruined the final sadly. Elias is the GOAT. 10-15lbs and this kid is in the NHL. Very good tournament in my opinion for him considering the flu, bad linemates and Alex Nylander (lol). But seriously, Elias is going to be something special for us. I'm really excited.
  14. Elias Pettersson | C/RW

    He's ridiculously smart out there, on both ends of the ice. Elias didn't have a bad game for those thinking that. The Czechs took over that game and were pretty dominant after the 1st period. Not a lot of chances for Elias to shine. He did however shine defensively creating a lot of turnovers. Love watching this kid play.
  15. Elias Pettersson | C/RW

    Yup. A name the Swedish reporters brought up before the game and I do see why. Perhaps looks better than he is, due to the players he is surrounded with but he wouldn't have looked out of place in a team Sweden jersey either. Yegor Sharangovich, went undrafted last year. On topic again, Elias was really really good tonight. The Swedish experts/pundits sorta chuckled every time he touched the puck and muttered things like "wow" "ooh look at that" "thats a smart move" for the entirety of the game. He thinks the game on a very high level and he shows a lot of creativity in his decision making. I kept thinking "just give it to Elias". I've watched him quite a bit in the SHL this season and all I can say is: get excited