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  1. It's pretty dope. Bobby Ryan wears it in Ottawa so he's not the first forward to wear #6.
  2. Yea it's a real toss up between them all. The only real difference between those players is personal preference. Picking early this year guarantees you pick your favorite out of a pretty substantial group of players of similar value/skill. I have my preferences. Someone else will have others. You can make a case for a lot of players to go in the top 10 this year
  3. 1. Patrick 2. Hischier 3. Mittelstadt 4. Vilardi 5. Liljegren 6. Pettersson 7. Necas 8. Makar 9. Tippett 10. Glass
  4. It's the offensive instincts that has made me really high on him. I mean, this is not the most modest scout report out there but.. come on. He's got dynamic offensive instincts that I have a tough time not licking my chops over.
  5. You gotta love Casey Mittelstadt. Definitely a player I have in my top 5 with his name highlighted. After Patrick and Hischier, he's my pick.
  6. Yea I didn't want him anyways..... sigh.
  7. At least he managed to sway Stecher! haha! 50% hitrate for Boeser. Hoping Gaudette comes in with a 100% hitrate in the recruitment department. Never say no to a free prospect.
  8. Frankie Corrado 2.0 anyone?
  9. Yea I'm with you on that one. I expect Neill will be signed, has tracked well in the q. Olson, I have no idea what the plan is for him. This is an interesting signing. I was underwhelmed when they signed Tanev. I am underwhelmed now. Repeat?
  10. Not surprised if that's the case. Seemed to be the narrative that i've been hearing all along from JB and co. He could use another year in the NCAA to be honest even with how impressive his season has been. He'll sign when he signs.
  11. Should be interesting to see what happens with Rodin this summer. He hasn't really been able to show the Canucks management anything this season other than his impressive pre-season form.
  12. Just your ole neighborhood swede over here. Imagine the "e" sound you say when saying "electricity" and extend that "e" sound for an extra second. "Eeeeh-lectricity" now everybody! "Eeeh" "Dahl-eeh-n"
  13. That's a name to remember. A little underwhelming way to kick off your franchise, but that's been the story since day 1 with Vegas. Are they still 100 on the name? there were some legal issues even after its initial reveal. When are the jerseys coming out? They've really dragged out the process and every step is just meh.
  14. A notorious slow starter in Eriksson is off to a slow start in Vancouver as well. Buyout candidate. He will get better. Goldobin with Horvat is something I'd like to see either way
  15. Can gladly admit I know next to nothing about this guy but from what I've heard he's got strong offensive instincts and is good on the puck. That's something our prospect pool has needed