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  1. Hey-ho-here-we-go, a little mock. NJD: Patrick PHI: Hischier DAL: Heiskanen COL: Liljegren VAN: Vilardi/Mittelstadt I think both Dallas and Colorado will go for D.
  2. Canucks are picking 5th, can't change anything about that. There is a marginal difference between the players at that point in the draft so it will be up to Benning to make the right call. Now if this happens next year as well..... I don't know what to do with myself then. Canucks can't lose out on the top few picks next year.. they just can't. This year it's a shame but not a huge deal.
  3. alright.. will you have the same feelings for next years draft when there is a boat load of talent in the top 5 range?
  4. To those of you saying that "tanking" shouldn't be done - let's face it, the Canucks were just terribad this year - finishing 29th guaranteed the Canucks a top 5 pick. If they got a few more points on the board they could be picking at #7 or #8 with tonights outcome. Hopefully my boi Mittelstadt is a Canuck after this draft.
  5. I'm an extremist. I watch hockey games, get sad and disappointed when they lose, and happy and jolly when they win. I guess you can call me a real fanatic. At the end of the day, I could care less about what the NHL does and stands for. I cheer for the Canucks who happen to play in the NHL which offers the best level of the sport I love to watch. If the Canucks lose all 82 games next year, I'll still be a Canuck fan. If it takes the Canucks 50 years to win a cup, I'll still cheer for the team. I think that's being rational as a fan of a team. I don't know what to call you.. a daft fool? Spend your money on things you love and want to spend it on. The exit door is that way.
  6. Reading comprehension. I'm saying the complete opposite of what you think I am. Suggest you read up on what was quoted.
  7. Don't buy tickets! Don't buy jerseys! Don't support the Canucks in any shape or form! Drain the Canucks of all fan funding! The NHL is a conspiracy. Either you cheer for the team or you don't. If you can't handle the adversity, then don't be cheering when they hoist the cup either.
  8. Yea! Let's punish the Canucks for something they can't do anything about! Pitchfork! Pitchfork! Burn it down!
  9. Lot's of confusion and emotions I'm reading through here as I am chugging my beer and wiping my tears.. Canucks will draft a good prospect at #5 this year.
  10. If there ever was a draft where dropping back 4-6 spots and gaining an asset would be a justified move, it's this one. Not proposing it, but, with some ice in their veins, a team could drop down, pick a player of equal value, and gain at least another asset because of it making out with "more". picks 3-9, there isn't much between them. That being said, Hischier and Patrick are in a tier of themselves. I'm almost hoping the Canucks don't win the lottery and pick #1. Picking #2, the choice will be made for them and it literally is 50/50 on Patrick or Hischier. I've got my own personal favorite so to say in Casey Mittelstadt that I'd be really excited about the Canucks landing. I still have Liljegren high on my list despite of his "lacklustre" season mostly due to his very high ceiling and potential to be an offensive firepower from the backend. It's an exciting draft, and nobody can really make an accurate prediction of how things will shape up. I think we will witness a lot of teams "reaching" for players earlier and more frequently than what we have seen in previous drafts because of how unpredictable each teams list will be. If the Canucks could work out a deal with a team within a handful of spots below them in the range 3-9, I'd fully support a move like that if it means a meaningful asset could be added in the shape of a 2nd round pick or a solid prospect. Landing let's say Makar/Necas/Pettersson/Glass at #8 and adding a 2nd round pick would be enough for me. This is a draft where the smart teams can capitalize in big ways despite it being a weaker crop of prospects. If I were the Canucks, and ended up with the 4th pick, Hischier, Patrick and Mittelstadt are gone, I'd sell hard because I think Vilardi carries more appeal than he actually will deliver at the NHL level (not that he won't be a good pick), that would make it worth "giving him up" for a player that is ranked a little lower. How much difference is there really between Vilardi and Glass for example? Makar is a super exciting name out there as well. Who knows, maybe other teams have Mittelstadt in that range and the Canucks could trade down to select my boy at #7 or #8. It's really a prospect nerds type of draft. Pretty fitting with Cap'n Jims skill-set and mentality. My "final" top 15: 1. Patrick 2. Hischier 3. Mittelstadt 4. Vilardi 5. Liljegren 6. Glass 7. Makar 8. Pettersson 9. Necas 10. Heiskanen 11. Tippett 12. Foote 13: Suzuki 14: Valimaki 15: Tolvanen "Everything is happening" - Bob Cole.
  11. And rightfully so! Nothing wrong with a hometown hero. Doesn't mean you should use nationality as a criteria when evaluating a prospect. The Russian factor is real but other than that.. a little short sighted.
  12. stopped reading there. I don't care if he's from North Korea as long as he's good at hockey.
  13. Dont mind this. He will grow and develop a long with the rest of the new Canucks core. Some growing pains sure but he's a "natural" choice so to say for the franchise. I want longevity and stability moving forwards. If it's 4 years and his job is to develop the youngsters, that fits with my criteria. That's what they should be focusing on. Not next season, but a few more seasons down the road. good luck greener!
  14. Its certainly an interesting situation. Usually everyone is pretty onboard with where the majority of players will go. 3-15 this year could go in any possible combination. The reason its interesting is that because the players are so interchangeable, scouting will be even more crucial. To pick out the one gem out of a group of 10-15 players that are of similar pedigree.