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  1. He's not saying that. He's saying it would be unfair to compare Boeser to Tkachuk, overhyping him, whatever you want to call it.
  2. A move to Queens would have made sense before they moved to Brooklyn.. it's a bit late now. Wouldn't show well on the franchise if it's moved yet again in such a short period of time. It could all be salvaged if they build one of the better venues in the NHL in Queens though, the only way to justify such a move. Even then, to keep moving the team around is a bit silly from any point of view.
  3. Really want to see Grenier get an extended look at the NHL level this year. Pedan will most likely be on the NHL roster, if he's waived I'm sure he'd get picked up pretty quickly.
  4. None of Boeser, Demko or Juolevi (long shot) are going to have an effect on the Canucks next season because they won't be playing for the Canucks. How well the Canucks do in the standings have nothing to do with how good or bad our prospects are.
  5. prospects are players outside the NHL and in this case including calder trophy eligible players. No correlation here.
  6. And Matt Murray at #12 He's #34 which is way too low. Should be a lock for the top 10
  7. Yea the rankings are pretty bad. Seems a lot of it has been based on draft position and specifically on the 2016 draft. It's nice to see Juolevi ranked so highly but in all honesty, Zach Werenski is ranked lower and that at this point shouldn't be a thing. Boeser is way too low and has a lot of forwards I wouldn't pick over him ahead of him. Logan Brown top 15? seriously? Demko should be a lot higher as well. Almost like this has been thrown together by some intern but it's bleacherreport so I wouldn't be surprised. It's a toss up for prospects because a lot of it is based on opinion but if Kyle Connor is 4th it just shows that Boeser should be a lot higher. Connor was incredible in the NCAA last season but Boeser wasn't 40 prospects worse than him.
  8. I like this for the Rangers.
  9. I could have mentioned it, but the source is "Helsingborg's Dagblad" which is probably the most accurate news source for Rögle. It's believed it's in the works but before anything is complete the sports director can't go out and say that he is in fact coming in on a loan. It's highly likely it will get done. If it wasn't going to happen he would have gone out and confirmed it wouldn't but chose his words carefully.
  10. Nick Jensen was also out on loan to AIK in the SHL. I think it definitely should be something NHL teams should look into more often. It happens a lot for Swedish prospects who sign an ELC and then are immediately loaned back to the club they played for. I think teams should use this as an option later on in a prospects development as well. If anything, for prospects who are not yet AHL eligible but too good for CHL, this should be an option. You learn a heck of a lot about yourself and mature if you live abroad so I wouldn't rule out having Canadian or American prospects pursue something like this either. It's a bit unorthodox but it would be a real opportunity for development, on and off the ice. Auston Matthews just spent a year in Switzerland, maybe it's something to consider for the future.
  11. Translated from Canucks would retain his NHL rights. Would be an interesting option to approach in terms of his development. Rögle have also been developing a little reputation of being able to develop players or salvage the careers of players who haven't impressed much over in North America, namely Oscar Dansk (CBJ) and Patrick Cehlin (NSH). Sebastian Collberg (MTL and NYI) signed with the team for the upcoming season, for that reason. I'll be keeping an eye on Rögle defender Timothy Liljegren this season so it would give me a chance to view Anton Cederholm a little more as well. Probably get the Canucks to pay even more attention to Liljegren ahead of the 2017 draft.
  12. A little off-topic, but is this "da beauty league" that Brock is playing in, associated with a charity or something? Couldn't find anything on their website. I know it's in Minnesota so it could be as simple as just having an opportunity to get some on ice action but would be nice to see the guy continue his charitable ways. Just seen he's gone 50% on faceoffs. Was trusted to take a few key faceoffs for UND last season as well.
  13. Will go down as a smart move only Canuck fans will notice. This expansion draft is like a game of chess really.
  14. Holy acronym!