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  1. [Report] Travis Hamonic on the trading block

    This will be between the Oilers and the Jets. Calgary can make a trade happen as well but their d-core is already solid so why give up assets for more D? The Oilers are in a desperate situation and really need to shake things up. They've got a lot of forwards and need D. Eberle? Yakupov? The Jets could make a deal happen as well and Hamonic would fit in nicely. Sadly I don't think the Canucks have the pieces to make it happen. I hope they try because opportunities like these don't come up often. I think the Oilers will be his next team as much as it kills me inside.
  2. A LOT of posters on here overvalue the Canucks prospects but this is probably the best example of it. Tyson Barrie had 52 points last season and you are saying you wouldn't want him because we have Jordan Subban. Mind=Blown.
  3. I've got similar thoughts as well. He is a fantastic asset to have and has already got 10 points on the season. He isn't the first piece I would move if I was Colorado. He would be a fantastic fit here and is exactly what this team should be actively pursuing. I don't think the Canucks have the pieces for him but perhaps things could start off with Hamhuis. I am not so keen on giving up Edler, despite his faults he is still the Canucks best defender and could match up really well with Barrie if he were to be traded for. It will be expensive to even make the Avs budge on him but it could be worth giving up assets in this case.
  5. Trader Jim: trades once viewed as terrible have turned out great

    Very good post! +1 I tend to disagree with you on Miller. After Luongo and Schneider were both gone the Canucks needed a starting goalie and the one available was Ryan Miller. Lack was nowhere near ready for a starting role when the deal was made and it has allowed the Canucks some breathing room before Markstrom and/or Demko take over. Probably been the most valuable player to the Canucks this season, keeping them in countless of games.    
  6. (Proposal) Van-MTL

    That pick belongs to the Pittsburgh Penguins after the Brandon Sutter trade.
  8. NHL to revisit compensation for hiring coaches

    Luongos contract was approved by the league at one point. Then the "Luongo Rule" came into play. I am not here to say that there is a bias against the Canucks. I think, and there has been evidence of it that the league is way too inconsistent with the way things are carried out. The Kings just got away with robbery on the Mike Richards (and Voynovs) settlement. The NHL decided to give back New Jersey their draft pick they had to forfeit for their contract with Kovalchuk after the ruling. The league isn't out to get the Canucks, it's just starting to become a joke at how inconsistent they can be when applying disciplinary action. The rules are there but in many cases are changed, ignored or used in complete different ways depending on the situation. It's a joke. I am hoping they don't go back and punish the Canucks for something that was within the rules when the move was done. History is a good indication of the future, I wouldn't be shocked at all if the 2nd round pick turns into a 5th or vanishes completely. The league has done it before and are just as likely to do it again.
  9. [GDT] VAN @ CBJ | 7e/4p

    This is unacceptable by the Canucks.. the entire team other than Markstrom has looked like minor leaguers tonight. Especially Weber, Edler, Vrbata and Sutter.
  10. [GDT] VAN @ CBJ | 7e/4p

    Vrbata looks like an ECHL player out there... horrid.
  11. First it was the Luongo contract and now this. Will there be any complications for the Canucks if the rules indeed are changed?
  12. Thatcher Demko Talk

    This is really exciting. There is plenty left of the season but if this continues it will be hard for Canucks management not to lure him out of college early. I wouldn't mind seeing him stay in college and finish his degree but if you are producing like he has been, you can tell he is ready for the next step. We have seen what Utica meant for Markstroms development and confidence. If Demko is signed this summer, he will come to camp learn from Miller and go to Utica to develop the right way. He will probably grab the starting job as soon as he arrives and after that, it's up to him if he performs or not. No reason to rush him into the NHL to sit on a bench.
  13. Anton Rödin Talk

    I find it difficult to understand how anyone could critique this move or not welcome Rodin back into the line-up atleast to see what he can do. He was a second round pick gone to waste and this could salvage it all. He has been playing incredible this season and has looked very good in previous seasons as well. He was just named captain this year and it can't be a coincidence that his point production has gone up with that responsibility as well. It's hard to say where the Canucks will be come trade deadline day but if some veterans are moved then I can see the Canucks signing him in the summer. I don't think it would be a good move for the Canucks or Rodin to come over midseason. Let him finish the year over there, have a good summer and come to camp roaring. He's got the skill and doesn't shy away from the physical side of things either. This could be a great move for the Canucks if it happens. Low risk, high reward situation and in todays NHL you can't afford to pass up on opportunities like that.  
  14. Remember: Jake is still very young

    He is improving for sure. He's getting more comfortable but I wonder if it might be too late. Baertschi hasn't impressed me as much as I thought he would, but the Canucks will have to allow him a longer look than Virtanen due to the waiver eligibility and the 2nd rounder they gave up for him. I thought Gaunce was impressive in last nights game and showed maturity to his game that I would be hoping Virtanen would develop under Travis Green if that opportunity arises. If Virtanen is sent back to Juniors then I am guessing Gaunce will get his spot. The way I see it right now, even though Virtanens play has marginally improved over the past 2-3 games the role he would offer the team this year could be filled by someone else. Keeping McCann gives Willie more flexibility with his lines in terms of where Sutter plays. If Sutter is needed on the Sedin line then McCann can easily slot into the third line center role. Hutton has made this team, in my mind the kid has top pairing potential. He will become an outstanding defensemen, which is really exciting! If any of them will be sent down/back to juniors I think it will be Virtanen. I think it was Willies post game interview after the detroit or montreal game and he spoke of both McCann and Virtanen and the way he worded his answers it felt like Virtanen has the highest risk of being sent down. I'm just hoping the right decision for Jake and the Canucks is made, like I said in my last post, he is probably the most important prospect moving forward other than Horvat. I just hope they do what is right.
  15. Remember: Jake is still very young

    For his own benefit and the future of the Canucks I hope they decide to send him back to juniors. He has been playing well but he looked a little lost at points. It's noticable that he is the least ready for the NHL out of Baertschi and McCann, it could be an age thing, I don't know. Virtanen is Vancouvers most important prospect moving forward and that requires extra care. I think he would really benefit from some time in the AHL as well to develop his offensive game further. If I am not mistaken he would be eligible to play for Utica next season. Send him back to Calgary this year and let him develop slowly to make sure he becomes the player he has the potential to be and not just another physical player.