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  1. 1. Boeser 2. Pettersson 3. Juolevi 4. Demko 5. Gaudette 6. Goldobin 7. Dahlen 8. Gadjovich 9. Virtanen 10. Lind
  2. Been mulling over the thought of Gadjovich, Gaudette and Virtanen on a line. If they all pan out that could be one hell of a third line to play against.
  3. When other fan bases are labeling the Canucks as one of the winners of the draft, considering the usual narrative, we should be more than satisfied with our draft. Pettersson wasn't my top pick, but there has been more than one person saying that if he was a bit heavier he would have been in discussion for 1st overall. Possibly got the highest offensive ceiling in the draft. I can't complain at all. The Canucks went for potential over a safe pick, we need to do that. Canucks can afford to be patient with Pettersson and the pay off could be huge for this franchise.
  4. Just like I predicted! DiPietro with the 3rd round pick. Smart pick.
  5. Liking the outcome from the 2nd round!
  6. Wouldn't be opposed to selecting a goalie like DiPietro. Demko is the golden ticket but the Canucks need depth, period, in their prospect pool. I'm hoping they'll wait until pick 64 for a goalie however. One will slip. Would be ideal if Benning can bring in a forward and defender this round that will be impact players in the league. The cupboards need to keep getting stacked in these next few drafts if this ship is ever going to turn around.
  7. I don't think it's a bad pick, I just think there were better options available. Pettersson is a Canuck and I hope he becomes the best possible player he can become. I had quite a few players above him. Who knows how things will look in 5 years?
  8. Vilardi? Glass?
  9. To sit in front of your computer and deny what 97% of the WORLDS scientists are ALL IN AGREEMENT WITH. Balls of steel. Flat earth. Aliens built the statue of liberty. The entire world community is on board with this.... the entire world knows this is happening.. there is proof it is happening. "they took his job, I drive a f1500 truck and sleep with my sisters cousin" type of behaviour.
  10. Hey-ho-here-we-go, a little mock. NJD: Patrick PHI: Hischier DAL: Heiskanen COL: Liljegren VAN: Vilardi/Mittelstadt I think both Dallas and Colorado will go for D.
  11. Canucks are picking 5th, can't change anything about that. There is a marginal difference between the players at that point in the draft so it will be up to Benning to make the right call. Now if this happens next year as well..... I don't know what to do with myself then. Canucks can't lose out on the top few picks next year.. they just can't. This year it's a shame but not a huge deal.
  12. alright.. will you have the same feelings for next years draft when there is a boat load of talent in the top 5 range?
  13. To those of you saying that "tanking" shouldn't be done - let's face it, the Canucks were just terribad this year - finishing 29th guaranteed the Canucks a top 5 pick. If they got a few more points on the board they could be picking at #7 or #8 with tonights outcome. Hopefully my boi Mittelstadt is a Canuck after this draft.
  14. I'm an extremist. I watch hockey games, get sad and disappointed when they lose, and happy and jolly when they win. I guess you can call me a real fanatic. At the end of the day, I could care less about what the NHL does and stands for. I cheer for the Canucks who happen to play in the NHL which offers the best level of the sport I love to watch. If the Canucks lose all 82 games next year, I'll still be a Canuck fan. If it takes the Canucks 50 years to win a cup, I'll still cheer for the team. I think that's being rational as a fan of a team. I don't know what to call you.. a daft fool? Spend your money on things you love and want to spend it on. The exit door is that way.
  15. Reading comprehension. I'm saying the complete opposite of what you think I am. Suggest you read up on what was quoted.